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DVD: "American Jobs" is a documentary film that explores the loss of American jobs to foreign competition. The result of a six-month personal investigation by first-time filmmaker Greg Spotts, this nonpartisan, self-funded film is avaliable on DVD for $14.95.

BOOK: "CAFTA and Free Trade: What Every American Should Know " applies a critical lens to the recently-signed Central American Free Trade Agreement. The book explores our country's perilous position in the globalized economy and makes a passionate case for fundamental change. The book is available for $7.95.

Listen to Greg Spotts + Robert Greenwald Preview The New Documentary on KPFA
Listen to Robert and Greg being interviewed on KPFA's morning show on Monday October 24, 2005.
Book To Explore the "Making of" New Wal-Mart Documentary
Film and Book to be Released on November 13, 2005
Listen To Greg Spotts Discuss Jobs & Trade with Bob Edwards on XM and David Brancaccio on PBS.
Click on the links for audio MP3's of Greg being interviewed by Bob Edwards, Part 1 and Part 2, David Brancaccio, and conservative radio host George Woods.
Watch Greg Discuss Free Trade on CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight"
Greg Spotts appeared live on CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" program on Friday February 25th. Click HERE for RealVideo stream of Greg's in-studio appearance. Three months later, Greg was featured again on the Dobbs program in a taped piece about grass roots opposition to CAFTA. Click HERE for a RealVideo stream of the may 12th segment.