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NeoPSX 0.4.0 Source Release

Source Download: NeoPSX-v0.4.0-src.7z

It's been quite a while since there was any news on NeoPSX so I figure that I might as well talk about what's going on. Basically as of right now NeoPSX is not being worked on, now this does not mean its dead, more like pending. I've been busy with too many other things to even consider working on NeoPSX any time soon. I'm hoping once things settle down and the dust clears I'll be able to go back to work on.

So for now I've decided only to release the source code. Basically this is the most recent build of NeoPSX, here's the changelog:

Really the Playstation root counters (programmable timers) have me stumped, and any help in this area would be tremendously appreciated. This is of course why I'm releasing the sources, because it someone would like to modify it, as long as they obey the license that's cool with me. The license is this:

"This source code is free software, do with it as you please, It comes with no warranty or any of that business, and as long as you give credit to the author (Eric Scrivner aka zenogais) you may modify or use portions of it as much as you want"


Zenogais.NET Revision Update

Alot of people are already wondering when the new website will finally be active, and I'm here to say that this time is getting very close. I've been slaving like a dog this last week of summer vacation on PHP and CSS for my new website. This website is going to be much more programming oriented though the same old projects will still be there. This website should also be alot more powerful than any previous version of Zenogais.NET so upgrade your browsers (if you're still using <= IE 5.5 or <= NS 4.0 tongue). I've been experimenting with AJAX (Asynchronouse Javascript and XML) quite a bit lately and I've found it quite to my liking. One of the AJAX components for the new website will be a live search feature, a sample of which can be found here (hint: try typing the letters d, c, and z). Basically I'm making an amalgam of xajax and Rico, should be interesting. Overall the new site should be a major improvement over this one which I spent a single day on :P In the meantime I leave you with a screen of the new CMS (Content Management System) design.

CMS Inside

Sneak Peek @ The Upcoming zenogais.net

News on this website has been going slow, and for good reason, I'm already working on a new one. I'm taking the website in a completely new direction, and I think its about time I did as this website just isn't sufficient for what it is that I plan to do. So what will the new website contain?

Well, as you can no doub t tell from searching this website, its mostly devoted to my emulation projects and tutorials. The new website is no different, only instead it is being designed as a portal for those people who are truly interested in either contributing to my existing emulation projects or submitting and publishing articles for use on the website. With this in mind I've been working on a custom CMS (Content Management System) for the website in order to manage all these tasks. What does this mean for you?

Well firstly this means that if you're interested, you can either work on an existing emulator, submit an idea for a new emulator, or just submit articles to the website for review and publication. If that really isn't your scene its still all good because all those things mean is that this website will have, hopefully, much much more content and projects will progress much much faster. The timeline for completion of all this is around January 1st, 2006 - February 1st, 2006. This is of course the unoptimistic deadline, and you may in fact see a partially completed version in the near future. The content management system already has the ability to edit and read articles and projects, and a method for indexing them, this hopefully means a working sample site very very soon. Until the next post or the new website, I'll leave you with some screens of the current progress:

Login Page


What I'm Up To

I figured now that I have a new website that is more CuteNews friendly I can keep people more informed, so here's the latest. I've stopped working on NeoPSX for the time being simply because I found the project too slow going and wanted to hone my skills on something simpler. That was how NeoChip8 came about, and now I'm currently working on NeoGameBoy. I've made some decent progress as far as laying down the basics goes. I've even managed to get my Z80 core fully debugged, I'm currently working on graphics, which for the most part seem to be fairly simple on the GameBoy. I'll keep everyone up-to-date on my progress. peace.

New Website

Welcome to zenogais.net version 3.0! laughing I've completely redone the website to make it more CuteNews friendly. I'm working on the other parts of the website, and until those are finished checkout whats working and enjoy smile

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