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•Preliminary Agreement Reached in NYC Transit Strike

•Day Laborers Continue to Organize
•Critics Discuss “Operation Community Shield”
•Iranian Brain Drain taking its Toll
•Portland Against New EPA Water Rules
•Concern Over Plutonium Pits
•Indian Workers and Unionization in New Service Sector

Holiday Documentaries Now Available

FSRN is featuring "Iraq: Year in Review" on December 23, and "The End of Charity" on the 26th.

We will also have a year in review on December 30, and a documentary on January 2, those two will be available by the evening of December 29.
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World Trade Organization Conference and People's Action Week in Hong Kong

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Thanksgiving Holiday Documentaries

Both Documentaries are now available

On Thursday, November 24th: Trafficked in the Philippines
In recent years there's been increasing attention paid to the global problem of human trafficking, and growing concern on the part of governments and civil society around the world. Asia is one the regions hardest hit by the phenomenon, especially the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation. UNICEF estimates that there are at least one million Asian child prostitutes. The Philippines is one of the countries most affected by the scourge of human trafficking. Rupert Cook reports...

On Friday, November 25th: The Battle over Shockoe Bottom
A battle is taking place in its capital city over Shockoe Bottom - one of Richmond's most historic downtown districts. On one side are community members fighting for recognition of the city’s past with slavery. On the other side are powerful business leaders and developers who want to build a sports stadium, entertainment venue, and high-end condos and lofts. From Richmond, FSRN’s Catherine Komp reports.

Hurricane Katrina Special

In addition to our reporters at KPFT in Houston, Free Speech Radio News sent reporters to New Orleans and other Hurricane stricken areas. To help continue this work and support similar efforts in the future, DONATE to Free Speech Radio News' emergency reporting fund.

Labor Day Documentary

Free Speech Radio News has prepared a documentary to be aired in place of our regular newscast on Monday, September 5. This Labor Day documentary, which is available now, features the voices of farmworkers who pick tomatoes for Taco Bell and last spring won a labor victory.

On March 8th, 2005, In Louisville Kentucky, the Vice President of Yum brands, the corporation that owns Taco Bell, shared a podium with a group of migrant farmworkers who pick tomatoes which end up in Taco Bell's food. The press conference was officially to announce a pay raise for the workers, and a promise for better working conditions in the fields of South Florida. But it was also a defining moment for a greater struggle. A 4 year long boycott of Taco Bell, an unprecedented strategy of building alliances with students and religious groups around the county, and a focus on a specific corporate entity had proved that the movement for global justice could organize without a charismatic leader, could allow groups around the country to work with autonomy, and most importantly, could win. But the victory over Taco Bell hasn't resulted in equality for the Mexican, Guatemalan, and Haitian tomato pickers in the town of Immokalee, just as their problems didn't begin with Taco Bell. Today, as the United States celebrates Labor Day, FSRN's Shannon Young and Andrew Stelzer bring us the story of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, their historic victory over the largest restaurant owner in the world, and their struggle to end modern day slavery in the fields.

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