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Mississippi Governor comes to Chicago;
SALF to give and receive recognition

SALF, April 24, 2003

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Photo of Carol Spizzirri, Ronnie Musgrove, and Sunny Chico Carol Spizzirri, Ronnie Musgrove, and Sunny Chico

Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove was in Chicago to receive an award from The Save A Life Foundation in recognition of his commitment to education in his state, and to proclaim "Save A Life Week" in Mississippi May 18th - 24th.

Through his efforts, average teacher's salaries in Mississippi have gone from 49th to 19th in the nation, Mississippi has become the only state in the nation to pass an "education-funding" bill and Governor Musgrove has led the nation's only successful campaign to place internet accessible computers in every public school classroom in the state.

Presenting the award on behalf of SALF was the former Secretary of Education's Regional Representative, Sunny Chico - now President of SPC Consulting and also a member of SALF's Educational Advisory Board.

"My husband Gery (former President, Chicago Board of Ed.) was instrumental in bringing SALF to the Chicago Public Schools in 1998, since then the program has saved so many lives here in Illinois, many by those same children who were trained, proving that children can make a difference. Being committed myself to education, I know that the Save A Life Program is right in line with Secretary Paige's goals for expanded health related education, especially education that saves lives. It is exciting to see something that has begun in Illinois, being embraced by other states that need it... this is only the beginning." -Sunny Chico-

Governor Musgrove then presented to SALF President and Founder Carol Spizzirri, the proclamation honoring "Save A Life Week" in the state of Mississippi for May 18th - 24th. The proclamation encourages all people to learn Life Supporting First Aid Skills (LSFA). Governor Musgrove commends both SALF and Illinois for setting the example, and is exploring ways to incorporate this essential and empowering education within the schools of Mississippi.

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