Hi-Tech Alliance nuclear attack submarine at Minus 1,000 feet. Your mission is simple: Blow the Meluguis Empire to kingdom come. Underwater, your adversary will never see you coming. They better not hear you either. Non-stop, adrenaline-pumping action and adventure await you and your crew. Move full speed ahead around a massive post-apocalyptic underwater world in the most intense sub shooter ever.

Stake is the ultimate combat event! The wildest, most engaging, extremely dangerous competition also brings in a ton of cash every two years. And now it's Stake time again - and everyone can't wait for this year's match-up. The Stake Champion receives riches and fame beyond belief - and commands the respect of all who dare defeat them!

The Age of Chivalry! Joust, swordfight, ambush and catapult attack to protect England from Norman invasion. Find the precious Crown of England and keep it from scheming Normans who are intent on invading and taking over England. Use your dexterity and strategy to compete in tournaments of joust, epic castle sieges and swashbuckling swordfights. Wrestle power and dominance away from the black-hearted villains and rescue the damsel in distress. Victory will come at a price.


The classic mascot is back! Aero the Acrobat dazzles you with amazing feats of bravery in his mission to stop the evil Edgar Ektor. As Aero you blast out of cannons, dive through hoops of fire and hang onto speeding roller coasters to protect the circus park for the fun-loving spectators. But danger looms as you defy psycho circus performers and fairground freaks in the quest to save the show from disaster.


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