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A new focus and time to say "Good-Bye".....

Rescuers.com was created in an era when it was only the minority of rescue groups and shelters that were privileged to have web pages.  The public, seeking to adopt a purebred dog, often had great difficulty locating breed rescue groups.  I had first-hand experience in 1997 when looking for rescues in my own search to adopt a Golden Retriever.  In this quest for a golden of my own,  Rescuers.com was born.  At it's origin, the site was dedicated to southern California shelters and rescues only, but soon expanded to include the entire state!  Over 1,000 rescues and 250 animal shelters were included in the directory, always free of charge.  

Since Rescuers.com's inception in 1997, the internet has grown and is a true "web" of information!  One is hard-pressed to find a rescue that does NOT have it's own web site.   An additional boost to the animal welfare community has been the creation of web sites such as Petfinders.com and 1-800-Save-A-Pet. Both pages allow organizations to post pets available for adoption, and provides the public the option of searching for available animals by geographic location, breed, and age.  Many groups post their animals on both their own organization web sites as well as on Petfinders.com and Save-A-Pet.  The internet has truly been a wonderful tool to help match families with pets needing homes - not only in California, but throughout the entire United States!

With such great resources now available to help homeless pets and animal welfare organizations throughout the U.S., I've made the bittersweet decision to focus my efforts locally in our own growing Golden Retriever & Labrador Retriever rescue, Retrievers & Friends of Southern California, which was founded in 1999 to help dogs in our own community and surrounding counties.  While Rescuers.com was truly something I have immensely enjoyed over the last eight years, it's time to say good-bye to a very good "friend," and allow other sites to carry on the mission of providing exposure for the many great organizations in California.  (See my list of favorite links to the left.)  To those looking to adopt, thank you for considering a rescued pet.  And to my fellow rescue workers, good luck in all you do!  It's been fun getting to know you all over the years, and I wish you the very best!

Always for the animals,




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Adopt a Retriever!

Interested in adopting a Golden Retriever or a Labrador Retriever?  Visit  Retrievers & Friends to see pictures and descriptions of dogs available for adoption in Southern California!

Pet of the Week!

Kaylee is a 7 year-old AWESOME chocolate Labrador Retriever. This girl is about the nicest dog we've ever had in our years of rescue!  She has personality plus!  Kaylee knows many tricks and has quite a vocabulary.  When told "SAD FACE," Kaylee will squint her eyes and lower her head.  With "HAPPY FACE" she will begin to "sing."  She has several other tricks she will do for treats, and will do anything asked of her with a smile.   She is fully housebroken and great with kids of all ages.   Visit  Retrievers & Friends to learn more about this wonderful Labby girl.