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EcoTru® Professional is a revolutionary hospital-grade nanoemulsive disinfectant cleaner. Equal in efficacy to Quats, and bleach-based disinfecting products, yet EcoTru Professional is non-corrosive, non-irritating and does not require U.S. Environmental Protection Agency handling, warning or precautionary statements.

Tuberculocidal, Bacterialcidal,
Virucidal, Fungicidal
EPA Reg.# 70791-1

Powerful, not harmful and ready to use:
Kills TB in 5 minutes, HIV, Staph., Ecoli and many other viruses, bacteria and fungi
No protective clothing required
No toxic fumes
Cleans and disinfects in one step
Areas of use:
Dental and medical clinics
Alternative care

EcoTru® Professional Unlike liquid bleaching agents and other popular commercial disinfectant products, EcoTru Professional is a non-irritating cleanser that is exceptionally convenient and economical to use. It contains no respiratory, ophthalmic or dermatological irritants and has a pleasant pine scent. It eliminates a biological risk without creating a chemical risk.

Employing unique nanoemulsive technology, EcoTru Professional is effective on surfaces ranging from metals, metal alloys, plastics, synthetics, rubber, glass and painted surfaces. It is particularly well suited for situations where harmful and corrosive impacts on equipment and working surfaces cannot be tolerated as a cost of reducing microbiological risks.
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