In a world, far distant from our own, yet near enough to rouse long buried memories in our souls, destiny is stirring from her age long sleep.  The first tremors of her movement ripple through the earth, setting loose the forces that will rend your world in two. 
  But, for now, all you know is that your peaceful homeland, Mayabin, is being thrown into confusion by mysterious vessels bearing an invitation from a place called Neverla.  The message born across the seas describes utopia - a land without need of laws.  For in this land men have discovered the secrets of fulfillment, happiness and harmony through what they call the “emerald light”.  Upon you has fallen the task of discovering the truth about Neverla.
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Mayabin Demo (35 MB)
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01-26-05  Alexander Tait, at, has previewed Mayabin!  Click HERE to read his exclusive interview with Cheyenne.

10-25-04  The 3rd Mayabin demo is completed.

May, 04  Work on Mayabin, Virtue Games'  3rd game, commences.

April, 04  Virtue Games joins with Thousand Mile Productions.

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