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Hey all you intellectuals out there. I'm new here, visit my site! I promise that my site is very age approprate. Not that anyone cares? Send ims.
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10/22/05 Videogame Collection: More Xbox 360 games
Compression a hot topic on Xbox 360 From the sounds of it Xbox 360 has some compression issues with developers being sloppy this close to launch. The game code and audio quickly take up the 8.5 GB of the DVD than the developers have to squeeze in video. They have to compress the audio and video just enough so it fits. The games ARE completed however. Basically there is no set standard for video >
8/25/05 Videogame Collection: Pictures and a list | November 2K5 update
Heres an update to the Blu-ray HD-DVD merging post. I thought today was a good day for it. My Sega Saturn, N64, and PC games not in this post. PS2 Collection Gamecube Xbox Retro Dreamcast Playstation Dual Screen MORE PICTURES OF OTHER CONSOLES Saturn collection at Modblog All my Consoles at Modblog N64 snapshot PC games photo at modblog My PStwo Steel Battation For Xbo>
7/11/05 Videogame Collection: 114 videogames not played
Names of all of my sealed games. A few are worth $50! Gamecube Viewiful Joe 2 Playstation 2 Dark Cloud Dark Cloud 2 Gran Turismo 4 Atelier Iris Eternal Mana Suikoden IV Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal Katamari Damacy Sly 2 Band of Thieves God of War Digital Devil Saga Xbox Mercenaries Jade Empire Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Doom 3 (FPS, Activision, iD Software, 2005, 9.3) Game>
2/25/05 Videogame Collection: New updated Xbox, Gamecube, and Playstation 2 coll
Xbox high resolution 1590x1023 graphic Playstation 2 & Gamecube high resolution 2048x1024 graphic Blog entry soon
2/21/05 Videogame Collection: NTSC Playstation collection v2
Yes, I know only 33 games? Well, I have to collect games for this generation don't I. I just wanted a lot of RPGs on Playstation. I like Square-soft games now. My first game was Legend of Dragoon in 2002 for under $20. I'll show a picture of 72 PS2 games when I get it. Right now I have 67. Remember that Final Fantasy Chronicles has Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger and FF: Anthlogy has Final>
1/10/05 Videogame Collection: PS2 Collection 3 | Getting Resident Evil 4
Latest PS2 Collection picture - 220KB (All 62 Games) 1.) Star Ocean 3 - Till the End of Time (Director's Cut Version) (RPG) 2a.) Mega Man (Mega Man Anniversary Collection) (A) 2b.) Mega Man 2 (MMAC) (A) 2c.) Mega Man 3 (MMAC) (A) 2d.) Mega Man 4 (MMAC) (A) 2e.) Mega Man 5 (MMAC) (A) 2f.) Mega Man 6 (MMAC) (A) 2g.) Mega Man 7 (MMAC) (A) 2i.) Mega Man 8 (MMAC) (A) 2j.) Mega Man Battle (MMAC) (A)>
12/15/04 Videogame Collection: Saturn
I am guessing that you've been wondering if I have Saturn games or fibbing....and giving me a benefition of a doubt here. Or you could care less about it. No, I do not have Radiant Silvergun. No, I do not have Panzer Dragoon Saga. No, I do not have Lunar - The Silver Star Story. No, I do not have Shining Force III Scenario 1. No, I do not have Gunstar Heroes. I haven't seen any of them in my ent>
12/14/04 Videogame Collection: PS2 Collection 2
Correction: I have 59 PS2 games instead of 58. I am missing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. However, it is photographed in my last PS2 picture This is pic high resolution enough? If not click on this link... Really High Resolution Version - for the  high bandwidth bloggers! JPEG size - 220K Very high resolution Xbox collection ------------------------------------------- Collection List >
11/23/04 Videogame Collection: All Consoles
That's 15! 1997 December - Nintendo 64 $200 1999 September - Sega Dreamcast $200 2000 November - Sega Saturn version 1 $40 2001 March - Nintendo Gameboy Advance $100 September - Nintendo Gamecube $200 October- Sega Dreamcast #2 $100 2002 February - Sony Playstation $30 2003 June - Microsoft Xbox $120 November - Sony Playstation 2 $120 December - Gameboy Advance SP $100 2004 Janu>
11/22/04 Videogame Collection: Oldschool games + controllers
NES (4 Game Cartridges, 6 playable games) History of Ownership: I bought the NES and SNES at the same time in January 2004. Since then I’ve collected 6 NES games and 12 SNES games. I wanted a NES so I could play the original authentic Super Mario Bros on an authentic NES. The game was free with the console along with the 2 controllers. I believe I bought both Super Mario 2 and 3 and Mega Man>
11/22/04 Videogame Collection: PSone/N64/Dreamcast Collections
Playstation (30 Game Cases, 38 playable Games total) History of Ownership: Playstation: I believe the reason I waited until 2002 to get a Sony PSone is that I was a loyal Nintendo fan. I bought a Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and Gamecube, and GBA before the PSone. I wanted the RPGs! I wanted to own all the Final Fantasys out for it! When I got 3/4s of the Final Fantasy games, I bought some other RP>
11/22/04 Videogame Collection: Xbox/Gamecube collection
Games not in picture: Halo 2 Guilty Gear X2 Reloaded X-BOX (27 Game Cases) (28 Playable games) RPG 2 action 10 shooters 5 Fighters 2 First Person Shooters 3 racing 8 Athletic Sports 4 1.) Halo Combat Evolved 2.) Silent Hill 2 3.) Colin McRae Rally 04 4.) Prince of Persia: Sands of Time 5.) Genma Onimusha 6.) Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind Game of the Year Edition 7.) Crimsin Sea 8.) Moto GP 9.) >
11/22/04 Videogame Collection: NTSC Playstation 2 Collection
Playstation 2 (54 Game Cases) (63 games) RPG 15 driving/racing 11 action 18 action platformer 6 fighters 5 Horror Survival 1 athletic sports 4 military jet simulations 1 retro 11 1.) Star Ocean 3 - Till the End of Time (Director's Cut Version) 2a.) Mega Man (Mega Man Anniversary Collection) 2b.) Mega Man 2 (MMAC) 2c.) Mega Man 3 (MMAC) 2d.) Mega Man 4 (MMAC) 2e.) Mega Man 5 (MMAC) 2f.) Mega Ma>
11/22/04 Videogame Collection: PC Collection/GBA collection
PC (66 games plus expansion packs) RPG (without expansions) 14 first person shooters (without expansions) 24 Atheletic Sports 3 action (without expansions) 46 1.) Doom 3 2a.) Battlefield 1942 2b.) Battlefield 1942 - Road to Rome 2c.) Battlefield 1942 - Secret Weapons of World War II 3.) GTA Vice City 4.) Freelancer 5.) Sexy Beach II 6.) Yu-gi-sa card game 7.) No One Lives Forever 2 8.) Oni >
4/27/04 Videogame Collection: I own 531 Videogames! ver 1.41
Normally: 531 games normal commerical games & abandonware - 582 games Forty-first update - December 1, 2005 - Wild Arms Alter Code F (PS2), Mario Kart DS (NDS), Mario and Luigi - Partners in Time (NDS), Half-life 2 (Xbox), finally spelled Ubisoft correct (not Urisoft). Fortith update - November 22, 2005 - Shadow of the Colossus (PS2), Dragon Quest VIII (PS2), Project Gotham 3 (X360), changed "U>

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