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Date Venue City State Country Opening Acts Comments
9/15/90 Sands Centre Carlisle
England Circus Of Power Cancelled
9/16/90 The Playhouse Edinburgh
Scotland Circus Of Power Cancelled
9/17/90 Capitol Theater Aberdeen
Scotland Circus Of Power Cancelled
9/18/90 Barrowlands Glasgow
Scotland Circus Of Power Cancelled
9/20/90 City (Oval) Hall Sheffield
England Circus Of Power Cancelled
9/21/90 Victoria Hall Hanley
England Circus Of Power Cancelled
11/4/90 Docks Konzerte Hamburg
Germany Circus Of Power Cancelled by promoter due to poor ticket sales.

Ralf Schultz: "Again, the promoter was a bit over optimistic, scheduling two shows for my home town of Hamburg. But during the next tour, opposite would happen...."
France Circus Of Power Cancelled

Thierry Baudens: "The 11/08/90 Paris, France show never happened. I live at 100 kms of Paris and I have not the chance to see BS with Powell, because the first coming of Tony Martin in France was in 1994! Not before! If Sabbath was in France in 1990, I would have been the first person to see them!"