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GCOS 1.5 released
hbEmukidid has released GCOS 1.5, which is an update to GCOS 1.5 teaser 4.

/// WHATSNEW ///
What's New (Since Teaser 4):
-Multi Games (up to as many as can fit on the screen for now)
-Audiofix (with drivecode from FCEU108)
-Panasonic Q still supported
-Ripping improved to read the sectors safely
-Updated AR Builder for this source.
-ViperGC Version is back, with no features lost - Yes, mp3 player on viperGC!( dollz3 is nice)
-Drive Firmware Dumping from http://GCIP/DFW.DAT
-DOL UPLOADING via HTTP. http://gcip/ and send -ELF Loading from DVD (FIXED, WORKING!)
-Hold Y at boot to boot backup
-Hold X at boot to boot original ipl
-And some other various fixes that the public doesn't notice
-Updated documentation
-DVD status shown in menu
-GCM FST parsing

/// Features ///
DVD-/+R Reading
All drives, even Panasonic Q supported (but without multigame for Q)
Region Handling, Plays imports too
MultiGame Discs Supported (up to as many as can fit on the screen for now)
DRE Retry
Iso9660 Discs Compatable (Load dol/elf from DVD)
Fits on ViperGC, Qoob, Tmbinc Modchips
Dol Uploading from HTTP (No more dolstream unless you want to)
Game backup process from HTTP
DVD Drive Firmware/IPL/MEM dumping from HTTP
Capable of booting to the original IPL
Region Preference settings can be saved in SRAM
IP is saved in SRAM
MP3 Player (Now able to play continuously)
Action Replay code capable
And much more!

Download GCOS 1.5 Here
Download the GCOS 1.5 sourcecode Here

Discuss Here

Posted by XBoxmodder999 on Thursday, December 08 @ 10:16:08 PST (12 reads)
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d0lLZ 3.0.
hbSoftDev has released v3 of their DOL compressing program.

-=[ What's New? ]=-

* Improved Compression Ratio
* Removed the graphic convertor
* The GUI is gone!

For those that are new to this program, the original features are below.

-=[ Original Features ]=-

* Compress DOL files
* Viper Fix DOL Files
* DriveSAVE (turn DVD motor off)
* Fix Older DOL files
* Batch Conversion

Download Here
Discuss Here

Posted by Xboxmodder999 on Monday, December 05 @ 07:15:17 PST (10 reads)
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GCOS 1.5 - Teaser 4 released
hbEmu_kidid has just released GCOS 1.5 teaser 4.

What's New (Since Teaser 3):
*For all you GCoS 1.4 Lovers, There's an option in here to boot games as GCoS 1.4 did
*MP3 Player (Now able to continously play and skip songs (longer you hold the button the more it skips)
*Zlib was removed, as it wasn't being used
*ELF Loading from DVD (It's there, but unsure if working :P)
*Memcard detection in slot1 (that's all for now)
*AR can now be sent over or embedded (embedding requires you to make the array etc)
*Failsafe in modes, i.e. if the disc isn't detected you don't have to reload GCoS
*And some other various fixes

For those that missed teaser 3, here are the features of it:
*DVD+R reading
*Reading sectors in 2048 byte intervals(possibly 5mins faster ripping time)
*MP3 Player
*IPL Fonts
*Dol Loading from DVD
*Full No swap drive 04,06,08,Q support
*Saving of region preferences
*Network Settings applied on the fly
*Dol uploading fixed yet again!
*DVD Reset from tools menu

To download teaser 4, it's source, and the AR array creator program, go HERE

Discuss HERE

Posted by Xboxmodder999 on Thursday, December 01 @ 10:54:33 PST (20 reads)
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SNES9X v1.43 - GX Edition 0.0.4
emulatorsAnonymous writes "Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Softdev has updated SNES9X GX for the GameCube. Saving is now improved and no more slot-swapping should be needed. Options and PAD Configuration is now saved along the savegame from each game.

Due to the fact that Options (Sound Echo, Stereo Reverse, Transparancy, FPS) and PAD Configuration now is included in gamesave you need to configure PAD Controls and check the user options after loading a Snes9x GX 0.0.1 - 0.0.2 savegame in Snes9x GX 0.0.3 for the first time.

[ What's New ]

* Unzip Support
* Sound Sync
* Alternate Clock
* Analog Clip

[ Features ]

* Port of SNES9X v1.43
* Fullscreen Graphics
* Sound Emulation
* SRAM Manager
* DVD Loading
* 1-4 Player Support
* Mode 7 Supported
* Super FX Supported
* SDD1, SRTC, SA-1 Supported
* DSP1 & DSP2 Supported
* Partial DSP4 Support
* Supports Hi-Res 512x224 screens
* Joliet Browser
* PAD Configuration saved with SRAM

Download HERE
Check out SoftDevs newly opened website at http://softdev.tehskeen.com/

Discuss HERE"

Posted by Xboxmodder999 on Thursday, December 01 @ 10:36:36 PST (7 reads)
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GCOM 2.2
hbImage hosted by Photobucket.com

SoftDev has recently released the program GCOM 2.2. It's main purpose is for backing up your gamecube games, but he has also given it some very useful features. These features make it the best softmod bios avialable.

* Disc Ripping up to 2600kbps
* DOL Sending up to 1800kbps
* Game Backup Booting
* MultiGame Backup Support
* ISO 9660 DVD dol loading
* Still fits as a Viper Plugin - just!
* Z PAL mode

I highly suggest you try this out, even if you do not have a BBA. It's features like being able to boot games and Multi-game discs is awesome. IF you are going to be backing up your games, this is the fastest solution available, as it reaches speeds of 2600kbps.

Download Here

Discuss HERE

Posted by Xboxmodder999 on Thursday, December 01 @ 10:26:01 PST (24 reads)
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FCE Ultra GC
emulatorsSoftdev has recently released FCE ultra for the Nintendo gamecube. It supports all NES ROMS, as well as saving and loading directly to/from a memory card

-=[ Explanation ]=-

FCE Ultra GC is a modified port of the FCE Ultra 0.98.12 Nintendo Entertainment system for x86 (Windows/Linux) PC's. In English you can play NES games on your GameCube using either a softmod and/or modchip from a DVD or via a networked connection to your PC. If you're unfamiliar with what softmods/modchips please visit the site listed at the bottom of this document.

-=[ Features ]=-

* NES Compatibility Based on v0.98.12
* Sound / Graphics Filters
* 1-2 Player Support
* Real Time Saving (RTS) from Memory Card
* Load Games from ISO9660 DVD
* Fast Load from Qoob or Viper

Download and discuss: HERE

Posted by xboxmodder999 on Wednesday, October 12 @ 23:42:55 PDT (38 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)
Qoob SX temporary out of stock
The demand for qoob SX has unsurpassed all our expectations, and the manufacturing has not been able to keep up with the #1 best selling GC mod! A new batch is in production and will be finished around Oct 10. We apologize for this delay. If you are a retail customer you might want to check the Resellers section - most resellers still have stocks available.

Source: N-Central.com
Official Website: Qoobchip.com
Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 05 @ 15:45:16 PDT (41 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)
Nintendo's wi-fi dongle on the way
NewsNintendo are releasing a wi-fi adapter that will let DS owners to play online
without the need of a wireless router. The USB Connector will go on sale in Europe on November 25 alongside Mario Kart DS.

Source: eurogamer.net
Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 05 @ 14:35:07 PDT (50 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)
PC NGC Iso Ripper
NewsExodus Team GC plan on releasing a application that will let end users rip NGC games directly to a PC with out the need of a MOD,also
they plan on releasing and DVD-writer firmware. Lets all hope that that this just isnt a rumor and give the end users an easier solution
for creating legamite backups of your favorite cube games.

The server of the file is unstable,but we announce that Gc-PC Ripper program will be released in 2 weeks,so stay tuned! :-)
We also wants to announce that we are preparing a DVD-writer firmware with the GC Code,so you WILL NOT NEED TO HAVE MODCHIP
OR SD LOAD FOR PLAYING BACKUPS...that means that we are creating a firmware for DVD-Writers.The function of the upcoming patch
is to Burn the GC backups ¨like original one¨. This DVD-Writer patch isnt complete yet.

Source: Maxconsole
Exodus Team GC
Posted by admin on Thursday, September 29 @ 09:48:22 PDT (223 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)
FirmwareDumper V1.5
viperAnonymous writes "FirmwareDumper V1.5 was released. Dump your GC Disc Drive firmware, IPL, and even decrypted IPL. NFO file has more details (in english at the bottom of the file)."
Posted by Xboxmodder999 on Monday, September 19 @ 15:46:20 PDT (56 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)
Buy on Divineo.cn

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