Tonawanda Creek

In 2003, FBNR began expanding our work to one of the Niagara River’s major tributaries, the Tonawanda Creek watershed. Draining nearly 650 square miles of land in five counties, this rich and diverse watershed includes four major tributaries – Ellicott Creek, Ransom Creek, Mud Creek and Murder Creek – and a wide network of minor tributaries.

A unique community of aquatic life defines Tonawanda Creek as a critical reserve for biodiversity in Western New York. Among the Creek’s many interesting denizens we may count the Long Ear Sunfish, a New York State Threatened species; the Brindled Mad Tom, a species of special concern; over 20 species of freshwater mussels, one of the most diverse communities in the State; a rare naturally occurring Walleye population and healthy Northern Pike and Pickerel populations.

Unfortunately, new development, historic pollution and storm water runoff problems threaten both the aquatic and terrestrial components of the Tonawanda Creek system.

To preserve this critical resource, FBNR began work in 2003 to develop an inventory of the Tonawanda Creek watershed’s health. In addition, we are seeking funding to develop a comprehensive, long-term strategy for the protection and management of the Tonawanda Creek watershed - the region’s only hope of preventing the degradation and eventual destruction of this precious resource.

FBNR Tonawanda Creek Watershed Report – Habitat
FBNR Tonawanda Creek Watershed Report – Water Quality
FBNR Tonawanda Creek Watershed Report – SPEDES Permits
FBNR Tonawanda Creek Watershed Report – SSOs
FBNR Tonawanda Creek Watershed Report - Birds
Army Corps Tonawanda Creek Watershed Management Planning







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