November 21, 2005

Christian and Muslim Unity?

It would be nice to think that Christian and Muslims could live in peace and harmony individually as Christians and Muslims, but is that possible? Can Muslims accept Christian doctrines and Christians equally accept Muslim doctrines?  Or is the world of politics and espionage, offering peace initiatives as a silent weapon or excuse for war, oil and anarchy?

Political leaders have declared Iraq now a free state. How? Is my question when many people are still starving and in grief and pain. Furthermore, are the US soldiers free to depart from the war zone?

The lessons of the "illegal" invasion of Iraq, where Colin Powell has now been silenced of himself in declaring: "Iraq may not have possessed any stocks of weapons of mass destruction before the war last year." Source:

So, what about the lives of the many innocent Muslim, Christian and non-Christian families and soldiers, as children of God? This is no ordinary mistake. I feel compelled to write about this injustice because of the fraud, lies and war crimes of politics. There will never be unity where there is lies, deceit and war.

How will Iraq and all victims of this mass destruction of people, be rewarded for the mistakes of Colin Powell and US politics? It is a crying shame when mass murder is the outcome of politics. I hope that the Christian belief of all professed leaders will re-examine the contents of the Bible: "Thou Shalt Not Kill"

The CyberRev. 

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October 05, 2005

Russian Clicks Mafia!

The Russians are tops when it comes to gaming clicks over the Internet. As we draw near to the close of 2005 what will 2006 be like for the professional e-commerce GIANTS of cyberworld. What will the next clicks game be like? Perhaps it will be have a happy day click! Or Lets feed some hungry people in Russia today click.

To find out what the fraud click world (including the USA) is really up to CLICK!

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September 30, 2005


``But I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could, if   that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down,'' said Bennett.''


These are the sick words of the former US Education Secretary William Bennett, that is obviously suffering from racial profiling, and a severe case of the world is a colorful place. It is a disgrace to civilization that anyone who thinks that white rules over black or vice verse can voice their racist comments publicly. Black labels created by white folks, has always been the historical fear's and prejudice of Caucasians why? What makes the former Education Secretary so blind and illiterate that he cannot get hold of a sheet of white paper and tell me is he white? NO! Its a simple test and anyone who thinks that they are white try it. I am yet to see a white or black person 100% match the original colors.

To attempt to pick on 'babies' of any color and label them off to crime demonstrates the evil mindsets of illiterate racist people at large.


I remember reading those books of the old so-called discoverer's that wrote and labeled people of color 'beasts' and 'colored' but that did not fool me. I quickly realized 'The Game' was that self-professed white folks had fooled themselves into thinking that the world is too black for their liking, so they ATTEMPTED to alter and change the world and the Bible through white European, Anglo Saxon, Roman and Greek fabricated journeys and white lies.

I would like to ask Bennett is that a crime? Of course it is and you know all about it. If still in disbelief, how about the American Indians, around 50 Million that was killed and slain for their land now renamed America? And if you still need more evidence who bought slaves and hung them like dogs on trees? Not good people of color, but the self-professed white slave-masters and country folk of congress and race hate, I guess they were your ancestors of murder.

I won't even bother to ask Bennett, what he thought of Katrina? It is high time that these crimes that self-professed white folks have committed upon civilized people, they stand trial for. The one thing that many of them forget is the 'After-Life' when their ass will be in hell and what will you write or print about then? Nothing, but your hatred and evil lies, murders and laughter. Too bad it will be those that you hated the most rewarded and taking over.

September 21, 2005

Katrina 2005!

Ask me about Katrina that devastated the heart, souls and minds of many people dead and alive. Ask me about the 'failure' in US government that should have protected the safety and lives of its citizens, regardless of their status, wealth or kind.

Ask me about those still 'missing children' that were hurried onto planes and buses out of parent sight amid the chaos of FEMA, the unskilled government relief agency.

Ask me and I will will reply that talk is cheap and it is about time that political lies pay a high price of manslaughter. Ask me and I will ask the world for their continued prayers and hearts in getting missing children and parents home at last. Ask me and I will warn each and every citizen of the world that all governments are like headless chickens that NEVER keep the promise of their words.

Ask me for a relief solution, and I will cry, let the people see that love is the only answer. You had your chance America, you should have listened to the Prophet Martin Luther King, but instead you chose to slay him as you did the former President John F Kennedy. How then will God judge your sins? What will those waters do that surround the USA that Daniel and Revelation talks about? Ask me and I will reply, we all shall be judged of God and there is very little time left of the world, so take your eternal vote of the now, eternal death or eternal life forevermore, you decide.

The CyberRev.

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August 23, 2005

Pat Robertson in Trouble!

Has Pat Robertson gone nuts?

To think that ANYONE can go around 'threatening' ANYONE with a death threat on national TV, you have got to be bonkers.

The United States of America will immediately arrest anyone that threatens the livelihood of ANYONE within its borders. Pat Robertson has gone overboard in making and suggesting that a man and citizen of this world be killed. That is inhumane and outright satanic. You cannot render evil for evil and call that of God. How can you claim to be a Christian when death is the germs that you breed of your spirit, soul and blood?

If you ask me, Pat Robertson is in for more than he can bear. The Venezuelian government is looking into "anti-terrorist policies' created by the United States of America. I say ouch! Not only with the carnal political world but with God above, for His Universal Law is higher than anyone and that is clearly stated THOU SHALT NOT KILL or RENDER EVIL FOR EVIL.

If Pat Robertson lives in a Free Democratic world, then allow others to like or dislike whatever they choose for good or evil. The drug dealers, pedophiles, bank robbers, murderers, corrupt politicians of all countries including the United States of America, should they be killed or assassinated? I don't think so, let love live.

The CyberRev.

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August 21, 2005

Teens Ask The CyberRev!

Teens are being targeted and driven into 'extreme' peer pressures that many adults themselves could not escape or control.  That is why many adults are suffering from credit card debt, high interest loans, zero savings, zero assets, sin, and personal habits out of control.

I am therefore, reaching out to teens of all ages NOT to get caught up in the carnal world, cults, witchcraft, mysticism, prescribed or hard drugs, alcohol, or counseling maniacs of masturbation, gay or lesbian acts.

There is a truth that surrounds us all and that is Universal Law. Every teen has that truth on the inside, and that is all that a teen needs to behold or strive towards. I will give you some general steps to loving and embracing your WITHIN.

1. Face the past and embrace the future - until you reflect on the past by writing down your earliest thoughts and positively bringing it into the future, (see link below) you will never be happy.

2. The pressures of this life from debt, income struggling and dysfunctional households to crammed schools and colleges suffering from teen rebellion and weak education systems, teens have much too endure. The truth of the matter is that the world has changed from days of old. Perhaps it is the adults and teachers that need counseling and education.

Technology has changed the way business and education is being applied and many have NOT woken up to this reality. How then do you expect teens that are far more advanced than most schools, adults and companies, to be interested in what some outdated system or 9-5 has to say? Even street smart Hip-Hop teens have watched their peers dominate and alter the world of fashion, music, and Hollywood, still dressed in baseball caps and jeans. So they too have their eyes not on Wall St, for that is old news, but Urban Wear and Rap as a career that reflects the changes in their world and Hollywood.

3. Its a world gone mad - and there is nothing that anyone can do about it but YOU. The world is rolling out of control as it is WRITTEN of God. Its that easy and that true, and you can take it from God and His Prophets of then and now, or some insane wizard, gay, lesbian, magician or carnal fool.

4. YOU are precious! The beauty of creation is the MIND. You can dream all by yourself with God and read of His Holy Word. The greatest script ever written is life or death eternally. I am amazed at the demons that walk this earth and spend their energy taking people too hell. Just like a cigarette packet states "smoking kills", who's listening? Your mind is your only vehicle too peace and solitude, and that is without the noise of human intellect.

5.   Spend each day just practicing love - that is much harder than you think. If everyone on the face of this earth was to awake to love in action, citizens, politicians, celebrities, and newspaper reporters would be Christians and people of love. Your parents and adults even in schools would teach love only defined as the one that gives love, God alone.

6. Visit your nearest Library or Book Store - if you ever need books about love, peace, spirituality or how to live within of your mind, visit places that have books. This is how you learn from other people in the quietness of your OWN mind and soul. That way you can relax, meditate and shut off the world and calm yourself, and work out your joy, love and direction with God alone.

7. Finally, prayer is the utterance of the spirit, mind and soul. If you can get through this life never talking to God or yourself, then for sure you are talking to something or someone else. How unfortunate that people find the strength to chant and talk to everything and everyone else but God and themselves WITHIN. Taking the time out with YOU is the biggest battle of your life. If you can relax, love and control you, YOU have done all and mastered the within to rule the without of world.


The CyberRev.

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August 15, 2005

Third World War!

Since the breaking news of Ariel Sharon and the withdrawal of the Gazza strip, I am of the belief that a Third World War is closer than ever before.

Someone may well be asking, why more war, when he is withdrawing? I believe that the Jews will create anarchy within, whilst Iran, Libya and Syria, plan their attack on weakness of minds. Meanwhile the USA will continue to rally up funding and support for war in Iraq and Muslims will now view victory over the enemy more than ever before.

Then there is Korea and many other countries that see Nuclear Weapons as their only defense. The Russians have long traded in arms of every description, and the UK is not the size of America so a smaller and easier terrorist target.

Also watch out for the love game between Saudi Arabia and the USA that could even be the 'sell-out' and silent challenge not only for westerners but Muslims as well.

Whenever you hear the word 'political reforms' run!

Prophetic Revelations:

There is nothing new under the sun and that includes global news. [See Ecclesiastes 1:9]

Regardless of 'your' ethnicity or chosen race or label you belong to the Most High God, within. This is the Truth that not only sets people FREE WITHIN but politicians the world over shall behold. God is the master strategist and His global plans rules over all.

I therefore, urge you to read Isaiah Chapter 24 and see what God has in store for the world at large.

I also believe that technology that has already 'driven' the world into the size of your palm, and with increasing velocity and crime this will also crash the world.

No, this is not doom or gloom for some, this is the Word of God as I have just reminded you coming too fruition.

In closing, try to live daily within to gain spiritual access too the world to come, in the now.

The CyberRev.

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August 13, 2005


Who wants to be rebuked and chastened as love?

Do you remember being chastened and rebuked by your Dad or Mom, how did you feel, within? I remember some 'little' things that use to annoy me, and even still now at times I am reminded, within.

Like my Dad taking my cookie or choc bar away right at the moment when I am just enjoying it, and saying: "Save some for tomorrow."

I am like tomorrow? Whats that?

Why give your son or daughter something today and then break it in half or confiscate some for tomorrow. You might as well cut the choc bar or cookie into 365 days and tell me, now we have enough for the entire year. Great thinking dad!

Its those little things that really get you going, like the toilet seat being left up by your spouse, woman or room mate. Or your cheeks being pulled to shreds by that awful friend, auntie, or uncle of the family.


This weekend I yet again had to read the entire book of Hebrews about faith and chastening. It all began on Friday and I was furious with God (well I tried..) I just wanted to be honest and let God know how I was feeling inside of truth. I will not give you all but I was quite angry. I stood for hours just trying to tell God, enough is enough.

Of course it did not work.

Then the next day, I spent the day reading Hebrews, that taught me that 'chastening' is what God uses as His sign of love. I was again silenced into wisdom.

God is so serious about chastening, that IF you are not chastened then in His eyes and Holy scriptures you are a "bastard" and not sons. [See Hebrews 12:8]

I hate pain and suffering! I hate lack; and I hate poverty with a passion. I have to admit that I have had it good all of my life, but there is a move of God that is testing the pants off me. I am being 'educated' and drawn into chastening, and I like the idea of being a Son of God, but the pain and suffering is now years and well over a million.

So with God the more that you are chastened, is the more that you are esteemed in His eyes. [See Hebrews 12: 6,11] In fact in that citation you are 'exercised'.

Nice work out God, thanks from your son.


After two days of deliberation, study and fasting, I have come to the conclusion that I do not want to be 'rejected' of [Hebrews 12:17].

If you are an unbeliever of God or the Christ, you will still witness His Word one day. God is not in the business of votes. He is a God of Universal truth and that is all.

I am going to embrace His chastening and scourging the best that I can, and remind myself daily I am His loving son.

If you respect the Word of God, don't give up on those relationships of chastening, hang on in there, for God is in control.

The CyberRev.

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August 10, 2005

Love Calculator!

To calculate love, one must first find love to define love, then to obey love, then you can calculate love.

Calculating love is easy if you can submit to love.


Love is all around. You can see it, feel it, touch it and spiritually within embrace it.

Love is a SPIRIT as you are spirit of this universe! [See Romans 8:16]

Love is what wakes you up and protects you daily from harm and unseen dangers. If you are thinking that this is imaginary, then of course you must include right thoughts of Truth unto love.

Love is never strife, hate or deceit. Love is what birds, trees, flowers and the air we breathe up-holds.

So if you ever need love, just ask out loud; and love will be waiting.

The CyberRev.

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August 09, 2005

Lonely Woman

When a woman gets lonely, what is that fire that burns inside that rips open the safety deposit box and all hell breaks loose?

This woman could be religious, ms. denominational hat, ms. boss at work, or even ms. politician or merely a clerk, IT DOES NOT MATTER. Get that woman lonely or unattended for too long and man she will have planned her escape like Batmanswomansgone.

I see you laughing but you had better check to see if your wife or woman is lonely yet?

Hey ladies it does work both ways, I can't say the men are any better for when flesh talks it barks real loud, it starts to increase in heat then its bed time.

Have fun, but you all stay safe and keep your sanity and your belongings of God.

The CyberRev.

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