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Free your library!

Use this system to lend, borrow, catalogue and review books, leaflets, music and videos you own that have little or no other distribution and metadata infrastructure.

Find out more about how and why to nominate yourself as a librarian and your collection as a library in the distributed library project manual.

please direct questions / comments / problems to this node admin: saul (at) or join the dlpdev uk mailing list

Shared Barcode Scanner

image of a barcode scanner If you're cataloguing your collection and it has lots of ISBN books, using a barcode scanner could speed you up a bit, or at least let you casualise your own labour more efficiently. Uolimehouse library node has offered their scanner to anyone who needs it in the london area and can come pick it up from E14. Get in touch with the librarian(at) if you want to use it.
Itinerant Librarians

image of an itinerant librarian Need some help cataloguing your collections? Do you fancy a bit of hit-and-run librarianship? In the interests of expanding the collections of the library, the Uo is fielding a team of itinerant librarians to come round and lend a hand with your cataloguing. More details are available on the Uo wiki.
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