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26-28 august 2005

All broadcasters are facing a great challenge these days: How to attract attention to your message in a multimedia, multiplatform universe, when other media actors around the whole world are competing with you for the audience's loyalty? And when it comes to ambitious and important content: Is it at all possible for public service broadcasters to reach children and young people in the age of cartoons and docu-soaps? One way to accomplish this is to work with kids. To get to know them better: invite them, listen to their ideas, play their games and work with them as colleagues. We want to have younger, but smart and innovative colleagues!


Do you work with children and young people (approximately 7-20 years old) in TV, radio or new media? Or do you just want to learn the secrets of successful co-participatory work? Then you should attend the workshop session Lets work with kids! It is the third year in a row that Swedish Television and the Interactive Institute, in cooperation with Vxj University, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Prix Europa and EBU invite practitioners and researchers to a creative weekend in the name of cross media.


Contact person: Helena Collin