FENIX TX - 9 Questions With Adam. Interview by Steve Papp.

POPPUNK: Ok, lets head back a little bit. Fenix TX at first released an E.P. and the first two pressings of the self titled CD under the name "Riverfenix", obviously named after the late actor. What happened that prompted the change, and were there any other names you were thinking about other than Fenix TX when you had to change the name?

ADAM: River Pheonix's family estate ordered a cease and desist. We had no money at this point so if we went to court we would have been screwed. We came up with names like Fenix O.O. and Fenix A.d. out of spite because we were pissed, but kept Fenix Tx. The Texas or Tx part was supposed to be real small, but that's how it goes.

PP: Why did you guys decide to have Damon move from guitar to drums and have the addition of a new guitarist?

ADAM: As long as we knew Damon he was always a great drummer and guitar players come a dime a dozen.

PP: Word has it that you guys are true Texas bad boys. Is this true, and do you like the image, or are you really just a bunch of everyday people?

ADAM: Actually we are not "Texas bad boys" in fact we have no affiliation with the bad boy club at all. But we are from the hood and hate everything that has to do with stupidity.

PP: Your new album, Lechuza is simply put, "...amazing", but why the five year gap between your first release and this one?

ADAM: We didn't want to wait that long. Things just kept picking up, like radio, MTV, tours, and stuff like that, so we drained as much life out of the record as possible.

PP: Are you guys happy with how the new record came out, and how is the response to the new songs from the fans who were more familiar with the poppier stuff on the first release?

ADAM: Yeah, I like the way the record sounds. We really didn't play too much when the record came out, but some kids were really stoked and knew all of the words right away. We will see if the people really like it this summer at Warped Tour because they will have had the record for a while.

PP: What exactly does Lechuza mean, and who is that little kid on the front cover of the album who is riding the bike?

ADAM: Lechuza is a myth. It's a demon bird basically to keep children up at night. If you are out after dark and you here a whistle, don't whistle back because this bird with glowing red eyes will swoop down and eat you or take you away to never be found again. The kid on the front of the record is a homeless Mexican family's kid. We got him for the whole day for just two crack rocks, a bottle of whiskey, and a ride across the border, pretty good deal if you ask me.

PP: How are you guys handling your new found success? Have you treated yourselves to any nice material items that before you only dreamed about?

ADAM: We don't have new, or old, or any success for that matter. But when we are on tour in our van we dream about tour bus', fancy hotels, and diamonds.

PP: How do you feel about the idiots out there that say "Pop/Punk?" music has become sold out since it has become more mainstream now with the success of bands like Blink 182, New Found Glory, and yourselves?

ADAM: I don't give a rats ass about pop/punk music and who cares about selling out. When we started this thing we didn't say to each other, hey let's start a pop/punk band and write pop/punk songs. We just couldn't play very well so we wrote simple songs and it was fun and now idiots label it. I think the whole think is dumb and so are people.

PP: Speaking of those bands, who do you think would win in a three way tag team wrestling match? Blink, NFG, or Fenix-Tx?

ADAM: Blink because they have the most bodyguards, NFG are lovers not fighters, and I'm usually too stoned to fight.