Loki - MCMC Linkage Analysis for Large Pedigrees

Current version - 2.4.7_4. Released 4 June 2004

[Image of Loki] Loki is a linkage analysis package, primarily for large and complex pedigrees, which uses Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) techniques to avoid many of the computational problems that prevent exact computational methods being used for large pedigrees. Loki was originally designed for linkage analysis of quantitative traits, though there is some limited support for qualitative trait linkage analysis. The other supported analysis performed by Loki is the estimation of IBD relationship matrices for use with variance component programs such as SOLAR.

Loki was written and is maintained by Simon C. Heath, currently working at the Centre National de Génotypage in Evry, France. Bug reports should be sent to me. The Loki project was started while I was working in the Department of Statistics, University of Washington in Seattle, WA, and more information about Loki can be found on the web site of Elizabeth Thompson at UW.

Loki source code is available under the modified BSD license which allows modification and redistribution of the source. I would appreciate if proposed modifications are sent to me at heath@cng.fr as I would prefer to keep a single version of Loki in circulation. No registration is currently required to download and use Loki. I would, however, be interested in hearing who was using the software, and any problems/successes.

Loki is also one of the Norse gods, pictured here on the left. The behaviour of Loki in the Norse sagas bears little relationship to the behaviour of Loki with your data...


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