Shoqata e Guidave dhe Scoutëve në Shqipëri
Association des Guides et des Scouts en Albanie - Association of Guides and Scouts in Albania

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Guide from the group of Gurëz, July 1999


Proud of WAGGGS' emblem, Ornela and Erdi in the refugee camp of Kavaje, May 1999




1993-1994 : Some young Albanians discover the wonder of a camp fire whilst watching Italian guides and scouts who have come camping in Albania as part of a major AGESCI project "Volo d'Aquila". They have never seen such a thing.  Singing, dancing, laughing, having fun was not encouraged under dictatorship.

1995 several young Albanians and three priests who had formerly been Italian and French scouts ask WAGGGS to support the creation of a new Association. Following the fall of the Iron Curtain, WAGGGS has set up a system of "link countries"; through which a Guide Association from the West supports one from the East. It is GCB and AGESCI (from Italy) who are asked by WAGGGS to support Albania. The partnership commences!

1996 : The Louvain Rangers of GCB go to Albania for the first training camp at Bizë.

1997 : The events which follow the collapse of the financial pyramid schemes 

First training camp in Bizë : summer 1996
disrupts the whole of Albanian life and ShGSSh doesn't escape either - no camps take place that summer! 

A training camp finally takes place in the last week of December, again at Bizë. 3 GCB members take part and get to know 30 Albanian participants. 

1998 : 5 groups are now in existence in Durrës, Gjinar, Kucova, Lushnja and Tirana. Together, they prepare their constitution and the Association is founded on 20 July 1998 at Gjinar (near El Basan) in the presence of representatives of WAGGGS, GCB and AGESCI. 

The 5 founding groups of ShGSSh approve their first Constitution - 20/7/98

A General Assembly (KP) and an Executive Committee (KD) lead the Association.  Two months earlier, Ornela Kacani and Altin Shabani have represented their Association at the European Guide Conference in Luxembourg. Of course Ornela and Altin then continued on to Belgium and benefited from observing some GCB training and visiting GCB headquarters, amongst other things.

1999 : The crisis erupts in Kosovo and thousands of refugees spill over into Albania. Once again the country is shaken and the Association mobilises, concentrating all its energies on helping the refugees. Despite these events, 9 groups have a summer camp. The Association now numbers 300 members.

2000-2001  are years of consolidation. The Association needs to catch its breath, to test out its operation, to enlarge its representative facilities.

2001-2002 : New groups are to be formed, and the Association now numbers 350 members.

 The challenges for ShGSSh in the years to come:

  •  To grow, despite the haemorrhaging of leaders, who are almost all trying their luck abroad, having failed to gain employment at home.

  •  To attract girls to the Association and keep them, allowing boys and girls to take an equal share in the decisions and direction of the Association

  •  To be recognised as an Associate Member of WAGGGS, that is, to achieve a sufficient standard of quality and quantity to reach the criteria set by the World Association.