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Welcome to Dog Detective!
Dog Detective - the first and largest database of lost and found dogs on the Internet.
When your dog is lost, chances are that someone, somewhere has seen your dog.
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Home of the DOG ALERT
People that send an ALERT are twice as likely to find their dog.
The more people that know your dog is missing the better!
Shelter ALERT Shelter ALERT - Most shelters can only keep a dog three days - make sure they know!
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Vet ALERT Vet ALERT - Stolen or Lost Dog? A Vet may know where they are!
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 What are people saying about Dog Detective?
I went to the humane society kennels, and I found Adam there. Oddly enough, the person in their office called me on my cell phone exactly as I was standing in their lobby, to tell me she'd received your alert and had my dog! Hahaha. It was a great moment, and proves your service really works! Thanks very much! I'd use you again, although of course I hope I don't ever have to.
- Leigh
My beloved dog Michael had been missing since July 20 last Friday November 25 I got a match notification and it was my babys pic on it with the information of him i emailed the people right away and i went and got him he had traveled about 100 miles and I am very happy to have him back and I cant possibly thank Dog Detective any more. This was the best website for lost dogs ever. THANKS A MILLION DOG DETECTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
- Tara
My animal hospital already had a link to your site before Katrina and I thought it was a good organization. My husband and I went to New Orleans and did animal rescue for two weeks. During that time, we saw how much you did to help, including furnishing names, addresses and maps. We just wanted to say thanks for all you do. Debbie and Iaon West End Animal Hospital
- Debbie and Iaon
Of all of the resources I have tapped, Dog Detective has been the most responsive and helpful! You give us hope that there still is a possibility of finding these pets! Thank you
- Phyllis
The people who found my dog did a Google search, Dog Detective popped up, and he was back in my arms in less than 24 hours. A heart felt thanks to you all.
- Daniel
I found her picture on and then picked her up at the no kill shelter in San Clemente. Thank you so much Kim, the San Clemente Animal shelter and
- Melissa
The owner contacted me through e-mail and with your website is now back with her family. She had wondered about a mile away from her home. Thanks again for your valuable service!
- Stacey
The local police department rec'd an inquiry on this dog, found the listing on your website and referred the owner to us. A true success story. This dog was from Australia, only in the states several months. Got out of it's yard during a bad thunderstorm and my son and I found her along the freeway. It was wonderful to see this reunion! Thank you for your great service.
- David
Your site is awesome. I found my dogs!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure who's happier-our dogs or our family!! THANK YOU
- Robyn
Thank you! Your shelter alert led to a chain of events that got my dog back to me safe and sound. I can't thank you enough!
- Lisa & Missy
Once again thank you. I must say the service and speed (over a holiday) provided by your tech support staff is the best I have ever seen in my entire 15 years of computer work. The speed of the alerts are incredible. Thank You
- Todd
This is a wonderful service! I can not believe how fast your responses are, your customer service department is the best I have seen in a long time. We can't thank you enough for the help we received from Dog Detective, we followed your guidelines on what to do about finding our dog, and it worked!
- The Scott Family
I must say I think your website and all that you do is amazing. You genuinely care about people's dogs!
- Eric
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Dog Detective on-line since '99! Dog Detective was started in July of 1999 and we have been helping people find their dogs ever since. If you have lost a dog or found a dog - you have come to the right place!
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