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Songs Deleted From the Film
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Where Songs Deleted From the Film Belong
Sorry to say, I'm still looking for copies of "Freckle on a Pygmy" and Mary and Peter's duet of "One Moment Ago"
Oh We are the Guards
Twin Guards-Great song about Two Terrible Twins With a Terrible Siamese Beard  
My Favorite Note
Dr. T, and his favorite note is ME
Many Questions  
Mrs. Collins to Bart, explaining that many questions have no answers when you're a
Dr. T while hypnotizing Mrs. Collins. Same tune as Hypnotic duel.
I will not get involved parts 1 & 2
Zabladowski when Bart asks him to help rescue his mother
One Moment Ago
Zabladowski and Mrs. Collins-love song when they first meet
Zabladowski while putting in sinks
Zabladowski when Bart says he'll pay him to remove the sinks
I will not go to bed
 Dr. T waiting for Bart to be found, also called Massage Opera because Mrs. Collins is
massaging his arm
Freckle on a Pygmy -I'm still looking for this one!
Zabladowski sings to confuse the guards searching for Bart
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Cover versions of Dr. T Songs
Cover versions I'm still looking for
Billy Burnette, WHO?
JERRY LEWIS?! Yes, Check out below

Reading ambitious Memphis native Billy Burnette's resume', you'd expect it to belong to an 80 year old rather than a handsome raven-haired rocker. This is hardly the case. He just started his whirlwind career at a very young age. His list of accomplishments in the music arena is both impressive and diverse. Billy is the son of rockabilly legend Dorsey Burnette, who formed the pioneering "Rock N' Trio" with brother Johnny and Paul Burlison. Johnny had such hits as "You're 16" and "Dreamin" and Dorsey had such hits as "Tall Oak Tree" and "Hey Little One." Together they wrote "Believe What You Say" for Ricky Nelson, "Tear It Up" (Rod Stewart) and "Lonesome Tears In My Eyes" (Beatles).

He became a member of the group "Fleetwood Mac." Billy tells the story: "I was in an LA studio with Roy Orbison cutting one of the songs I had written for the Mystery Girl album when Mick (Fleetwood) called and asked me to join the band because Lindsey had just left." Fleetwood and Billy met at the 25th Anniversary Dick Clark Special and remained friends even playing together in the group "Zoo." Billy toured worldwide with fleetwood Mac from 1987-1995 and sang on their greatest hits albums, two studio records and a box set. "It was an incredible experience. The audience never stopped screaming - never sat down hit after hit - it was amazing" remembers Billy.

Young Billy embarked on his own career performing "Hound Dog" with the trio when he was only three and a half years old. His first single was a Christmas song, "Hey Daddy," recorded on Dot Records at the age of seven. He recorded his sophomore album when only eleven for A&M Records, including a Dr. Seuss song called "Just Because We're Kids", which featured Herb Alpert playing trumpet.
Hullabaloo was a musical variety show on NBC that aired from January 12, 1965 to April 11, 1966 (with reruns continuing until August 29, 1966) and featured some of the most popular pop/rock acts of the mid-60s.
b: 20-Dec-1965  
Episode 32. Host: Jerry Lewis
gs: Jerry Lewis (guest host) The Bantams (themselves) Tony and the Tigers (themselves) Little Lisa (herself)  

1) Jerry Lewis (host) – "This Old Man" (dressed as Santa Claus)
2) Jerry Lewis – "Old McDonald March" (Lewis removes Santa suit. Kids march in carrying animals)
3) Tony and the Tigers – "When The Party's Over" (Group with Soupy Sales' sons Tony & Hunt)
4) Little Lisa – "Puppet On A String"
5) Dick Williams Kids (Andy Williams is their uncle) – "What's New Pussycat?"
6) Jerry Lewis with sons Chris & Scotty – "Jingle Bells" (refrain only) and "Just Because We're Kids"
7) All (Hullabaloo guests) – "12 Days of Christmas"
8) Scott, Lewis, & Chris – "Edelweiss"
9) Hullabaloo Kids – "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" (Hullabaloo Lyrics)
10) The Bantams – "Do You Love Me?" and "Susie Q" (Hullabaloo A Go-Go segment)
11) Jerry Lewis – "Goodnight Little People"

Cuban Boys
Jazz People Really Like Dr. T Music
Jean Martin Trio
Del Rey
Michael Feinstein
Tony Bennett
Michelle Nicastro
Even more to come, really!!


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