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Developer:Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: February 22, 2005
Price: $49.99
Number of Players: 4

System Link/LAN Play Compatible

Automotive racing is much more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. This winter, this lifestyle comes to PlayStation 2 as the greatest automotive racing simulation returns in Gran Turismo 4. As the fourth installment of the worldwide blockbuster-selling Gran Turismo series, Gran Turismo 4 is available exclusively for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Fully harnessing the power of PlayStation 2, the creative and talented minds of Polyphony Digital, Inc. have once again succeeded in developing the most technologically advanced racing experience ever.

Following in the footsteps of the PlayStation 2 “Greatest Hit,” Gran Turismo 3 A-spec, Gran Turismo 4 features similarly, authentic racing gameplay with new fully-enhanced features that focus on more cars, courses, race modes and online gameplay via the Network Adaptor (Ethernet/modem) (for PlayStation 2). With an all-new physics engine and an all-new AI engine, combined with revolutionary technology, Gran Turismo 4 delivers enhanced, if not perfected, game physics, graphics, and feel, acting as a near-realistic automotive driving simulator.

In Gran Turismo 4, the characteristics of the cars are realistically designed and calculated so that they handle to the “real life” physics of that particular vehicle, taking into account weight, speed, friction, wind and more. Courses include existing sites such as New York City, the Grand Canyon, Tsukuba racing circuit and more. Highly detailed vehicles and environment mapping create broadcast-quality graphics, with light and competitor car reflections on the player’s automobile to leaves on a tree shaking in the wind. The online mode establishes a unique community for players to race, interact and chat about automotive news.


  • North American sales – Gran Turismo (May 1998 release): More than 3.8 million; Gran Turismo 2 (December 1999 release): More than 3.5 million; Gran Turismo 3 A-spec (July 2001 release): Nearly 5 million (Includes GT3 Racing Pack)

  • Worldwide sales – Gran Turismo: More than 10.5 million; Gran Turismo 2: More than 8.5 million; Gran Turismo 3 A-spec: More than 11 million (Includes GT3 Racing Pack)

  • New physics engine adding a higher level of realism in cars, which allows for cars to be handled easier.

  • More than 4,000 polygons per vehicle capture exceptional detail, right down to the disc brakes behind the wheel.

  • Up to 100 courses including New York City, the Grand Canyon, Tsukuba Race Circuit and others. (includes courses that can be played in reverse mode too)

  • More than 500 vehicles encompassing manufacturers from around the world with a range from vintage to modern models seen today.

  • All vehicles are fully customizable from racing tires to gear ratio.

  • Opponents with advanced artificial intelligence, which allows for behavior that captures human-like emotion.

  • Refined replay mode with broadcast-quality graphics

  • Three race modes including:
    • Arcade Mode – Players compete against each other or the artificial intelligence on select courses.

    • Simulation – Players start from the bottom and race to earn money, unlock cars and courses, buy and sell cars, upgrade parts while competing in various championships.

Gran Turismo 4 Reviews

Gran Turismo 4 by Chris Wilson
The best racing game ever has finally arrived!
Posted: 3/20/2005 9:45:20 PM - - Playstation 2 - Click here for more...

Gran Turismo 4 General Images
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Gran Turismo 4 News

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But still no online gameplay?
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Gran Turismo 4 Will Be Available December 14, 2004. by Sean Foster
Game exclusively for the PlayStation 2.
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Pre-E3 Game Profile: Gran Turismo 4 by Michael Mullis
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Real Cars in Gran Turismo 4? by Michael Mullis
Awards Ceremony Honors Automotive Excellence and Highlights the Upcoming Release for the New Edition of the Best Selling Racing Videogame Franchise.
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Gran Turismo 4 Awards Honor Automotive Excellence and Celebrate Car Culture by Chris Wilson
Winner to Receive Honor of Having Their Vehicle Inserted into the Highly Anticipated Gran Turismo 4 Racing Simulator for PlayStation 2
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