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Andrew County,MO.
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Certificate NoNamePost Office Cause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
162810John Hodel Amazoniagsw l. side neck & should 4.00Oct 1879
73913Cyrus Hull dowound of foot 14.00--
156383John W. Smith doinjury to left side 4.00Nov 1878
75349Charles McGonagle doloss right thigh 24.00--
222177Oliver R. Howe dodis. of abd. vis. & dis. of eyes 6.00Dec 1882
133671Judith Daniels domother 8.00Aug 1869
182451Kizer Cary doinjury to left hand 14.00Feb 1881
32004Martha Beeler Avenue Citywidow 1812 8.00Nov 1881
150574George R. Knapp doepilepsy 6.00Jan 1878
197300John S. Hileman Bolckowdisease left eye 4.00Nov 1881
130604John W. Grimes dochron. diarr & results 8.00--
66749Edwin D. Van Horn dogsw right scapula 10.00--
167206Aderson Albred doscurvy 8.00--
64371Cyrus I. Kinnison dowound r. leg 18.00--
223043Riley A. Fuller dorheum,scurvy,chr.diarr,&dis.; of abd. viscera 6.00Dec 1882
209163James M. Seargeant dochronic rheumatism 4.00May 1882
10884Issiah A. Rutherford dowd. rt. arm 8.00--
28657Letty Holtzclaw dowidow 1812 8.00Feb 1880
9369George Frank Cosbyinjury to abdomen 8.00--
110536Simon H. Trump dochronic rheumatism 50.00--
130001William Stout dodisease of eyes 16.00--
63085William F. Baker Fillmoregsw right leg 4.00May 1866
192068Robert M. Cole doinj. to head 5.00June 1881
32868Jerome K. Rowley doamputation r. arm 24.00--
174237John M. Bliven Flag Springsinj. abscess resulting lameness r. leg 8.00--
135117Christian Krebs Helenafather 8.00Sept 1869
140655Samuel Callen Nodawayvar. veins left leg 4.00Aug 1876
191614Wm Jordan dogsw r. hand 14.00June 1881
199547William D. Ruddell Parkergsw of head 10.00Dec 1881
193832Maria Connor dowidow & children 14.00Dec 1881
207574Payton Reddick Rochesterchronic diarrhea 8.00Apr 1882
75744James M. Vanneter dogsw right thigh 6.00--
30799John T. McElvain dogsw right hand 8.00--
214768James C. Magee dogsw right arm 2.00June 1882
141784Lucinda Sheeve domother 8.00Apr 1870
128769Benjamin F. Lockhart dopsw loss 3 fingers 8.00--
18013Amanda M. Kelsey dowidow 8.00--
57414Caleb Filer dowounds l. shoulder,thigh,&mouth 9.00--
115417John W. Crank dogswd l ft. arm 6.00--
20382Eliza Eldridge Rosendalewidow 1812 8.00May 1880
195229James W. Harris Savannahgsw head 4.00Aug 1881
196569Goddard Curtis dodis. eyes,result. in blindness 72.00Oct 1881
140223Graves Abner dochr. rheum & inj. to abd 24.00--
145620James C. Hale dochronic diarrhea 4.00June 1877
196493Harrison A. Condon dodisease of eyes 4.00Oct 1881
111045William Caldwell doinjury to abdomen 18.00--
171135Albert Long dodis. liver & dropsy 4.00July 1880
177307Eliza M. Lawbaugh doinj. to abdomen,dis.spine, atrophy,& paralys 24.00Oct 1880
76717William Herndon dodeafness r. ear & dis. lungs 4.00--
197364Dolly Baker domother 8.00Oct 1882
179390William H. Boulin dominor 10.00Dec 1877
170004Frances M. Frasse dowidow 17.00July 1875
92292Henry C. Shedrick dogsw left arm 18.00--
138634Silas E. Seely doinj. to back & l. hip 17.00--
214251William A. Pyle dogsw left hip 2.00June 1882
78436Alfred K. Reno dowd. left thigh & ankle 8.00--
116096Lemuel Parker dogsw right arm 6.00--
201189George W. Nease dochr. rheum & dis. urin. organs 4.00Jan 1882
89008Rhoda Evans dowidow 20.00Jan 1867
124065Frederick DeMallorie doinjury to abdomen 8.00--
121723Sarah Williams dowidow 8.00--
195500Lewis T. White doinjury to left leg 2.00Sep 1881
194023Cynthia A. Long domother 8.00Jan 1882
83416David G. Stotts dowound r. leg 8.00--
7648Daniel Coffman dosurv. 1812 8.00Nov 1871
74862Caroline King dowidow 8.00--
16005Abigail Wakefield dowidow 1812 8.00Jan 1879
4497Amy E. Johnson dowidow 8.00--
31784Margaret Roe dowidow 1812 8.00Jun 1881
149711Nelly Noble dowidow 8.00Apr 1871
61594Porter Lahr dowd. rt. arm 12.00--
6596John Strimback dogs wd. rt. arm 12.00Jan 1876
142052Martha A. Innus dowidow 8.00Apr 1870
58328Roxy Lossee Whitesvilledo 8.00--
32057Erastus Thompson dowound right thigh 18.00--
58244Margaret B. Campbell dowidow 20.00Oct 1865
197757Amanda J. McVey dowidow & minor children 10.00Nov 1882
143063Lewis Allen Holt dochron. rheumatism 6.00Jan 1877
21666Nelson Crockett dowound of face 18.00--
92450Isaac Taylor dodis. lungs 8.00--
73907George P. Bishop doloss sight eye, &c; 18.00--

Transcribed by Gordon Byers. 21 May 2000.
All information was not included for all individuals in the original 1883 publication;other errors and omissions could have occurred.
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