Some Research & Applications
Of Seed Balls And Related Subjects
Around The World

Recent Success With Seed Balls
Friends Of The Trail - Minnetonka, Minnesota
Tall Grass Prairie Restoration Success With Seed Balls
Patience and dedication reward volunteers in rehabilitation efforts!
Veronica Smith, Michael Smith, Larry Wade

Chihuahuan Desert Seed Ball Test Plan
  Mod II  Big Bend National Park, Texas
Jim Bones

Influence Of Mycorrhizal Source
And Seeding Method On Three
Native Grassland Species
Grown In Soils From
A Disturbed Site
Todd Caplan
Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico

Seed Balls New Zealand
Practical applications for revegetation and reforestation
in New Zealand resulting from a
Royal Society of New Zealand Teacher Fellowship
Robert and Adam Guyton

A Brief Guide to Seed Harvesting
For Prairie Restorations
Kelly Kindscher & Hillary Loring

Native Vegetation as A Method
Of Restoring Bird Habitat
On Conservation Reserve Program Lands
Mary Ann Cunningham

Prairie Seed Harvesting
 Darren Lochner

Oak Savanna Restoration Techniques
John N. Maloney

Arizona Habitat Restoration
With Imprinting
Ted St. John, Robert Dixon and Mick St. John
(PDF File In Acrobat Reader)

Native Grass Seed Production Manual
(Including selected forbs)
A co-operative publication of
The Plant Materials Program
Manitoba Forage Seed Association, Canada

Use Of  Mycorrhizal Inoculum
As A Soil Amendment
During Prairie Restoration
Joel Tallaksen
University Of Minnesota

Using Soil Fauna To Improve Soil Health
Bonnie Witt

Mycorrhiza In Revegetation
Ted St. John

Seed Balls And Predators
The Use Of Natural Repellents
Jim Bones
Terlingua, Texas

Natural Insect Control
J. Bondurant 1997-1999
For Golden Harvest Fertilizer

Insecticides Of Biological Origin
Donald P. Morgan, MD., Ph.D.
Iowa Pesticide Hazard Assessment Project
The University of Iowa College of Medicine
Iowa City, Iowa.

Ted St. John

A Practical Guide To Mycorrhiza
Ted St. John

Clays And Humus In Soil Formation
Natural Ecosystems
W. B. Clapham, Jr.

Domestic Production and Use
Prepared by Robert L. Virta
Mineral Commodity Summaries

Global Atlas Of Palaeovegetation
Since The Last Glacial Maximum
Where The Biomes Of The World Came From

Seed Plants: Fossil Record
Developmental History Of Seed Bearing Plants
University Of California, Berkeley, California

All Photographs And Text Copyright (C) 1996 Jim Bones (Unless Otherwise Indicated) Box 101, Tesuque, N.M. 87574 (505-955-0956)
"Light Writings"

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