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Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development Model Legislation

Affordable Housing and Economic Development

Model Language
Affordable Housing Construction Stimulation Act
Affordable Housing Tax Credit Act
Enterprise Zone Act
Factory-Built Housing Act
Homeownership and Opportunity for People Everywhere (HOPE) Act
Housing Affordability Impact Statement Act
Rent Control Preemption Act
Right to Buy Public Housing Act

On Real Estate Economic Growth
Supporting Workforce Housing in America
Tenant Management Act

Business and Entrepreneurship

Model Language
Economic Civil Rights Act
Licensing and Certification of Businesses and Professionals Act
Regulatory Flexibility Act
Uniform Photographic Records Act

On Economic Liberty
Regarding Franchise and Business Agreement Legislation
Supporting Expansion of Foreign Markets for America�s Small Businesses

Employment Policy and Regulatory Reforms

Model Language
At-Will Employment Act
Civil Rights Act
Employment Reference Immunity Act
Living Wage Mandate Preemption Act
Prevailing Wage Repeal Act
Starting Wage Repeal Act

Opposing Any Increase in the Starting Wage
Opposing Comparable Worth Legislation
Opposing Employer-Paid Health Care Mandates
Opposing Ergonomic Regulations Based on Unsound Science
Opposing Federal Health Insurance Legislation
Opposing Federal Regulation to Extend Unemployment Insurance Benefits to New Parents
Opposing OSHA�s Proposed Ergonomics Plan

Financial Services and Consumer Banking

Model Language
Consumer Banking Act

Deferred Presentment Services Act
Expanded Consumer Choice in Financial Services Act
Free Contract in Financing Act
Nationwide Interstate Banking Act
State Power to Regulate Lending Act

Opposing Government-Imposed Caps or Elimination of ATM Fees
Supporting Insurance Commissioners� Exclusive State Regulatory Authority over Variable Life Insurance and Variable Annuities
Urging Congress to Oppose Credit Card Rate Ceilings
Urging Congress to Protect Our Uniform National Credit System

Pensions and Retirement

Model Language
Public Employees� Portable Retirement Option (PRO) Act

On Proposed �Socially Conscious� Investments
Supporting Federal Pension Portability Legislation
Urging Congress to Modernize Social Security with Personal Retirement Accounts

Property and Casualty Insurance

Model Language
After-Market Crash Parts Act
Consumer Choice Motor Vehicle Insurance Act
Credit Information in Personal Insurance
Government-Related Insurers Not to be Authorized Act
Property/Casualty Insurance Form Filing Act
Property/Casualty Insurance Modernization Act
Uninsured Motorist Stipulation of Benefits Act

Opposing "Pay at the Pump" Automobile Insurance
Opposing Federal Intervention in Insurance Regulation
Supporting Territorial Rating
Urging Congress Not to Amend or Repeal the McCarran-Ferguson Act

Workers� Compensation Reform

Model Language
Employer Standing Act
Independent Contractor Definition Act
Workers� Compensation Fraud Warning Act
Workers� Compensation Medical Records Disclosure Act
Workplace Drug Testing Act
Workplace Responsibility Act

Workers� Compensation as Exclusive Remedy

Workers� Rights and Labor Union Reforms

Model Language
Employee Rights Reform Act
Labor Peace Agreement Preemption Act
Open Contracting Act
Political Funding Reform Act
Prohibition of Negative Check-Off Act
Prohibition on Compensation Deductions Act
Public Employee Freedom Act
Public Employer Payroll Deduction Policy Act
Right to Work Act
Union Financial Responsibility Act
Voluntary Contributions Act

Opposing Disruptive Union Organizing
Opposing Federal Standards for Monopoly Bargaining
Opposing Frivolous Complaints and Permits Extortion
Opposing Violence in Labor Disputes
Regarding Release Time for Union Business
Supporting Employee Involvement
Supporting Reporting Requirements for Public Sector Unions

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