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Race, Culture, and Skepticism
"Then perhaps describing the phenomena as 'racial' is exclusive to the US? Because in Australia and the UK, I defintely see this issue as a mix of cultural and socio-economic values imposed by the community you're raised in."

Deadly Immunity
"Wrong; a quick search turns up that several European countries had the same trend and parents slacked off on pertussis (whooping cough) vaccinations; the result of course was a rise in illnesses as the level fell below the 'herd immunity' threshold, lots of sick kids, and a few died."

Concealed Gender (and other things) Online
"I found it awkward at first not knowing if I was "talking to" a ten year old or a sixty year old, a man or a woman. In theory, perhaps this should make no difference. I think sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't."


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