Metro3D, Inc. is the ultimate multi-platform game developer and publisher of original and "classic" action, strategy and role playing interactive entertainment software. Its broad library of software titles supports future-generation video game systems, including the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft®, Nintendo® Game Boy® Advance, Nintendo® GameCube® , and the Sony PlayStation® 2.

Headquartered in Downtown San Jose, California, Metro3D is a privately held company with worldwide operations in the United States, Taiwan, Japan, and Europe.


Product Line:

"A Celebration Of The Video Game Classics"
Since the company's founding in 1998, Metro3D has quickly established itself as a leading contender in the video game marketplace. In less than five years, Metro3D has introduced some of the industry's most critically acclaimed game titles for a broad base of platforms, ranging from the PC, Nintendo Game Boy Color, and Sega Dreamcast , to the next generation platforms: PlayStation 2, the Xbox™ video game system and Game Boy Advance. Leveraging the strength and talent of its own state-of-the-art in-house development team, exclusive worldwide partnership with Cinemaware, Inc., and other strategic development partners, Metro3D is committed to the creation of the finest quality and technologically spectacular video game products available.

Metro3D brings back the timeless appeal, nostalgic fun and popularity of the 80s and 90s most "classic" video game titles, while celebrating the heritage of these award-winning and highly successful titles with a new evolution of gamers. Additionally, Metro3D's winning combination of development expertise in 3-Dimensional rendering, graphics and sound, digital effects, content creation, game strategy and design, continues to earn the company respect among future-generation game enthusiasts worldwide.

Additional titles are currently in development for a variety of platforms for release in 2004 and beyond. Metro3D's existing library of games includes Armada for Sega Dreamcast; Armada F/X Racers, Chase HQ: Secret Police and Puzzle Master for Game Boy Color; The Three Stooges , Aero the Acrobat, Dual Blades and Defender of the Crown, Wings and Gem Smashers for Game Boy Advance; Dark Angel, Sub Rebellion and Smash Cars for Sony PlayStation 2; Stake and Dinosaur Hunting for Microsoft Xbox.

Metro3D Achievements and Awards:
Armada for the Sega Dreamcast nominated for "Game of the Year 2000".

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