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   Planet Duke | Features | Interview: George Broussard (06/16/98)

George Broussard (06/16/98)
on the switch from Quake II to Unreal engine for Duke Nukem Forever
Article and interview by Brad Wernicke - Originally seen at Dukeworld

The Past
3drid.jpg (12646 bytes) On April 27th, 1997, 3D Realms shocked the Duke Nukem world by annoucing in this press release that it's sequel to the smash hit Duke Nukem 3D named Duke Nukem Forever would use the Quake II engine. The picture to the right (from left to right) is of Scott Miller, 3D Realms, Todd Hollenstead, iD Software, and George Broussard, 3D Realms.

The announcent stunned the Duke community simply because of the rivalry that has always existed between Duke Nukem 3D and Quake fans. Quake fans have always said that "Duke sucks" and Duke fans have said that "Quake sucks".

Finally, Duke fans seemed to get used to the idea that Duke Nukem Forever was going to use the Quake II engine. Most were actually looking forward to it. One of the major strenghts of the Quake II engine has been great Internet play, which to date, other 3D Shooters have sorely lacked.

The Present
In an equally stunning manner, on June 15th of 1998, 14 months later after the Quake II announcemt, 3D Realms dropped another bomb on the gaming community with this press release. After months of development time, and great expense, 3D Realms decided to abandon the Quake II engine in lieu of Epic Megagames Unreal Engine. The announcement sent shockwaves, both positive and negative through the gaming community.

The Future
The announcement left many questions unanswered. Why the Unreal decision? Why now? And why would 3D Realms make this decision after Duke Nukem Forever was so well received at E3? We posed these questions, and many others to George Broussard in this in-depth interview. Find out why, how, when and the answers to many other puzzling questions in our interview.

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