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Tag Teams

Tag Team Wrestlers
1-2-3 Rock OnThe 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty
2 Cold2 Cold Scorpio and Marcus Bagwell
3 Live CrewRon Killings, B.G. James, and Konnan
3 Minute WarningRosey and Jamal
Ace Men (WWF)Bob Orton Jr. and Don Muraco
Ace Men (All Japan)Johnny Ace and Road Warrior Hawk
The Acolytes (APA)Bradshaw and Faarooq
Akbar's ArmyJerry Brown and Ron McFarlane
The AlaskansMike York and Frank Monte
Alliance to End HulkamaniaZe Gangsta and The Ultimate Solution
Allied Powers (WWF)Davey Boy Smith and Lex Luger
Allied Powers (WCW)Davey Boy Smith and Sting
Amazing French CandiansKarl Ouelette and Jacques Rougeau
America's Most WantedChris Harris and James Storm
American EaglesTony Anthony and Danny Davis
American ForcePaul Diamond and Shawn Michaels
American ForcePaul Diamond and Nick Kiniski
American MalesMarcus Bagwell and Scotty Riggs
The AndersonsGene and Ole Anderson
Arab CoalitionMuhammed Hassan and Khasorow Daivari
Arabian ButchersThe Headhunters (A and B)
The Assassins (Georgia)Jody Hamilton and Tom Renesto
The Assassins (Mid-Atlantic)Jody Hamilton and Herculez Hernandez
Asian BuzzkillAkio and Billy Kidman
Atomic BlondsChet Wallich and Johnny Valentine
Atomic PairEddy Guerrero and El Hijo Del Santo
The AustraliansLarry O'Day and Ron Miller
Awesome TwosomeRick Rude and Manny Fernandez
Bad Attitude (WCW)Bobby Eaton and Steve Keirn
Bad Attitude (NWA)Rick Michaels and David Young
Bad BreedIan and Axl Rotten
Bad MenRikishi and Haku
Badd Company (Stampede)Bruce Hart and Brian Pillman
Badd Company (AWA)Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka
Barrio Brothers Ricky Santana and Fidel Sierra
The Basham BrothersDoug and Danny Basham (The Damaja)
Batten TwinsBrad and Bart Batten
Bad Boys Big Boss Man and Bull Buchannan
Beach BoysBuddy Rose and Avalanche
Bad News BrawlersBad News Brown and The Brooklyn Brawler
Beautiful BlondsEddie Golden and Stan Lee
Beauty and The BeastTerrence Garvin and The Beast
The Best Damn Tag Team PeriodCharlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin
Beverly BrothersBeau and Blake Beverly
Big, Bad, and Dangerous (New Japan)Bam Bam Bigelow and Big Van Vader
Black and BoldShelton Benjamin and Red Dogg
The BlackbirdsIceman Parsons and Action Jackson
The Blackhearts (Calgary)Tom Nash and David Heath (Gangrel)
The Blackhearts (WCW/Japan)Tom Nash and Dave Johns
Blackjacks (WWF 1970's)Blackjack Mulligan and Blackjack Lanza
Blackjacks (WWF 1997)Blackjack Windham and Blackjack Bradshaw
Blade RunnersFlash and Rock
Blond BombersLarry Latham and Wayne Farris
The Blonde BombshellsChad and Tank Toland
The Blue Bloods (WCW)Robert Eaton and Steven Regal
The Blue Bloods (WWE)William Regal and Paul Birchill
Blue Infernos (Florida)Lee and Bobby Fields
Blue Infernos (Tennessee)Gypsy Joe and Frank Martinez
Blu TwinsJacob and Eli Blu (Ron and Don Harris)
Body Donnas (WWF, 1995-1996)Skip and Zip
Body Donnas (WWF, 1996)Skip and Rad Radford
Boi DaiAkio (Jimmy Yang) and Keiji Sakoda
Bolin ServicesSean O'Haire and Mr. Black
The BolsheviksNikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov
Boogie NightsDisco Inferno and Alex Wright
BookDust/Movie CriticsBooker T. and Goldust
The Bounty HuntersDavid and Johnny Novak
The BrainbustersArn Anderson and Tully Blanchard
British/Canadian WealthLance Storm and William Regal
British Bulldogs (WWF)Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid
British Bulldogs (All-Japan)Dynamite Kid and Johnny Smith
Brothers In PaintSting and Vampiro
Brothers of DestructionKane and The Undertaker
Bruise Brothers (Central States)Porkchop Cash and Troy Graham
Bruise Brothers (USWA, PNW)Ron and Don Harris
Brute ForceA-Train and The Big Show
Buff and BadScott Steiner and Buff Bagwell
The BurningKenta Kobashi and Jun Akiyama
The BushwhackersLuke Williams and Butch Miller
The BuzzkillersBilly Kidman and Paul London
The CabinetJohn Bradshaw Leyfield and Orlando Jordan
The C&B ConnectionLance Cade and Steve Bradley
Calgary HurricanesHiro Saito and Shunji Takano
California Hell's AngelsChris Colt and Ron Dupree
Camp Cornette (1)Yokozuna and Owen Hart
Camp Cornette (2)Yokozuna and Davey Boy Smith
Canadian Country Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart
Canadian Fury Chris Benoit and Edge
Canadian Power HouseEarthquake and Dino Bravo
Can-Am Express (Japan)Dan Kroffat and Doug Furnas
Can-Am Express (WWF)Rick Martel and Tom Zenk
The Carnage CrewTony Devito and HC Loc
Chief EnforcersLance Storm and Sean Morley
The ClonesPat and Mike Kelly
Colossal ConnectionHaku and Andre the Giant
Colossal KongsKing Kong and Awesome Kong
CompadresAl Madril and Jose Gonzales
Continental WarriorsLorenzo Parente and Bobby Hart
Convertible BlondsRip Rogers and Ricky Starr
The Corporation (1999, 1)Test and The Big Boss Man
The Corporation (1999, 2)Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Rocky Maivia
The Corporation (1999, 3)The Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock
Corporation X (2000, 1)Vince and Shane Mcmahon
Corporation X (2000, 2)X-Pac and Road Dogg
Cowboy ConnectionBobby Jaggers and R.T. Tyler
Cowboys/EffectivosSilver King and El Texano
The CPAsMichael Wall$treet and Bubba Rogers
The CreaturesJohnny Rich and Joey Maggs
Creative ControlPatrick and Gerald (Ron and Don Harris)
Cuban CommandosJerry Morrow and Cuban Assassin
CyberpunksPG-13 (JC Ice and Wolfie D)
Da BaldiesTony DeVito, Angel, and Vic Grimes
Dangerous AllianceBobby Eaton and Arn Anderson
Dangerous MindsBrad Kane and Toad
Dare DevilsBilly Kidman and Rey Misterio Jr.
Dare Devils (WWE, 2002)Edge and Rey Misterio Jr.
Dark CarnivalVampiro and The Great Muta
Death RidersEqualizer and Chic White
Degenerate FreaksKane and X-Pac
DemolitionAx, Smash, and Crush
Destruction CrewWayne Bloom and Mike Enos
DestructoresTony Arce and Volcano
Devastation, Inc.Ron Starr and Wayne Farris
Devil's DuoAngelo Poffo and Chris Markoff
Los DiabolicosAngel Mortal, Mr. Condor, and Marabunta
Diamond ExchangeDiamond Studd and Diamond Dallas Page
Ding Dongs1 and 2
Dirty White BoysTony Anthony and Len Denton
Disciples of ApocalypseSkull and 8-Ball
Disciples of The New ChurchSlash and Tempest (Crowbar)
Disciples of The New ChurchSlash and Kobain
Disciples of The New ChurchSlash and Sinn
Disciples Of SynnSynn and The Disciple
Disorderly ConductMean Mike and Tourgh Tom
DoomRon Simmons and Butch Reed
Dos HombresRicky Steamboat and Tom Zenk in masks
Double A TeamAllen Funk and Mike Sanders
Down and DirtyBull Buchanan and Trailer Park Trash
Dream Team (WWF)Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake
Dream Team (USWA)King Parsons and Tiger Conway Jr.
The Dudley BoyzBuh-Buh Ray and D-Von Dudley
The Dudley Boyz (2002)Buh-Buh Ray and Spike Dudley
Dungeon Of Doom (1995)The Zodiac (Brutus Beefcake) and Kamala
Dungeon Of Doom (1996)Kevin Sullivan and The Giant
Dungeon of Doom (1997)Konnan and Hugh Morrus
Dynamic DudesJohnny Ace and Shane Douglas
Dynamic DuoTully Blanchard and Gino Hernandez
Dynamic Duo (OVW)Sean Casey and Chris Michaels
Dynamic FlyersShane Douglas and Ricky Steamboat
East-West ConnectionJesse Ventura and Adrian Adonis
Ebony ExperienceStevie Ray and Booker T.
G-EGGSYuji Nagata and Manabu Nakanishi
The EliminatorsPerry Saturn and John Kronus
The EnforcersLarry Zbyszko and Arn Anderson
English LordsFictional Team Used By GWF
The Evil EmpireRene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki
EvolutionRic Flair and Dave Batista
The ExecutionersBig John Studd and Killer Kowalski
Extreme Blood BrothersThe Sandman and New Jack
The ExtremistsAce Darling and Devon Storm
The Extremists (WWE)Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer
Fabulous Blonds (1)Eric Embry and Ken Timbs
Fabulous Blonds (2)Eric Embry and Dan Greer
Fabulous Freebirds (WCCW, UWF)Terry Gordy, Michael Hayes, and Buddy Roberts
Fabulous Freebirds (NWA, WCCW)Terry Gordy, Michael Hayes, and Jimmy Garvin
Fabulous Freebirds (NWA, WCW)Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin
Fabulous Kangaroos (1)Al Costello and Roy Heffernan
Fabulous Kangaroos (2)Al Costello and Ray St. Clair
Fabulous Kangaroos (3)Al Costello and Don Kent
The Fabulous OnesSteve Keirn and Stan Lane
Fabulous Rougeau BrothersJacques and Raymond Rougeau
Faces of FearMeng and The Barbarian
The FantasticsBobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers
Fantastic ExpressBobby Fulton and Ricky Morton
Fantastic OnesTerry Taylor and Bobby Fulton
Fantastics (SMW, All-Japan)Bobby and Jackie Fulton
Far Two WildTodd Morton and Chris Michaels
Filthy AnimalsKonnan and Rey Misterio Jr.
Fire and IceScott Norton and Ice Train
First Family (WCW 1999)Hugh Morrus and The Barbarian
Fit ClubMaven and Simon Dean
Fly BoysGrandmaster Sexay and Steve Blackman
Flying Nuns (Sisters of Love)Sister Sledge and Mother Smucker (The Headbangers)
FootlooseToshiaki Kawada and Samson Fuyuki
Followers of MattitudeCrash Holly and Shannon Moore
Freak FoundationMadonna Wayne Gacy and Vincent Goodnite
The FranchisesMichael Shane and Shane Douglas
Freaky TesticlesTest and Scott Steiner
Fuji's FanaticsYokozuna and Crush
Full Blooded ItaliansJ.T. Smith, Little Guido, and Tracey Smothers
Full Blooded Italians (2)Little Guido Marritato and Tony Mamaluke
Full Blooded Italians (3)Nunzio, Johnny Stamboli, Chuck Palumbo
Full Blooded Italians (4)Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli
Full Blooded Italians (5)Nunzio and Big Vito
The Future ProphetsChris Sabin and Frank Kazarian
Gangsta-NatorsJohn Kronus and New Jack
GangstasNew Jack and Mustafa Saed
The Glamour GirlsJudy Martin and Lelani Kai
Glamour Order of DisciplineMichelle Starr and Johnny Canuck
The GodwinnsHenry and Phinius Godwinn
Gothic DarknessGangrel and Mideon
The GrapplersLen Denton and Tony Anthony
Grim Twins, Bruise BorthersRon and Don Harris
The Haas BrothersCharlie and Russ Haas
Haas of HardcoreHardcore Holly and Charlie Haas
Hard KnoxLuther Biggs and "Coach" Buzz Stern
Hardcore ExtremistsTommy Dreamer and Spike Dudley
Hardcore LegendsCactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie
HardlinersDick Slater and Dick Murdoch
Harvard PlayasRodney Mack and a Christopher Nowinski
Hardy BoyzMatt and Jeff Hardy
Harlem HeatKane and Kole (Booker T and Stevie Ray)
Harlem Heat 2000Big T and Stevie Ray
Harlem HighRob Van Dam and Booker T.
Harlem KnightsMen on a Mission (Mo and Mabel)
Harlem LaTinO HeAtBooker T. and Eddy Guerrero
Hart FoundationBret Hart and Jim Neidhart
Head CheeseAl Snow and Steve Blackman
The HeadbangersMosh and Thrasher
The HeadhuntersA and B
Headshrinkers (WWF 1993-1994)Samu and Fatu
Headshrinkers (WWF 1994)Fatu and Sionne
The HeartThrobsAntonio and Romeo
Heavenly Bodies (SMW)Tom Prichard and Stan Lane
Heavenly Bodies (SMW, WWF)Tom Prichard and Jim Del Ray
Hell Bent and Whiskey BoundTommy Rich and Ricky Morton
Hell RaisersKensuke Sasaki and Road Warrior Hawk
Hell's AngelsRon and Paul Dupree
High AnglesKurt and Eric Angle
High EnergyKoko B. Ware and Owen Hart
High FlyersJim Brunzell and Greg Gagne
High ImpactChristian Cage and Sexton Hardcastle
High VoltageRage and Kaos
The Horsemen (1993)Arn Anderson and Paul Roma
The Horsemen (1995)Chris Benoit and Brian Pillman
Hot CommidityChris Hammerick, Julio Dinero, and EZ Money
The Holly CousinsHardcore Holly and Crash Holly
Hollywood BlondesBuddy Roberts and Jerry Brown
Hollywood Blondes (WCW)Steve Austin and Brian Pillman
Hot Stuff InternationalRick Steiner and Sting
How HiGhRob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio Jr.
Human Highlight ReelsSabu and Sonjay Dutt
The Hurri-KanesKane and Hurricane Helms
Hurri-DustHurricane Helms and Goldust
Hurricane WarningHurricane Helms and Rosey
Ice Palace (GWF)Iceman King Parsons and The Lightning Kid
Impact PlayersJustin Incredible and Lance Storm
The InfernosRon Gibson and Stan Pulaski
The InsidersDiamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash
International ConnectionSonny Siaki and Apolo
InternsDon Bass and Roger Smith
The Island BoysEkmo and Kimo
Islanders Haku and Tama
Japanese High FlyersMighty Inoue and Susumu Hara
Japanese JollyjacksAkira Nogami and Takayuki Iizuka
Jive TonesPez Whatley and Tiger Conway Jr.
The J.O.B. SquadScorpio and Bob Holly
Judge & Jury (USWA)Judge Mike Samples and Spellbinder
Jumping Bomb AngelsIzuki and Fuzuki
Jung DragonsYun Yang and Kaz Hayashi
Jurassic PowersScott Norton and Hercules Hernandez
KaientaiTAKA Michinoku and Sho Funaki
KaientaiDick Togo and Mens Tehio
The KamalasKamala and Stan Frazier (Kamala 2)
Kansas JayhawksDutch Mantel and Bobby Jaggers
Kelly TwinsMike and Pat Kelly
KentuckiansLuke Brown and Grizzly Smith
Killer BeesBrian Blair and Jim Brunzell
The Kingdom of the MadnessRandy Savage and Zeus
KiwisNick Carter and Sweet Williams
Kiwi SheepherdersLuke Willaims and Butch Miller
Knoble and KaragiasJamie Knoble and Evan Karagias
Knock Out (All Japan)Mike Barton and Johnny Ace
The KoloffsIvan and Nikita Koloff
KronikBryan Clarke and Brian Adams
La ResistanceRenee Dupree and Slyvian Grenier
La Resistance (2)Renee Dupree and Rob Conway
La'Resistance (3)Slyvian Grenier and Rob Conway
Latin ConnectionRicky Santana and Al Madril
Leaders Inc. (nWo Japan)Masahiro Chono and The Great Muta
Legends (New Japan)Kensuke Saske and Riki Coshu
Legion of DoomHawk and Animal
Legion Of Doom (1999)Droz and Animal
Legion of Doom 2000Hawk and Animal
Legion Of Doom 2005Animal and John Heidenreich
Lethal WeaponsDoug Gilbert and Dennis Condrey
Lightning ExpressBrad Armstrong and Tim Horner
The Lo-DownD'Lo Brown and Chaz
The Lone RidersKid Kash and Dallas
Long Riders (Florida)Brett Colt and Kip Winchester (Smoking Gunns)
Long Riders (1)Ron Bass and Black Bart
Long Riders (2)Bill and Scott Irwin
Lords Of the AirReckless Youth and Devon Storm
Los Boriquas (1)Savio Vega and Miquel Perez Jr.
Los Boriquas (2)Ricky Santana and Jesus Castillo
Los ConquestadoresFidel Sierra and Ricky Santana
Los EspecialistosFidel Sierra and Ricky Santana
Los FabulososEl Dandy and Silver King
Los Gringos GuerrerosEddy and Chavo Guerrero
Los Gringos LocosEddy Guerrero and Art Barr
Los MysteriosRey Mysterio and Eddy Guerrero
MadrisTudui and Wakahi
Mad Men (WCW)Cactus Jack and Abdullah The Butcher
Mad Men (WWF)Big Van Vader and Mankind
The MamalukesBig Vito and Johnny the Bull
ManchuriansTio and Tapu
Masked HoodsRicky Santana and Tony Torres
Masked Superstars1 and 2
Master Blasters Blade and Steel
Masters of the PowerbombSid Vicious and Vader
The MatrixKid Romeo and Elix Skipper
Mean Street PosseJoey Abs, Rodney, Pete Gas
The MedicsTony Gonzalez and Donald Lortie
MegamaniacsHulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake
MegapowersHulk Hogan and Randy Savage
Men At WorkChris Kanyon and Mark Starr
Men on a MissionMo and Mabel
MexicoolJuventeud Guerrera, Psychosis, and Super Crazy
Miami Vice DefendersSavannah Jack and Ed Roberts
Midnight ExpressNorvell Austin, Dennis Condrey, and Randy Rose
Midnight Express (NWA, WCCW)Dennis Condrey and Bobby Eaton
Midnight Express (NWA)Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane
Million Dollar Corporation (1)Kama and IRS
Million Dollar Corporation (2)Tatanka and The 1-2-3 Kid
Million Dollar Corporation (3)Sid Vicious and The 1-2-3 Kid
New Midnight ExpressBob Holly and Bart Gunn
Midnight RockersShawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty
Mighty YankeesEddie Sullivan and Frank Morrell
Minnesota Stretching CrewBrock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin
Minnesota Wrecking Crew (AWA)Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom
Minnesota Wrecking Crew (NWA)Ole and Arn Anderson
Ministry Of DarknessMideon and Viscera
Miracle Violence Connection Terry Gordy and Steve Williams
MNMJohnny Nitro and Joey Matthews
MOD SquadBasher and Spike
Money Inc.Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster
MongolsGeeto and Bepo
Monstermaniacs Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage
Montana CowboysMike Stone and Rick Patterson
Moondogs (WWF)Rex and King
Moondogs (WWF)Rex and Spot
Moondogs (USWA)Spot and Spike
Moondogs (USWA)Spot and Cujo
Moondogs (USWA)Spot and Splat
Moondogs (USWA)Spike and Cujo
Moondogs (USWA)Spot and Rover
Motor City HitmenMickey Doyle and Al Snow
Murder, Inc.Jimmy James and Kevin Northcutt
Nasty BoysBrian Knobs and Jerry Sags
Nation of Domination (USWA)Spellbinder and Jeff Gaylord
Nation Of Domination (WWF)Crush and Savio Vega
Nature BoysRick Ratchet and Scoot Andrews
The NetworkScotty Anton and Steve Corino
The NetworkSteve Corino and Rhino
New Nation (1997,1)Ahmed Johnson and Kama Mustafa
New Nation (1997, 2)D'Lo Brown and Faarooq
Nation Of Domination (1998, 1)Owen Hart and The Rock
Nation Of Domination (1998, 2)D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry
Natural Born AttitudesMike Sanders and Lance Cade
Natural Born ThrillersChuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire
Natural Born ThrillersMark Jindrack and Sean Stasiak
Natural DragonsDustin Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat
Natural DisastersEarthquake and Typhoon
Natural GangButch Reed and The One Man Gang
Natural PowersYoshiaki Yatsu and Meng
Naturally MarvelousScoot Andrews and Mike Sullivan
The New ChurchReverend D-Von Dudley and Ron Simmons
The New FranchiseShane Douglas and Michael Shane
Nest DreamersRaven and Tommy Dreamer
New Age OutlawsBilly Gunn and Jesse James
New BreedSean Royal and Chris Champion
New Dangerous AllianceCW Anderson and Bill Whiles
New Demolition (Florida)Ax and Blast
New Dream TeamDino Bravo and Greg Valentine
New FantasticsJackie and Bobby Fulton
New FoundationOwen Hart and Jim Neidhart
New Heavenly Bodies (NWA)Casanova Chris and Vivacious Vito
New InfernalesPirata Morgan, Satanico, and MS1
New KangaroosAl Costello and Al Snow
New Legion of DoomCrush and Animal
New PG-13JC Ice and Frog
New Rock 'n' Roll ExpressRicky Morton and David Jericho
New South (NWA)Ashley Hudson and Cory Williams
New WaveBobby Eaton and Koko B. Ware
New York City ConnectionGlen Gillberti and Johnny Swinger
New Zealand MilitiaJacko Victory and Rip Morgan
NightmaresKen Wayne and Danny Davis
No Gimmicks NeededFlash Flanigan and Trailer Park Trash
No Limit SoldiersBrad Armstrong and Swoll
North/South ConnectionDick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis
nWo Hollywood (1998, 1)Brian Adams and Scott Norton
nWo Hollywood (1998, 2)Stevie Ray and Vincent
nWo Hollywood (1998, 3)Scott Hall and The Giant
nWo Hollywood (1998, 4)Hollywood Hogan and Bret Hart
nWo Wolfpac (1998, 1)Sting and Lex Luger
nWo Wolfpac (1998, 2)Sting and Kevin Nash
nWo Wolfpac (1998, 3)Randy Savage and Konnan
nWo 2000Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett
nWo 2002Scott Hall and X-Pac
nWo 2002X-Pac and The Big Show
OdditiesKurgan and Golga
Old GloryHacksaw Jim Duggan and Nikolai Volkoff
Old School (WCW)Curt Hennig and Barry Windham
Old School (ECW)Steve Corino and Jack Victory
OlympiansBrad Rheingans and Ken Patera
One of a Kind FreaksKane and Rob Van Dam
The One and OnlyChuck Palumbo and Billy Gunn
Orient ExpressPat Tanaka and Kato
Original InshingunYoshiaki Yatsu, Riki Chosyu, and Masa Saito
Original Midnight ExpressDennis Condrey and Randy Rose
The OutlawsDusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch
The OutsidersScott Hall and Kevin Nash
Party BoysVal Venis and Lance Storm
WCW PatriotsFirebreaker Chip and Todd Champion
PayasosCoco Amarillo and Coco Azul
The PeepsChristian and Tyson Tomko
The Perfect EventShawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo
The Perfect TeamMr. Perfect and Randy Savage
PG-13 J.C. Ice and Wolfie D
PhantomsSorrow and Tragedy
Phat CoolRikishi and Scotty II Hotty
PiercedDroz and Prince Albert
The PitbullsGary Wolfe (1) and Anthony Durante (2)
Players Inc.Rodney Mack and Mark Henry
Polish PowersScott and Ivan Putski
Power and GloryPaul Roma and Hercules
Powers of PainWarlord and The Barbarian
Powers That BeShane (Vincent) and Curt Hennig
PunishiersSledge and Hammer
Pretty WonderfulPaul Orndorff and Paul Roma
Pretty Young Things (1)Norvell Austin and Sweet Brown Sugar
Pretty Young Things (2)Norvell Austin and Koko B. Ware
Problem SolversJohnny Swinger and Simon Diamond
Problem Solvers (TNA)Simon Diamon and Tryatan
Psychos/Wild and Crazy KidsDavid Flair and Crowbar
Public EnemyJohnny Grunge and Rocco Rock
QuebecersJacques and Pierre
The RadicalsDean Malenko and Perry Saturn
The Real DealD'Lo Brown and AJ Styles
Red DemonsBilly Boy and Bad Boy Hines
Red DevilsThe Amazing Red and Jerry Lynn
The Redneck MessiahsJamie Noble and Nunzio Marritato
Renegade Warriors (WCW)Mark and Chris Youngblood
Renegade Warriors (GWF)Mark and Chris Youngblood
The RevolutionThe Machine and Johnny Spade
Rhythm and BluesGreg Valentine and Honky Tonk Man
Right To CensorThe Goodfather and Bull Buchanan
The Rising SunsSho Funaki and Yoshihiro Taijiri
Rising Suns (CWA)The Ninja and Kendo Nagasaki
Rising SunsAnimal and Hawk
Road WarriorsAnimal and Hawk
RockersShawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty
Rock and Roll ExpressRicky Morton and Robert Gibson
Rock and Sock ConnectionThe Rock and Mankind
Rock and SoulIceman King Parsons and Buck Zumhofe
Rough and ReadyMike Enos and Dick Slater
The Royal FamilyRip Morgan and Jacko Victory
The Royal FriendshipWilliam Regal and Eugene Dinsmore
Royal KangaroosJonathan Boyd and Norman Frederick Charles III
Royal TreatmentJerry Lawler and Issac Yankem
RPMsMike Davis and Tommy Lane
Russian Assassins1 and 2
The RussiansIvan and Nikita Koloff, and Krusher Khrushchev
S and S ExpressSteve Simpson and Joe Savoldi
Samoan ConnectionLeroy Brown and Farmer Boy Ipo
Samoan Gangster TribeMattie Smalls and Cocoa Samoa
Samoan Gangsta Tribe (2003)Sonny Siaki and Ekmo Fatu
The SamoansAfa and Sika
Samoan Swat TeamSamu and Fatu
S.E.X.Mike Sanders and Glen Gilbertti
Sheepherders (1)Jonathan Boyd and Luke Williams
Sheepherders (2)Jonathan Boyd and Rip Morgan
Sheepherders (3)Jonathan Boyd and Bigfoot
Sheepherders (4)Luke Williams and Butch Miller
SheiksJerry Blackwell and Ken Patera
Shoot ClubFit Finlay and Jerry Flynn
The ShootersKurt Angle and Chris Benoit
Show-GunnsThe Big Show and Billy Gunn
The ShowsThe Big Show and Spike Dudley
SiciliansLouis Albano and Tony Altimore
Sicilian StallionsGuido Falcone and Vito Mussolini
SinisterMikey Whipwreck and Yoshahiro Tajiri
Skyscrapers (1)Dan Spivey and Sid Vicious
Skyscrapers (2)Dan Spivey and Mark Callaway
Skyscrapers (3)Mark Callous and Masked Skyscraper
Smokin' GunnsBart and Billy Gunn
Soul PatrolNorvell Austin and Brickhouse Brown
South Pacific ConnectionRicky Steamboat and Jimmy Snuka
Southern BoysTracey Smothers and Steve Armstrong
Southern JusticeMark Canterbury and Dennis Knight
Southern RockersScott Peterson and Steve Doll
Speed DemonsBob Holly and The 1-2-3 Kid
Spiders1 and 2 (The Headbangers)
SpirtualReverend D-Von and Deacon Bautista
SpoilersSmasher Sloan and Don Jardine
Stampede Family (1)Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith
Stampede Family (2)Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith
Stars and StripesPatriot and Marcus Bagwell
Steiner BrothersRick and Scott Steiner
The Straight ShootersBrent Albright and Chris Masters
Strike ForceTito Santana and Rick Martel
Sudden ImpactLance Storm and Chris Jericho
Suicide BlondesDerrick King and Jason Lee
Suicide BlondesChris Candido and Johnny Hot Body
Suicide BlondesAdam Copeland and Christian Cage
Super Assassins1 and 2 (Warlord and Barbarian)
Super DestroyersBill and Scott Irwin
Super InfernosDoug Gilbert and Don Smith
Sweetwater TexansDustin Rhodes and Barry Windham
T & ATest and Prince Albert
T & TTest and Booker T.
Team 2000 (1)Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima
Team 2000 (2)Scott Hall and Masahiro Chono
Team 2000 (3)Super J and Tarzan Goto
Team 2000 (4)Masahiro Chono and Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Team 2000 (5)/Giant EffecticosGiant Silva and Giant Singh
Team 2000 (6)Masahiro Chono and Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Team AngleLuther Reigns and Mark Jindrak
The Beast Damn Tag Team PeriodCharlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin
Team Canada (2000)Lance Storm and Mike Awesome
Team Canada (2002)Lance Storm and Christian
Team Canada (TNA)Eric Young and Bobby Roode
Team EliteMichael and Todd Shane
Team MadnessRandy Savage and Sid
Team No Fear (All Japan)Izukada and Fujikada
Team of HonorBrian "Spanky" Kendrick and Paul London
Team Package Ric Flair and Lex Luger
Tekno Team 2000Troy and Travis
Tennessee VolunteersReno Riggins and Steven Dunn
Texas Bone Crushers (All Japan)Stan Hansen and Big Van Vader
Texas BroncosDustin Rhodes and Kendall Windham
Texas OutlawsDusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch
Texas Outlaws (WCW)Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham
That's CoolCarlito Carribean Cool and Jesus Aguilera
3 CountShane Helms and Shannon Moore
ThrillseekersLance Storm and Chris Jericho
Thrillseekers (OVW)Johnny Jeter and Matt Cappotelli
Thug-o-nomicsJohn Cena and Notorious D.O.G
ThugsTony Anthony and Tracey Smothers
ThugzJohn Cena and "B2" Bull Buchanan
Thugz and GutsSpike Dudley and Tazz
Thugs for Hire (nWo Japan)Mr. Wallstreet and nWo Sting
Thugs for Hire (Team 2000)Big Titan and Super J
Thugs for Hire (Team 2000)Scott Norton and Big Titan
ThunderfootsJoel and Dave Deaton
Too CoolBrian Christopher and Scott Taylor
Too MuchBrian Christopher and Scott Taylor
Top Guns Ricky Rice and Derrick Dukes
Totally BuffedLex Luger and Buff Bagwell
Tough EnoughAl Snow and Maven
Triangle of PowerYoshihiro Takayama and Takao Omori
Tribal NationBrave Sky and Nikona (Chirs and Mark Youngblood)
Triple xXx (1)Curtis Thompson and Drake Dawson
Triple xXx (2)Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper, Low-Ki
Triple XxX (3)Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper
Truth CommissionRecon, Interrogator, and Tank
Twin Towers (WWF)Big Boss Man and Akeem
Twin Towers (NWA)Lex Luger and Barry Windham
Two Man Power TripHunter Hearst Helmsley and Steve Austin
2 Insane (SMW)Al Snow and The Unibomber
Two Dudes with AttitudesShawn Michaels and Diesel
Ultimate ManiacsRandy Savage and Ultimate Warrior
Unibombers (SMW)Al Snow and The Unibomber
United ForcesThe Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff
United PowersHurricane Helms and Lance Storm
The Un-Pro AmericansRenee Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki
UntouchablesKonga the Barbarian and Steve DiSalvo
Uptown BoysMarty Jannetty and Tommy Rogers
U.S. Express Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham
U.S. Males Ricky Santana and Curtis Thompson
Utter TurmoilAce Brimshore and Mace
Vegas ConnectionDiamond Dallas Page and Vinnie Vegas
Vicious and DeliciousScott Norton and Buff Bagwell
Viet Cong ExpressHiroshi Hase and Fumihiro Niikura
VillanosVillano IV and Villano V
WAVEDaisuke Ikeda, Mitsuharu Misawa, and Yoshinari Ogawa
West Texas RednecksBarry and Kendall Windham
Whole F'n TeamRob Van Dam and Sabu
Wild BunchJoel Deaton and Billy Black
Wild SamoansAfa and Sika
WildsideChris Champion and Mark Starr
WingsBrian Pillman and Owen Hart
Wizards in the Air (PCW)Reckless Youth and Ace Darling
Wolfpac (nWo 1997)Syxx and Konnan
The World's Greatest Tag TeamCharlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin
Wrecking CrewEqualizer and Grappler
Wrestling MachinesJohn Paul and Scott Steiner
X-FactorX-Pac and Albert
Y2CChris Jericho and Christian
Young and GiftedGlen Gillberti and David Young
Young GunsRicky Steamboat and Shane Douglas
Young LionsMark Jindrak and Garrison Cade
Young PistolsTracey Smothers and Steve Armstrong
Young StallionsJim Powers and Paul Roma
Zambuie ExpressKareem Muhammad and Elijah Akeem
The Zoo CrewScotty Too Hotty and Albert

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