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19,172 Registered Dogs
Added Yesterday: 36 Lost, 11 Found, 7 Safe
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Lost Dogs

( 710 currently lost )
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Recently Added Lost and Found Dogs RSS Feed
Name Breed Postal Reward
Romy Siberian ... 92657 $2,500
Beanie  Lost Jack Russell Terrier PhotoJack Russ... 92067 $2,000
Sammy  Lost Poodle PhotoPoodle 59820 $2,000
Chance Miniature... 11949 $1,500
Annie  Lost Boxer PhotoBoxer 60178 $1,000
Bart  Lost Pomeranian PhotoPomeranian 33036 $1,000
Bo St. Bernard 38632 $1,000
Booker-t  Lost Standard Schnauzer PhotoStandard ... 59802 $1,000
Brandy  Lost Basenji PhotoBasenji 91504 $1,000
Carl  Lost Chihuahua PhotoChihuahua 64505 $1,000
Cody  Lost Labrador Retriever PhotoLabrador ... 38320 $1,000
Ellie Golden Re... 30350 $1,000
Erisa  Lost Airedale Terrier PhotoAiredale ... 92256 $1,000
Ginger  Lost Boxer PhotoBoxer 91306 $1,000
Hermione  Lost Jack Russell Terrier PhotoJack Russ... 04240 $1,000
Hopscotch  Lost Australian Shepherd PhotoAustralia... 95020 $1,000
Orca  Lost Akita PhotoAkita 91902 $1,000
Otis Dachshund 34974 $1,000
Punk Mutt 23226 $1,000
Rhoda  Lost Pit Bull PhotoPit Bull 95005 $1,000
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Found Dogs

( 634 currently found )
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Recently Added Lost and Found Dogs RSS Feed
Name Breed Color Postal
Unknown Rat Terrier White 32065
Storm  Found German Shepherd Dog PhotoGerman Sh... Brown 77340
Unknown... Bichon Fr... White 21114
Unknown... Mutt White 73118
Casey West High... White 33145
Unknown... Bloodhound Brown 76240
Unknown... Beagle Brown 97239
Unknown... Pit Bull Black 60177
Unknown... Golden Re... Golden 18960
Unknown... Staffords... Red 75225
Unknown... Boston Te... Black 70053
Unknown... Boston Te... Black 76107
Unknown... Beagle Tan 98021
Unknown... Pit Bull Brown 99353
Unknown... Jack Russ... White 66216
Unknown... Miniature... Black 32210
Unknown...  Found Belgian Malinois PhotoBelgian M... Tan 75206
Unknown... Smooth Fo... Brown 95436
Unknown...  Found American Eskimo Dog PhotoAmerican ... Tan 99354
Unknown... Other Silver ... 85283
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How This Site Works

Why Register?
By registering with Fido Finder, you will be registering your dog's vital information, such as name, breed, gender, color, and postal code. If your dog is ever lost, the person who has found your dog will be able to locate you based on the postal code in which the dog was found. Don't worry. Fido Finder takes into consideration surrounding postal codes when notifying dog owners that a possible match was just added to Fido Finder. Fido Finder does not use the information gathered during registration for any purpose other than helping Lost Dogs find their homes. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.
How This Site Works - Continued...

How to Find a Lost Dog

Fido Finder- The first thing to do when searching for a lost dog is to confirm that your dog is actually lost. Dogs, especially curious breeds, can easily find an interesting place in your backyard to investigate for quite some time. Often no amount of calling your dog's name will distract him from finding out what exactly is moving under that bucket by the fence. Search every corner of your residence before venturing out looking for your lost dog.

- Once you've determined that your dog has definitely left your residence, don't pack up the whole family in an effort to search for the dog. Often dogs will return soon after their departure. You'll want someone at home to contact the others in the event that your dog wanders back home soon after the search party leaves.

- Dogs usually don't go far. They're curious animals that like to look and sniff around. It's more likely for a dog to be a few blocks away than a few miles away. So stick close to home for the first part of your search. Be sure to check all the streets in your neighborhood. Talking to other dog owners you see is a good idea as either their dog or the owner himself might have seen your dog. It's more likely that a dog owner will notice a wandering dog than someone who is not a dog lover.
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