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Miller County, MO.
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Certificate NoNamePost Office Cause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
165753Sarah BrooksAdelaidemother 8.00Jul 1874
35826Jane CoulterAurora Springs 8.00--
153988Martha A. Gierdowidow 8.00Oct 1871
106376William H. Parksdogsw rt. thigh 2.00Nov 1870
42705James Stevensdogsw l. hand, loss all fings 18.00--
107697Catharine HawkinsBrumleywidow 15.00Feb 1868
173660Esther M. Hoguedodo 8.00Jun 1876
124790Taylor F. Sullivandogsw l. hand & loss 2d fin 6.00--
113003Margaret McCubbindowidow 8.00May 1868
178536Isaac Robinettdochr. rheumatism 6.00Nov 1880
185198William N. EatonEldondisease of eyes 4.00Mar 1881
--Silas J. Parkerdowd. of mouth 3.33--
176913William A. Phillipsdochild 12.00Apr 1877
--Martha ChapmanIberiadep. mother 8.00--
135516Martha Knicerdowidow 8.00Oct 1869
51708Elizabeth A. Martindodo 8.00--
153978Frances Abbottdodo 8.00Oct 1871
145721Martin Nelsondoinjury to rt. knee 6.00Jun 1877
208642Andrew L. Benagedodis. heart & part'l paralysis 6.00May 1882
134714Julia Ann Barlowdowidow 8.00Sep 1869
184137Zadoc Caseydoinj. to arm 4.00Mar 1881
64831Henry B. Slarensdogsw near spine 8.00--
158949Susan McKeedowidow 8.00Jul 1872
206586John D. Carlton dophlegmonous erysipelas res'lt'g in dis. skin & extrem. 4.00Apr 1882
214430Benjamin F. Husleydogsw lft. foot with loss 4th toe. 2.00Jun 1882
174770Henry Lambdoinj. l. hip & thigh 4.00Oct 1880
80648Absalom DavenportPleasant Farmw. l. hip 4.00--
83190Samuel Norfolk Pleasant Mountwd. l. humerus, arm, & shoul 10.00--
27950Leticia Hughesdosurv. 1812 8.00Nov 1879
129607Paulina Brockmandowidow 8.00May 1869
96793Emily H. Jacksondodo 8.00--
128950Thomas Crumpdochr. rheum 8.00Jun 1874
194204John D. WhitakerRocky Mountgsw left leg 4.00Aug 1881
23278David P. Taylordosurv. 1812 8.00Jul 1878
172294John TottenSaint Elizabethfather 8.00Feb 1876
21943Charles WalkerSpring Gardenwd. l. hand 6.00--
136428Leroy D. Harrisdoloss middle finger l. hand 2.00Nov 1875
122342Amy E. Winchelldowidow 8.00--
160155Charles P. MyersTuscumbiagsw rt. forearm 4.00May 1879
110743Myron Whetstonedowd. l. thigh 4.00--
78003Daniel Kinworthydogsw lft. shoul., chest, & r. thigh. 24.00--
159795Almond C. Keyesdogsw lft. thumb 4.00May 1879
111527Elijah Keenedogsw lft. thigh 4.00Jul 1871
146331Deborah J. Phillipsdowidow 8.00Dec 1870
194460William G. Clarkdodis. lungs, & diarrhea 8.00Aug 1881
146820James P. Barnelldogsw lft. hip 4.00Jul 1877
195595Julia A. Bodinedomother 8.00May 1882
174552Editha A. Freemandowidow, mother & c 10.00Jul 1876
140592Julia A. Cappsdowidow 8.00Mar 1870

Transcribed by Gordon Byers. July 8, 2000.
All information was not included for all individuals in the original 1883 publication;other errors and omissions could have occurred.
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