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Cristopher Walken as Han Solo - Sort Of

Cristopher Walken as Han Solo - Sort Of

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Cristopher Walken as Han Solo - Sort Of

Cristopher Walken as Han Solo - Sort Of


Q. Is it true about Burt Reynolds and Han Solo?


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Ah, sort of. Actually, Burt Reynolds, Kurt Russell, Nick Nolte, Christopher Walken, Al Pacino, Billy Dee Williams, Glynn Turman, and Perry King were all “up” for the role of Han Solo at various points. George Lucas was familiar with Harrison Ford’s work from their time together in American Graffiti (1973), in which Ford played a hot-rodder in a cowboy hat.

Ford tried out for other parts on the film, and when Lucas saw those reels, he realized Solo was right under his nose.

Perry King did the voice of Solo in the NPR radio play of Star Wars.

None of these actors, however, was up for Vader. Nor was Barbara Streisand up for Princess Leia. These rumors are probably due to a Saturday Night Live sketch that played on various actors trying out for Star Wars parts (including Richard Dreyfuss as C-3PO and Jack Lemon as Chewbacca.

FYI, Terri Lynn, Teri Nunn, and Cindy Williams did try out for Leia.

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