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Ford Heritage

Ford History

Henry Ford launched the Ford Motor Company in a small converted wagon factory in the American city of Detroit on June 16, 1903. One hundred years later, Ford has grown to become the world's second largest automaker with around 350,000 employees, operating in more than 200 countries on six continents.

A year after Ford was formed in the US, the first Ford car -- a Model A -- was imported into Australia in 1904. Ford cars continued to be imported into Australia through agents and distributors from Canada and the US over the next 20 years.

In 1925, Ford Motor Company of Australia was formed and local production of the Model T began in Geelong, Victoria.

In 2000, Ford Australia commemorated 75 years of local manufacture and is proud of the part it has played in the 100 years of Ford history around the world.

Ford Australia Facts

Ford has been selling cars in Australia since 1904. Increasing demand led to the opening of a Ford of Canada sales branch in 1909. In 1925 Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited was formed. Ford is the longest established automotive manufacturer in Australia. Ford is also the only Australian car manufacturer that wholly designs, develops and builds a range of vehicles locally - the Falcon range. Ford Australia was ranked third in the overall market in 2002.

Ford employs over 5000 people in design, development, manufacturing, assembly, sales and administration facilities throughout Australia and has assets worth about $A1.6 billion. The company headquarters is located in suburban Melbourne at Broadmeadows, Victoria. The Broadmeadows site also houses the assembly facilities for the Ford Falcon range, Fairlane, Ghia and LTD passenger vehicles and the Falcon Ute range. Facilities at Broadmeadows also include the Customer Service Division, a training centre and a research and design centre. At Geelong (80 kilometers southwest of Melbourne), Ford has extensive casting, engine and stamping facilities and a product engineering centre. The Ford proving ground is located at Lara near Geelong. There are 238 Ford dealerships in Australia.

Ford Australia markets a full range of passenger vehicles. Apart from the Australian Falcon range including Fairlane and LTD, Ford Australia imports the European Focus and Ka, the Mazda-sourced Escape, and the US based Explorer and Mustang. Light commercial imports include the Mazda-sourced Courier range, Transit from Britain and the heavy-duty F-Series from Brazil.

In 2002, Ford sold 109,194 vehicles for an overall market share of 13.2 per cent. Ford was ranked third in the passenger vehicle market with sales of 73,218 representing 13.6 per cent of the market. Ford exports the Falcon to New Zealand and South Africa, and various right-hand-drive Asian markets.

Falcon, at 43 years, is by far the oldest current and continuous car nameplate in Australia.

Falcon, Fairlane and LTD are the only current volume-built true Australian cars, which are wholly styled in Australia from original sketchpad concept and then engineered and manufactured here.

Since local manufacture began in 1960, more than three million Falcons have been produced.

The volume-selling six-cylinder models have the highest local content of any new car currently volume sold in Australia.

The current Falcon - the BA - was launched in September 2002. The car won instant acclaim from the media and market alike, winning numerous motoring awards including Wheels Car of the Year, Australia's Best Car award and the News Limited Star Car award.

Ford Australia is a joint venture partner in Ford Performance Vehicles (previously Tickford Vehicle Engineering), located adjacent to the Ford Broadmeadows complex. Ford Performance Vehicles develops a range of high performance Ford vehicles including the GT.

Recent Australia Firsts
2002First local manufacturer to include adjustable pedals. BA Falcon wins Wheels Car of the Year
2000First local manufacturer to offer dedicated LPG engine
1998First local manufacturer to include dual airbags as standard
1997First local manufacturer to introduce three year/100,000 km warranty
1996First local manufacturer with standard airbag in commercial vehicle
1995Fairlane/LTD wins Australian Design Award<
1994EF Falcon wins Australian Design Award. First local manufacturer to fit driver's airbag as standard
1993First local manufacturer to fit centre rear lap-sash seat belts
1993First car to win Australian Design Award (XE Falcon)