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Schools & Educators - Sample Grant Proposal II

Grant Proposal for Pedometer Usage in a Curriculum II
by Eric H. Carver

Incorporating timed physical actives with the benifits of cross curriculum learning.


  • Make students aware of how timed physical activity increase their health
  • Provide additional academic learning aids outside the realm of physical education
  • Create school togetherness with the help of student physical activity
  • Provide a fun and active learning environment

Program Description:
This project is designed to help make students, as well as teachers, understand the importance of increased physical activity in a timed fashion. With the aid of a step counter that comes equipped with an exercise time feature. (Attached at the waistband of students) The user becomes acutely aware of their physical demand output in a regulated rate of time. Students exercise performance can now be monitored to calculate the level of intensity in a physical education program. This step counter in conjunction with the exercise time feature brings the accountability back to the students. Physical Educators can now have validated proof of a student's level of performance. Knowing a student's exercise performance will aid the teacher in their curriculum. This knowledge will give direct feed for targeted heart rate zones.

Students at any age level need to be taught that timed exercise is beneficial to their health and well being as it increases heart rate and caloric expenditure. Introducing a pedometer in a student's education will be a visual reminder of the importance for a healthier lifestyle. The exercise-timed feature of the pedometer gives immediate feed back to the students output progress.

The use of pedometers as a mileage tool for an educational walking program brings additional learning to the physical education classroom. Tracking the student's distance through exercise, then charting their progress as a whole on a map will bring cross-referenced learning into the curriculum. Visiting various places of interest (Capitals, landmarks, historical sites, etc.) will open up exciting areas unknown to physical education. This type of learning can include the entire student body and other educational departments in the school.

The use of pedometers in a physical education program will combine both the physical and mental aspects of learning, as well as school togetherness as they work as one to reach a goal.

Health and Educational Benefits of Pedometer Usage in a Curriculum

How many students will benefit?

At ACE High Middle School in Plainfield, IL there are 2,525 student and faculty. This project will include all student and teacher body.

How does this project improve student learning?

Learning will take place through the physical activity performance. This learning will increase the student's awareness of an increased exercise pace through a shortened period of activity. Heart rate and target zones for students can be used on an average for a higher level of physical output. Pedometer usage in calculating steps to miles will help increase a student's mathematics by converting the number of steps take into miles walked. The mileage conversions then can be transposed on to a map board for visual charting in order to reach a desired destination. With use of the information students will be able to visit any number of points of education interests that is chosen. The physical exertion of learning now has transformed into mental and creative aspects of a curriculum. By having students involved in more than just physical activity it encourages them to increase their output to reach a rewarded goal. Having such a goal will help motivate a students desire to achieve more. The health benefits will then be increased with these cross curriculum teachings. Educating in this manor can be generated with the aid of other teachers in other various departments of learning. History, Math, Science, and English just to name a few. Each can offer different cross curriculum learning materials that will educate students through physical fitness.

How will I evaluate the effectiveness of the project?

Students will have personalized corresponding portfolios for tracking steps, timed activities, and distance traveled per physical education session. Mileage cards will be used in everyday class settings then transposed on to a master sheet. This information then can be assessed from class to class or semester to semester. Validating a student's level of performance can be used in conferences and grading evaluation. Step to mile conversion will be calculated and charted on to a posted map board for visual referencing until a goal is reached. Progress can be seen with every step taken, as the students strive for a desired educational location. Increased physical output will directly reflect the distance traveled which will intern promote student togetherness and teacher involvement.

Budget and Funding for Pedometer Usage in a Curriculum

The $8,800 grant would allow the purchase of 10 complete PE Packs (totaling 300 pedometers) and pedometer restoration.

Objective Categories                               Budgeted Amount

Equipment- step counters for students              $ 6,600.00

Repair/batteries/replacement                       $ 1,200.00

Educational display material                       $ 1,000.00
Total:                                             $ 8,800.00

Budget Narrative:

Line item #1:
Step counters are $22.00. 300 total step counters would be purchased for student use; totaling 10 complete PE Packs. 30 step counters come in each PE Pack kit, which comprised of storage containers, safety straps, incentive toe tokens, incentive mileage tokens, award certificates, mileage tracking cards, posters, stickers, and a teacher's program book. I firmly believe that students can not only learn the physical aspects of a healthier lifestyle, but the mental aspects as well through cross curriculum learning.

Line item #2:
Batteries need to be replaced and replacement of broken step counters would be needed. The pedometers are made of durable plastic, but will sometimes crack and would need replacing.

Line item #3:
Educational display material will need to be purchased for student body goal achievements. Pictures, posters, educational material, handouts, etc. will be exhibited in the main school display case for the entire student body and teaching staff to view. Flyers and print out sheets will be available with additional facts and figures. New educational material will be shown whenever each walking distance is achieved.


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