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A big thank you to all volunteers, committee members and of course the presenters and delegates who made HCI 2005 a great success.


HCI 2005 - The Bigger Picture

HCI 2005 Logo The 19th British HCI Group Annual Conference Napier University, Edinburgh, UK 5-9 September 2005, where researchers, practitioners and educators from around the world explored the theme of "The Bigger Picture".

Did you go to Edinburgh for HCI2005?

Was there a particular session that really impressed you, or that triggered loads of ideas and questions? Did you attend a session, tutorial, or workshop that answered some questions about your work...or did it generate more?

Did you have any really interesting conversations with anyone? Were you inspired to find out more when you got home? Did you just have a totally fantastic time?!!

Send your thoughts, opinions and ideas on this to Laura Cowen (laurajcowen@yahoo.co.uk). I'm not looking for blow-by-blow diary-style accounts but articles inspired by attending (or
not attending) the conference. Let me know what you think about things.

Oh, and if you have any photos, please send those too! I look forward to hearing from you,

Laura (laurajcowen@yahoo.co.uk)


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Sponsor - Microsoft Sponsor - Visualize Systems
Sponsor - BCS Sponsor - UsabilityNews

Aligned conferences

12-16 September - Rome, Italy
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