I am pleased to announce that with effect from early October we will be
handing over the activities of Milly's Fund to The Suzy Lamplugh Trust.
When we set up Milly's Fund in October 2002, we had a clear vision of
what we wanted to achieve, but had no idea then of the time scale involved
or the impact the fund would have on personal safety. Our chief aim was 'to
promote the personal safety of children and young adults'. Together, we have
achieved this aim in full, making a significant contribution in raising the
profile of personal safety awareness across the UK.
The Suzy Lamplugh Trust shares with us a common goal of promoting
personal safety awareness and they are very experienced in this subject.
They have been a valued support since we began our fund, and we have
participated in a number of joint events. Consequently, we are confident
that the work initiated by Milly's Fund will be in safe hands and
continued effectively.
January 2003 marked the beginning of fundraising events in earnest. The
Home Office and the Department of Education and Skills (DfES) offered their
support in the form of a generous grant towards funding a personal safety video
project called 'Watch Over Me' specifically aimed at secondary schools. Dozens
of imaginative fundraising and sponsorship events have been staged: ranging
from fun days and school karaoke competitions to marathon runs, football
tournaments, variety shows, concerts, celebrity auctions and sporting
events. Together with donations and collections these events have
raised over £800,000 which has exceeded all our hopes and
expectations. The result of all this activity was even
more impressive!
I really want to thank you for all the help and support you have given us over
the past three years. It has been a real privilege to work with so many different
people and organisations and I feel extremely proud of the achievements of
Milly's Fund.
The production and development of a personal safety video resource
pack called 'Watch Over Me' (including special packs for hearing impaired
students) which we sent free of charge to every secondary school in the
U.K. (c7000).
The production, by Claranet, of a very user friendly, interactive website
which provides a wealth of safety information for all users.
The highly successful award winning 'Teach UR Mum 2 TXT' campaign in
conjunction with O2 which aimed to encourage teenagers to stay in touch
with their parents by texting.
The launch of the 'Child Rescue Alert Scheme' - we were able to help
Surrey Police with this project.
Several teacher training days on personal safety - we were able to develop
and host this event by working closely with Unilever Frozen Foods and
Desserts and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust.
The personal alarms initiative - a joint project with Elmbridge Housing
Trust which provided free personal safety alarms to residents of Elmbridge.
An exciting art and design competition aimed at increasing personal
safety awareness among young people - this project was supported by
Surrey Police and Air Products (Hersham) and enabled us to distribute
the winning entries as free sets of safety tip postcards to all
Surrey schools.
The 'Textin Tips for Holiday Trips' campaign - this was aimed primarily
at teenagers travelling for the first time without parents. Sets of safety
postcards were distributed throughout O2 stores around the UK.
The distribution of a free set of 12 personal safety posters, postcards
and leaflets to every secondary school in the U.K. (c7000).
The launch of a new personal safety booklet 'Tackle Safety' - a joint
venture with the police charity Child Victims of Crime (CVOC), backed
by O2 Airwave and the Rugby Football Union (RFU).
A joint safety project 'INSPIRE' with Sussex Police - the production of a
comprehensive personal safety pack containing DVD clips and detailed
lesson plans for police officers to use in schools throughout the U.K.
Our list would not be complete without mentioning our gold medal winning
show garden - 'The Old Police House' - at the Hampton Court Flower Show
this year. This project, thanks to generous company sponsorship and the
hard work and innovative garden design skills of Penny Smith, Paul Lavery
and students of Merrist Wood College, provided a high profile opportunity
to promote the work of Milly's Fund; we distributed over 27,000 free
personal safety information packs to the general public.
Bob, Gemma and I now feel it is time to take stock and to focus on our
future lives. I am looking forward to having a well earned rest!
With very best wishes
Sally Dowler and the Milly's Fund Team

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