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The Spanish Million Dollar Homepage

Spanish Million Dollar Homepage

Best Buy Xbox 360 Bait and Switch

This is a hard statement to make but after stopping by my local Best Buy this morning I am now forced to believe Microsoft has really made a big mistake. First, last week another memo mysteriously popped out on the net showing all of Best Buy's inventory by store location and that they will get inventory on Sunday December 18th. Four days later a flyer mysteriously appears on the net showing and confirming that Best Buy will be selling the 360 on the 18th. How does this stuff just mysteriously appear you might ask? Some say it is from internal employees leaking internal memo's but my thought is that Best Buy is leaking them directly.

Kazaa Facing New Charges

Kazaa executives will find themselves back in court next month, this time under contempt of court charges initiated by an alliance of more than 30 music labels in Australia seeking to stamp out internet music piracy. The charges, which can carry a prison sentence, are the direct result of Kazaa's decision to block access to its file-sharing network in Australia on December 5 rather than install keyword filters to prevent the download of copyright music.

Pligg Installation Video Tutorial

This flash video tutorial should help out those who need assistance with importing sql into phpmyadmin. If it pauses, press fast forward to proceed tothe next scene.

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