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Free Speech Radio News (mp3 and RealAudio files)

Welcome to our newscast. Please contact us to make arrangements for payment.

Station managers: please go to our sign up page for satellite and download information and to let us know you are airing Free Speech Radio News.

For a 29 second promo to air on your station, click here. If you want a promo with your station's call letters and the time you air the newscast email us at

For a list of stations airing the cast, please see our broadcast schedule page. To learn about downloading the cast via the internet, read our getting started page.

If you wish to contact someone directly about broadcasting Free Speech Radio News, please call 510-655-8937 or 212-209-2811. For technical help you can call (510) 848-6767 x261 or x268, please do not call between noon and 1:30 Pacific Time, as we are on deadline.

If you are having problems with your satellite downlink visit this website for information: Pacifica Network Uplink Page