ACN Committee release draw procedure

18-10-2005 ,

CAF CAN Committee met today under the leadership of its president, Issa Hayatou.
The following issues were discussed and decision taken:

� Reports on ACN and WC 2006 preliminaries were presented and the committee expressed its satisfaction.
� Impressive progress report on ACN 2006 was presented by the Egyptian Local Organising Committee (LOC), CAF President Issa Hayatou said: �We are extremely delighted to see that the preparations for ACN 2006 are on the right track.� For the first time in Africa tickets can be purchased online according to Egypt LOC
� Seedings for CAN 2006 are adopted; Egypt seeded in Group A as a host country, Tunisia leads Group C as a title holder, Cameroon and Nigeria will be seeded in Group B or D. Kindly find the DRAW PRODURE at the bottom of the page
The committee approved the amendment in African Cup of Nations regulations 2006 which in article 11 paragraph 4 states: �In case of equality of points between two or more teams after all the group matches have been played, the ranking of the teams shall be established according to the following criteria :
a) Greater number of points obtained in the matches between the concerned teams;
b) Goal difference resulting from the group matches between the teams concerned;
c) Greater number of goals scored in all the group matches between the teams concerned;
d) Goal difference in all group matches;
e) Greatest number of goals scored in all group matches;
f) Fair Play point system in which the number of yellow and red cards are evaluated;
g) Drawing of lots by CAF organizing Committee. .�

The article 11 paragraph 4 in the previous regulations states:
�In case of equality of points between two teams at the end of the group matches, the classification of the teams shall be established according to the best goal difference. If the goal difference is not decisive, we shall take into consideration the greatest number of goals scored. If the number of goals scored does not determine the
winner, then the particular goal average, i.e. the result of the match played between the two teams concerned, shall be taken into consideration. If the particular goal average does not determine the winner, the Organising committee of the group concerned shall proceed to a drawing of lots in order to establish the final classification of the group. If the number of teams which have equal points is greater than two, the particular goal average shall not be taken into consideration and the drawing of lots shall be carried out if the goal difference as well as the number of goals scored do not determine the winner.�
� Regarding the preparation for CAN Ghana 2008, an inspection report was presented and the committee decided to send another inspection team in early January 2006.


1. In conformity to the regulations of the competition, Egypt, the host country shall be the top seeded team of group A and Tunisia, the trophy holder will be the top seeded team of group C.

2. Egypt and Tunisia will respectively have letters A1 and C1 on the board.

3. According to their ranking in the last three editions, Cameroon and Nigeria are the top seeded teams of groups B and D. An integral draw will be then done to determine which of these two countries shall be awarded the letter B1 and which one will have the letter D1.
4. The remaining twelve countries will be categorized into three levels depending on their results in the three editions of the ACN in 2000, 2002 and 2004 .

5. The first step will be to proceed to the repartition of the teams of the third level (Zimbabwe, Zambia Angola & Libya) in the four groups.

6. For this step we will seek the assistance of our Football celebrities present at the drawing of lots ceremony.
The first celebrity shall draw from the first jar the name of one of the four teams of the third level (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Libya).
The first country to be drawn shall belong to group A, the 2nd country to group B, 3rd Country to group C & 4th to group D
In case it is in group A, he will determine its exact place by drawing one of the balls remaining in group A (A2, A3 or A4). The same procedure shall be done for the three other third seeded teams

�7. The second stage shall be done in the same way for the second level teams (Ghana, Guinea, Togo and C te d�Ivoire).

8. The third stage shall be done in the same way for the first level teams (Senegal, Morocco, South Africa , RD Congo).

By the end of these stages the sixteen qualified countries would then, be distributed within the four groups.


22nd ACN
GHA-NGR 2000 23rd CAN
MALI 2002 24th CAN
TUNISIA 2004 Total
1. Cameroun 7 7 x (2) = 14 2 x (3) = 6 27
2. Nigeria 5 3 x (2) = 6 3 x (3) = 9 20
3. Senegal 2 5 x (2) = 10 2 x (3) = 6 18
4. Morocco 1 1 x (2) = 2 5 x (3) = 15 18
5. South Africa 3 2 x (2) = 4 1 x 3 = 3 10
6. RD Congo 1 2 x (2) = 4 1 x (3) = 3 8
7. Ghana 2 2 x (2) = 4 - 6
8. Guinea - - 2 x (3) = 6 6
9. Togo 1 1 x (2) = 2 - 3
�10.C te d�Ivoire 1 1 x (2) = 2 - 3
11. Zimbabwe - - 1 x (3) = 3 3
12. Zambia 1 1 x (2)= 2 - 3
13. Angola - - - -
14. Libya - - - -

Criteria :

For each of the last three African Cup of Nations final tournaments, the following system of points is adopted for the qualified countries :

Classification Points awarded
Winner 7
Runner-up 5
Semi-Finalist 3
Quarter Finalist 2
Eliminated 1st round 1

The last three Cup of Nations, 2000, 2002 and 2004 will be taken into consideration.

Nevertheless, it was decided in the determination of the seeded teams, to give the most recent editions more importance the 2004 edition�s points are multiplied by 3 and the 2002�s by 2.

N.B.: If two teams have equal points, according to the above-mentioned standing, in order to be able to rank them we shall proceed to calculate the number of points they have obtained during the last three final tournaments, namely; three points for a win 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a defeat.

�te d�Ivoire, Zimbabwe and Zambia having each obtained three points in the classification, we examined the points obtained after the matches of the last three editions. Togo obtained 6 pts, C�Togo, C te d�Ivoire 5 pts, Zimbabwe 3 pts and a G.D of -2 and finally Zambia three points with a G.D. of -4.

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