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"The interest in protecting young library users from material inappropriate for minors is legitimate, and even compelling," wrote Chief Justice William Rehnquist, "as all Members of the Court appear to agree," including the minority on the other side of the 6-to-3 decision.
UT, June 25, 2003
Mission Statement
This site has been designed to offer the public important information about internet filtering in their local public libraries. The report available here, Freedom at Risk, offers a national scope of this issue while it is customized to offer an in depth look at the policies of the San Diego Public Library.

July 18, 2003

Come Now...Do We REALLY Have a Problem?
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Our Freedoms...

The Declaration of Independence
Affords us the right to
The Pursuit of Happiness
Freedom of speech
Secondary to these…
And in a free society
There must be
A form – freedom balance,
A balance which prevents
Certain kinds of speech
From violating human beings.
The freedom TO
Is not violated
When filters provide
Freedom FROM
Anti social
& harmful matter.
This filtering is woven
Into the fabric
of our society.
It is apart of the infrastructure


On MARCH 12th,
Malcolm X Public Library 
will host Ebony Pride Film honor of Satin Styles. 
 Featuring a variety of Lesbian, Youth, Transgender
& Gay-Themed Films.
Contact Mark Cherry, Library Manager @ 619.527.3405

September 3, 2003: CNN

Supremes Uphold Child Internet Protection Act!
The County Library System and City Library System
have voted unanimously to filter
all internet capable computers.
We applaud San Diego for being forerunners in implementing the Child Internet Protection Act and in making San Diego safer for our children
and for our communities.
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Excerpts from the Supreme Court Decision on CIPA


Click here to download Part I of the Report

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Urge your Representatives and Senators to sign onto the "Joint Resolution Encouraging Vigorous Prosecution of Obscenity" sponsored by Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas.

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