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Marvel Comics has stars in its eyes as it announces the impending approach of ANNIHILATION, a major new comics event. ANNIHILATION, beginning in March ’06, encompasses a prologue one-shot, four 4-issue limited series, and a 6-issue concluding limited series.

Want to see your favorite fight scene come to life? Vote now to determine what New Marvel Legends product will be.

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Can’t wait until May 26, 2006? Neither can we! So we’re giving you a glimpse at the characters that will make up both sides of the war brewing between good mutants, evil mutants, and the humans who fear and hate them.

New York Magazine awards Maximum Fantastic Four the honor of Best Book Jacket as part of its CULTURAL ELITE list which highlights the best efforts in the arts for 2005!

They're Comics, but like Digital! In this stunning rebirth of one of our most popular features, you can now read some of our hottest comics from yesterday and today right on Digital Comics are being added almost daily, so go there now!

The 12-part Spider-Man: the Other event starts October 12 in the all-new Spidey title Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1. How will Spidey cope with the one enemy he's never beaten? We don't know either, but we've got lots of stuff to look at here!

Spanning the Ultimate universe througout the months of November and December comes Ultimate Vision! See how you can read about this curvaceous android (for no extra cost) in your favorite Ultimate titles and check out our Ultimate Vision flip cover gallery!

The Ultimate Avengers is the first animated movie based on Marvel's chart-topping Ultimates, and it's coming to DVD in 2006! Marvel will be previewing several posters for this full-length animated feature at Wizard World Conventions all summer and fall, and we've got the first one for you to check out right here!

The House of M has fallen. Decimation is upon us. Find out about the devistating effects of this Universe-spanning event here!