Dario Fo's Shows at MIT

The events have passed, and it has been an enormous success, in the first show people were even standing due to the incredible attendance (sorry, folks!). In the second event, we even had the honor to host another Nobel Prize, Franco Modigliani! What to say more? That people had such a fun, that we surely plan to repeat this kind of events in the future. Stay tuned!!

The Italian Association at MIT (MITALY),
in cooperation with the MIT Office of the Arts,
is proud to present two free screening shows devoted to the

1997 Nobel Prize
------ ------
Dario Fo

The two shows will be both held at MIT in Room E51-345, h6.00pm.

Entrance is FREE and open to the community!

Also, free pizzas and beverages will be served!!

And, special guest will be Walter Valeri, Fo's personal assistant!!!

Uhh, it's a line...


First Evening (November 20, h 6.00pm, Room E51-345)

* Introductory speech by Walter Valeri                  15min
* Projection of the show Mistero Buffo (Comic 
  Mystery). This exceptional video is Fo's first 
  USA representation of his comic masterpiece; 
  Fo interacts live with the English translator 
  on the scene                                       1h.15min
* Open discussion with Walter Valeri
* Buffet (including free pizzas and drinks)

Second Evening (December 4, h 6.00pm, Room E51-345)

* Short presentation to the comedy by Walter Valeri      5min
* Projection of Johan Padan Discovers Americas
  This amazing comedy is subtitled in English        
  First Half                                         1h.25min
  Break                                                  5min
  Second Half                                        1h.25min
* Buffet (including free pizzas and drinks), and 
  open discussion with Walter Valeri

Organizing Committee:

Antonio Bruno (cashier, advertisement, p.r., refreshments): abruno@mit.edu
Roberto Caccia (logistics): rcaccia@mit.edu
Matteo Mainetti (supervision, refreshments, p.r.): matteo@math.mit.edu
Massimo Marchiori (posters, advertisement, web): max@lcs.mit.edu

Thanks also to Carolina Tortora (sailor9@mit.edu) and Davide Stelitano (stelitan@mit.edu) for their help in the "posters war"...

MIT Office of the Arts referent:

Prof. Alan Brody, Associate Provost for the Arts: brody@mit.edu

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