Russian Orthodox Oldritualist Church

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The Russian Orthodox Oldritualist Church or Russian Orthodox Old-Ritualist Church (Русская Православная Старообрядческая Церковь) is a noncanonical traditionalist Eastern Orthodox Church, born from a schism within the Russian Orthodox Church in the 17th century (Old Believers). The head of the Church carries the title of Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia, with residence in Moscow (current titular: Korniliy (Titov) [1] since October 18, 2005).

The Church is in communion with the Lipovan Orthodox Oldritualist Church.




  • Metropolia of Moscow and all Russia

Former Metropolitans

  • Andrian (Chetvergov) [2] [3] (2004 – August 10, 2005)
  • Alimpy (? – 2004)

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