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Seemingly Dreamingly

Jon Simons
Antara Records

Singer/Songwriter Jon Simons’ aptly titled sophomore album, Seemingly Dreamingly, seeps with a power that simultaneously lulls and awakens the senses. It’s an album of patience and simplicity, yet its purpose is to expand the mind. The subdued melodies and thought provoking lyrics result in an atypical album that is more than meets the ears.

Jon’s greatest strength is his ability to change the feeling of each song and make it more than what it initially seems. He is the type of artist that isn’t content with one great melody so within each song there are many. “Raindrop Collector” starts off Beatlesy and bluesy and ends eerie with a snaking bassline surrounded by guitars that are picked, strummed and awash with reverb and tremolo. “Round and Round” adds depth with warm cello and raining vibraphone. It starts off melancholy and then gracefully soars to the skies while keeping the ground in sight.

I hear Pink Floyd one minute, Robyn Hitchcock the next and then they are nicely rounded out with hints of Jethro Tull, Jesus and Mary Chain and Evan Dando. And although I hear many influences Jon’s sound remains unique. There is also an underlying theme of sky and earth and gravity that connects the two. He sings of falling rain and blue skies, the ground and the moon, all while balancing the ups and downs of life with the change of a chord. If anything, Seemingly Dreamingly is the perfect album for personal times of peace and reflection.

- Micheal LeRay | 2003-06-02

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