By Bloodshedbaby/TaniTKD


Summary-Set pre-Lover's Walk. Will Spike and Buffy survive the plane crash the Council arranged to kill them? Probably. But will Buffy survive being stranded in the middle of nowhere a vamp who hates her? Spoilers up to season 3.

Chapter 1

Why the hell was she having to do this? It was so totally not even fair! Buffy looked out the window of the plane she was on, and all she could see below were trees. And more damn trees.Oh wait, what was that? Oh yeah, more damn trees. Where the hell were they? Her mom was going to totally kill her, there was NO way she could round robin this one, but did the stupid council take that into consideration? NOOOOOO. Buffy Summers slumped deeper into the lush airplane seat and pouted some more. This sucked, this was supposed to be her spring break, and what was she doing? Hello, what was she? Miss Errand Girl? Why the hell couldn't the stupid Council come get the stupid vampire on their own? Why did she have to hand deliver him to England?

When Giles called her into the library to inform her that the great Council had requested that she capture William the Bloody, otherwise known as Spike, AKA the most annoying pain in the ass vampire she had ever met, she had protested that very fact quite loudly. Giles had agreed with her, up to a point, but merely pointed out that she was the vampire slayer, and they were the council. End of story. They didn't even tell them WHY they wanted the bleached bloodsucker, just to capture him, drug him and meet them at the Sunnydale airport at such and such a time. Cryptic much? And hello, did they take into consideration that she could have been KILLED doing this little errand for them? NO. As it turned out though, capturing Spike was totally easy, Buffy just followed him from Willy's when he had gotten himself sloshed. He was so pathetic, passing out right at her feet. Really, she was probably doing the stupid vampire a favor, anyone could have come by and staked the idiot in the condition he had allowed himself to get into. He had been a sniveling mess, crying about Drusilla. He was so lame.

Buffy turned around in her seat to look over her shoulder at the cage that was at the back of the luxury Council aircraft. The stupid idiot hadn't even woken up since he passed out at her feet, no druggage required. She noted with satisfaction that the idiot was starting to come to, groaning slightly, putting his hands to his head. With a smile, she unbuckled her seatbelt and went to go torment the vampire. She was bored, they were the only ones on the plane beside the pilot, and there was nothing to do except contemplate how badly she was going to be grounded when she got back from this little errand. And that she really didn't care to dwell on too much.

"SPIKE WAKE UP." She yelled shrilly, doing her best to cause the vampire pain.

Spike jerked his head up, grimacing at the intense pounding that action caused. What the hell? Where was he? The last thing he remembered was sitting at Willy's drinking. Ok, not a good idea to get that sloshed in Sunnyhell, anything could have happened to him. Wait, what had happened to him? He carefully looked around, he was in a cage? What the bloody hell was going on? Then he caught sight of the blonde smiling girl on the other side of the bars. Bitch.

"Slayer." He growled, making it sound like a cuss word.

"Spike." She replied, pertly. This assignment may suck, but nothing said she couldn't have a little fun while carrying it out. Buffy felt justified in her torment, Spike wasn't supposed to have returned to Sunnydale, but apparently he didn't listen.

"What the hell did you do to me?" Spike snarled, getting to his feet very carefully so as not to set off the orchestra that blared through his head every time he moved.

"Oh, I didn't do anything to you. You did that to yourself. Really Spike, I would think you would KNOW what a hangover feels like by now." Buffy mock lectured him, putting her hands on her hips looking sternly at him.

She backed away slightly as he rushed the bars, growling low in his throat, eyes flashing yellow. "Why the hell am I in a cage, Slayer?" he ground out.

Buffy gave a nonchalant shrug. "Dunno really. The Watcher's Council wanted you for some reason. Told me to capture you and drug you, but of course that wasn't necessary. Oh no, you fell right at my feet and passed out. Thanks for saving me a lot of hassle Spike, I really appreciate it." she told him, still smiling brightly.

"I am going to kill you slayer." he said in a dangerous voice, that had Buffy unconsciously backing up another step.

"Hey, it wasn't me who wanted you captured! If you're gonna kill anyone, kill the council!" Buffy replied, realizing that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to be taunting an evil hungover vampire who wanted her dead. "And what the hell are you doing back anyway? I thought our deal was that you stay gone!"

Spike smirked. "Right, like you really thought I'd keep my word? I'm evil."

Buffy had no response to that, and just turned on her heel and stormed back over to her seat. Spike continued to throw insults and threats at her, and she was trying not to let it upset her, as he rattled the bars in an attempt to free himself.

She must have finally dosed off because when her eyes popped open, she found her heart thudding in her chest. What was up with that? Then she realized that the plane was in a steady decline, and looking out the window. But all she saw were more damn trees. Not sure exactly why this bothered her, she got up. She flicked a glance to the back but the stupid vampire was asleep again, so she marched up to the cockpit, knocking lightly. There was no response, and the plane was still in a steady decline. Buffy thrust open the door, and her hand went to her mouth in horror, she was so scared she couldn't even scream. The pilot was slumped over the controls, and his face was turned in Buffy's direction. She could see the bloody frothy stuff around his mouth, and his skin had the blue mottling that announced 'hello we haven't had oxygen in way too long'. Buffy forced herself into the cockpit to check for his pulse, knowing it wouldn't be there and wasn't disappointed. She turned back around and walked out of the cockpit into the main cabin of the jet in a daze, one of her worst nightmares was coming true.

Spike had been awakened by Buffy's throwing the cockpit door open, and he was waiting for her to come back so he could needle her some more. He had noticed the decline of the airplane, but having no idea of how long they had been in the air, this held no significance for him. When he saw Buffy come back into the cabin, he opened his mouth to bombard her with some of his more witty attacks when he noticed the look of dazed horror on her face.

"What is it?" Spike said instead of his intended barbs.

Buffy just stared at him in mute horror, he didn't even think his words penetrated. "Slayer." He called, no response. "BUFFY." Spike shouted and was rewarded by the girl blinking her eyes and pinning a somewhat focused gaze on him. "Pet, what is it?" Spike asked again.

"The pilot..." Buffy began, her face closing up in horror again. "He's dead."

Fuck! Spike's brain started spinning. "Buffy, you have to let me out of here." He told her, deliberately calling her Buffy to get her attention.

She started laughing a bit hysterically. "What, so you can have one good meal before you die? I'm not feel charitable at the moment, sorry." Spike could tell she was going into shock.

"I don't want to die either, Slayer. I won't kill you, I promise. Listen to me." Spike commanded, grabbing the bars of the cage and leaning as close as he could to her. She still had that blank look of shock on her face and Spike knew they were running out of time.

"Buffy, you listen to me now. I might be able to fly this plane, or at least make it so we don't go up in a ball of flames, do you understand? But I cannot do it if I'm bloody well stuck in this cage. Do you hear me? Let me out!" He demanded, holding his unnecessary breath as he waited to see what her reaction was going to be. He gave an unneeded sigh of relief as she pulled the key from the pocket of her jeans and walked to the cage and unlocked it.

Spike didn't even acknowledge her, he brushed right by her, intent for the cockpit. He had flown a little before, he and Dru would kill soldiers than commandeer their aircraft and mess around with them during WW2. It was a recklessly stupid thing to do, since a plane crash was one thing that WOULD kill a vamp, but that's probably why he had done it. He loved that reckless feeling.

When he got to the cockpit, his confidence in his abilities took a huge dive. This was a state of the art luxury jet, not a B52 bomber. Regardless, this was his unlife flashing before his eyes and he wasn't keen on journeying to the pits of hell just yet. He noticed Buffy enter the cockpit just behind him, and he asked her to help him move the pilot out of the way. Together, they eased him out of the seat, which turned out not to be the smartest of moves, as the plane took a sudden dive as soon as the steady pressure against the controls was lifted. Spike yelped and flung himself into the pilot seat trying to steady it out. As he fought for control, he yelled at Buffy to sit in the other other seat and strap herself in. It was dusk, and the sun was just lowering behind the canvas of trees, luckily for Spike. The windows in the cabin were treated, the ones in the cockpit were not.

"Are you going to be able to fly it?" Buffy asked softly, looking over at the blonde vampire who was fighting for control of the aircraft, a look of intense concentration on his face, as his instincts for survival were screaming for him to get control of the situation.

Buffy didn't think he was going to answer, or if he had even heard her, and was surprised when he finally answered "I'm not sure, pet. I'm going to try my damnedest though"

Buffy glanced back over at him, and noticed that he hadn't had a chance to put his seatbelt on, and was surprised to find herself unbuckling herself and moving to his side. Spike flicked his glance to her for the briefest of seconds, wondering what she was doing, then he felt her hands going around his middle and he heard the click of the buckle snap into place. "Thanks, luv." He said gratefully, amazed that she would think to do that for him.

Buffy gave him a slight squeeze on the shoulder in reply, and went back to her seat, putting her belt back on. This was the longest few minutes of her life, and she was terrified. The instrument alarms that were screaming at them were adding to her fear, and she just wanted it to be over.

"Spike, I'm glad you're here. I don't want to die alone." Buffy admitted softly.

"We're not going to die, pet." Spike said fiercely, as he gained a smidgen of control and was able to level out the plane slightly. He saw nothing but trees ahead, he had switched into gameface to take advantage of his enhanced senses. Spike noted a small patch of....something up ahead. Something that wasn't trees anyway, and knew that was their only hope. He managed to steer the plane into that direction, and he risked a glance over to his travel companion. Her face was a mask of resolute acceptance. She was fully expecting to die, and that made Spike growl. Not if he had anything to do with it, they weren't. That would be determined in the next minute as the plane skimmed the treelines, and Spike held onto the controls for dear life.


In the great council chambers in England, Quentin Travers was watching the plane's progress from the GPS system that was installed on the tail of the aircraft. He smiled with satisfaction as the plane began it's initial decline, than rapidly fell faster. That should take care of one Buffy Anne Summers, and the Council could deploy a new Slayer. He mourned for approximately a second at having to sacrifice one of his men to ensure the demise of this troublesome Slayer, but felt that the end justified the means, in this case. The poison the man had ingested had apparently worked just like he thought, at just the right time, in flight. He could well appreciate the panic Buffy was experiencing right now, and he smiled. Travers didn't even afford a thought to the vampire who was on board as well, he was of no consequence. He was merely a tool to get Buffy onboard that plane so that she would be taken out with no suspicion cast in the Council's direction. He gave a chuckle as the plane removed itself entirely from tracking, one Buffy Summers taken care of. Travers would have to wait a bit to inform her watcher that they had lost contact with the pilot that was flying the aircraft, and of course there would be search parties sent. But Travers had altered the flight plan the pilot had filed, so the search parties would be hundreds of miles off course. Of course the Council would spare no expense in the Search and Rescue operation to retrieve their Slayer, it was afterall, important that she was recovered. Well, not really of course, but appearances must be kept up.

Travers was now wishing he had thought to install an onboard camera, he would have loved to have witnessed the last few minutes of the troublesome Buffy Summers. Oh well, he'd have to remember things like that for the next time he was forced to take out his own slayer.


Buffy's last memories were of something dark coming up to meet them at an alarmingly fast rate, before the aircraft slammed into the water. Spike had managed to bring the jet almost level right at the last minute as they crashed into a huge lake. Darkness surrounded them immediately, and the noise was incredible. Spike barely was able to hang on to consciousness at the force of the impact, and if it's hadn't been for the seatbelt, he would not have survived. The wings broke off on impact, and water filled the plane as it began to slide underneath the surface of the water. He looked over to Buffy and saw that she was either knocked out or dead, he couldn't tell which, he only knew they had to get out of this plane. Spike didn't need to breath, but he still didn't fancy being stuck inside a plane at the bottom of a lake. The front cockpit windows had shattered when they hit, and water was beginning to stream inside. Spike grappled for his seatbeat, and was finally rewarded with it popping open. The cockpit was nearly completely submerged, and Spike knew he had barely any time left. He surprised himself by swimming to Buffy's seat and unhooking her seatbelt and yanking her up with him, shoving her through the broken window. He quickly followed and yanked her the few feet to the surface, watching as the plane completely slid under the water and disappeared from sight. Spike could hear Buffy's heart beating, but she wasn't breathing, and he looked around frantically. The edge of the lake wasn't too far away, and Spike set out for it frantically.

Once he reached it, he dragged Buffy onto it's muddy banks and turned her on her side, hitting her sharply on the back. When that did nothing, he turned her on her back and straddled her hips, putting the palms of his hands under her diaphragm and pushing upwards. He had no breath to give, at least no oxygen filled life giving breath, so he was hoping this would work. Spike was rewarded when Buffy suddenly gagged, and he flipped her back on her side, and she vomited up a ton of water.

Spike watched as she drew in ragged harsh breathes, trying to reoxygenate her body. Her eyes were still closed, and they finally fluttered open to reveal dazed hazel orbs. Spike could see the confusion evident in her eyes, and was just happy that she was alive.

Oh god, her body hurt, her lungs burned and she felt incredibly nauseous.. Where was she? What happened? Buffy's thoughts were confused, then clarity started to creep in. Oh god, the plane. She must be dead, and she opened her eyes to see what heaven looked like. What the..?? Spike's in heaven with me?

"You ok, pet?" he asked her, helping her to roll onto her back. The little swim in the lake had washed away a lot of the blood from her multiple lacerations, but they were beginning to bleed again.

"Spike? What are you doing in heaven?" Buffy asked in a dazed voice.

Spike snorted. "S'not heaven, pet, have no bleedin idea where we are."

Buffy frowned at that. "What happened?" she asked.

"Remember the plane crashed? Well, it crashed into the lake, and now here we are." He told her.

Buffy rolled that around in her head for a minute. "You saved me?" She asked, her voice gaining it's strength back.

Spike jerked his head up. Wait, he had saved her. Why the bloody hell did he go and do something like that for? "Well, yeah, guess I did."


"Dunno. didn't think about it, just did it. Maybe cos you put my seatbelt on me, which saved my undead ass." Spike replied.

"So does this mean another truce?" Buffy asked, pulling herself painfully to sit up.

Spike smirked. "Yeah, luv, I guess it means another truce. Don't fancy being alone here, too many trees."

Buffy managed to laugh at that. "I noticed that, why the hell does there have to be so many trees in one area?"

"Dunno. But might actually work out for me, gives a right good canopy." Spike replied, looking off into the distance, game face still present. He noticed Buffy beginning to shiver and knew they needed to get someplace sheltered. Temperature variations didn't bother him, but even he could feel the cold. He shrugged out of his sodden duster, rung it out and put it around her. She gave him a look of surprise, but brought it closer around her.

"So now what?" She asked, teeth chattering.

"Now, we find someplace to sleep that had protection from the wind." He replied. "Think you can walk?"

Buffy painfully lumbered to her feet, accepting the arm Spike put around her waist for support. Thoughts of how bizarre this was flashed through her head, but were quickly replaced by pain as they began to make their way into the tree line.


a/n- Ok, this takes place instead of Lover's Walk, Season 3 Spike. I think I'm leaving everything else the same. Well, until I mess something up, anyway!!


The going was slow and painful for both slayer and vampire as they navigated their way through the dense foliage. Finally Buffy stopped, and threw herself down on a big boulder. "Spike, I can't walk anymore." She panted painfully.

Spike took a good look at the Slayer, he could smell the blood that she was still losing from various locations, and she was too pale. Her heart was beating fast and not as strongly as it should be. He knew that if she wasn't the slayer, she would already be dead.

"Slayer, I tell you what, you stay here. I'm going to go scope out the area and see if I can find some type of shelter for us, ok?" He told her, scanning the area with his amber eyes for the best way to go.

Buffy was silent for a moment, then gave a defeated sigh and told him to go. He gave her a quick nod and slipped away into the dense trees. Buffy now wished she had died in the plane crash, at least then she wouldn't have to die alone. She wrapped Spike's duster tighter around her, trying to curl into a ball to conserve her body heat. She was so cold, and all she was wearing was a Sunnydale high sweatshirt, jeans and a pair of chunky heeled boots. And Spike's duster which wasn't really helping since it was wet also. Tears began streaming down her face at the thought of never seeing her mother, Angel or her friends again, and it wasn't long before she cried herself into an uneasy sleep.

Buffy's mind swam to consciousness slowly, her brain sluggish due to shock and cold setting in. It took her a minute to figure out where she was, then she gave a gasp and looked up.

"You awake?" Spike asked, looking down at her.

"You came back." Was all that Buffy could say, looking at the vampire who was carrying her in puzzlement.

"Well yeah, I told you I would." He replied, giving her a quizzical look. "you thought I was going to leave you there?"

Buffy nodded mutely, snuggling deeper against his chest. This felt good, being carried by her mortal enemy. Wait, why was her mortal enemy carrying her?

"Are you going to kill me?" Buffy asked Spike softly.

Spike stopped walking and looked down at the young girl he held in his arms. She looked so fragile right now, it was hard to believe the strength of hundreds lived within her. "No, Slayer. I'm not going to kill you. We made a truce remember?"

A look of relief washed over the slayer's face, and she gave him a small smile and nodded. Then she closed her eyes and snuggled against the vampire's hard chest, as sleep over took her once more.

Spike didn't want to admit to being worried about the girl, he wasn't sure if he should be trying to keep her awake right now or what. When he found himself in that cage, thoughts of what he was going to do to the slayer and all the painful ways he was going to do them, once he was freed tore through his mind. But now that he was freed, the only thought tearing through his mind was getting her someplace where she could warm up and dry off. He had found a small cave not much further away, and hoped it would be enough.

Spike carried his small burden through the opening and laid her gently on the stone floor. He rummaged through the pockets of his duster that she was wearing and his hand closed around his Zippo lighter and he pulled it out. Flicking it open, he gave a smile of gratification at the sight of yellow orange flame that burst forth. Trusty lighter, never let him down yet, even when waterlogged. He left the still sleeping Buffy and went out of cave to gather some kindling and quickly had a fire going. Spike tried to wake the slayer up, but she wouldn't wake up and that worried Spike.

Peeling his duster off of her, he quickly took her boots off and worked her cold and soaked jeans down her hips, and took her tank top and sweatshirt off of her. He took note of the scraps of white lace that accounted for her underwear, appreciating the contrast they made to her tanned and toned skin. He didn't let his gaze linger as long as he would have liked, he could tell by the girl's heart beat that she was still in grave danger. She was still bleeding from multiple lacerations made by the flying glass, and Spike finally allowed his bloodlust to take over. Unable to help himself at the tempting scent of her potent slayers blood, he put his mouth to the worst of her cuts and sucked as much blood as he could onto his waiting tongue, then licked the wound closed. He repeated that action on every single one of her lacerations, never allowing his demon to surface. Remaining in his human guise assured him that he wouldn't to give into the temptation of sinking his fangs into her jugular, because oh how he wanted to.

Having her lying here, unconscious, was hard on his self control, and he knew he needed to get these wounds closed so that the sweet allure of her slayers blood wouldn't call to his demon. Because right now, his demon wanted nothing more than to drain the girl and relish in the power of her blood. The human side of Spike knew he wanted the Slayer alive, for whatever reason. The fact that he couldn't get her to wake up bothered him, and he stripped his own wet clothes off and moved Buffy as close to the fire as he dared, laying down next to her. Spike brought his arms around her and pulled her close, wishing for the first time in a century that he had body heat to share. He did know that his room temperature body was warmer than the temperature in the cave at the moment, and hoped it would make a difference.

He took one last look at the fire and figured it would be OK for a few hours and let his eyes drift closed. Spike had still been battling his horrendous hangover when the plane crashed, and the whole ordeal had taken it's own toll on his undead body. Spike could feel Buffy's blood working inside him, but even so, he was exhausted, and quickly fell asleep.

Buffy's mind drifted back to consciousness slowly, and it took her a while to figure out where she was. The first thing she was aware of was lying on something hard, with her head pillowed on something. Then she became aware of being in a tight slightly cool embrace. Angel? Wait no, that didn't make sense. There was something ... but it was eluding her mind. She opened up her eyes and saw a fire a few feet from her. Fire? Huh? Then it came barreling into her brain, the plane crash.. Spike. Did she dream Spike carrying her? She picked her head up and glanced over her shoulder and saw a shock of curly platinum blonde hair... ok, the arms belonged to a sleeping Spike. What the hell happened? She frowned, trying to remember, putting her head back down on what she now realized was Spike's duster. She glanced down at herself..... Again with the HUH???? where the hell are my clothes??? Wait, where are Spike's clothes?

Suddenly, she felt something hard nudging her bottom, and she gave a small gasp and tensed up, trying to edge herself away from the offending protrusion. She was finding it difficult due to the tight grip of Spike's arms around her middle, and her face colored with embarrassment.

"For Christ's sake, Slayer, would you stop your bloody wiggling." A sleepy irritated British voice said into her ear.

That caused Buffy to tense up again, which put her back into direct contact with Spike's erection causing the vampire to give a small moan and Buffy's red face gave her a standing ovation. The vampire moved one of his arms to put a hand on her hip, bringing her back against him as he rubbed his erection between her legs.

"Spike!" Buffy hissed, mortified by the tingly feelings that were rushing through her at Spike's actions. "Knock it off!" She was very glad she was facing away from the vampire right now.

Spike responded by sighing heavily and releasing her, rolling onto his back. Buffy clenched her eyes tightly shut, staying on her side trying to make herself as small as possible. She felt him get up and heard the sound of denim being put on. "I'm all decent now, pet. You can open those virgin eyes of yours." He told her, flicking his gaze over her fire lit body. She was really stunning, he thought.

Suddenly he found himself the victim of an icy glare, "What!" He demanded, trying to figure out just what had set the bint off.

But she wouldn't answer him, just gave him a glacial look and turned her gaze back to the fire. She had rolled onto her stomach, and Spike's eyes were roving over her tight bum, her strong muscular thighs, narrow waist. God, this girl was perfection, why hadn't he ever noticed it before? Leave it to Angelus to discover a gold mine...... Oh wait. Angelus. That is what must have set the chit off, the virgin comment. Spike shook his head, there was no doubt about it, this girl was still a teen even if she looked like a woman.

He walked over to her side and crouched down and put his hand on her now dry hair. "I wasn't making fun of you, pet. I was just trying to lighten things is all." He told her. Buffy lifted her face up to meet his gaze, and Spike saw the presence of tears shimmering in the beautiful hazel depths. She didn't say anything, just gave him a small smile in acknowledgment, as the tears began to fall down her cheeks.

Spike sighed, and sat down next to her, drawing her into his arms. He was somewhat surprised when she didn't resist his gesture, and he let her cry. Truth be told, he was just glad that she was awake and seemed alright. They had both gone through a pretty traumatic experience and were both lucky to be alive. Buffy knew she wouldn't be alive if it hadn't been for Spike, and a wave of gratitude washed over her. Here she was acting like a bitch, and he had saved her. But that virgin comment had stung, and it brought back memories of Angel, and she didn't know if she would ever see him again. They had been trying this "friends" thing, and it was hard going, and she was already emotional regarding them anyway. She knew she owed Spike an apology though.

"Sorry, guess I just got a little overwhelmed." She attempted as a lame apology.

"It's ok, pet." He said, finding himself stroking her hair. Buffy looked down at her arms, and noted that the cuts she had got from the broken glass seemed to be healing. Then she took a closer look.

"Spike, why do all my cuts look like giant hickeys?" She asked him, with a perplexed look on her face.

Spike smirked, and didn't answer. Buffy drew herself up to look at him. "What the hell did you do?" she demanded.

"Just helped myself to what was already free flowing." He told her, smirk still in place.

Buffy just stared at him. "You sucked the blood from my cuts?" She asked, a look of slight disgust crossing her features.

Spike just kept giving her his infuriating smirk, not answering. Finally Buffy just shrugged her shoulders, saying "Ok." And snuggled back into Spike's embrace. She missed the shocked look that came over Spike's handsome face. "So it doesn't bother you?" He asked.

Buffy shook her head. "No, I figure you coulda done a lot worse when I was sleeping the sleep, so doing the suckage from my cuts? No biggie." she told him.

Spike grinned at that. Maybe this girl was a little bit of alright after all. "So, Slayer, where would you reckon we are?" he asked.

Buffy replied, "I have not a clue. We left Sunnydale and were flying for maybe 3 hours before the pilot bit the big one. Pretty much trees for the last hour, postage stamps before that. it's not like the pilot came on and announced that we were now flying over the grand canyon so if you wanted to look out the right side window, there it is."

"Well, that's not a lot of help. Now the next question. Who wants you dead?" He asked her.

Buffy jerked upright to face him again. "What the hell do you mean??" She gasped.

Spike wasn't going to pull any punches with her. "Because that pilot was poisoned, that's why. Now I'm thinking someone didn't want somebody to survive that airplane crash, and I'm thinking that I wasn't the intended target." He told her.

Buffy got a furious look on her face. "The COUNCIL." She hissed. "I KNEW this assignment was too bogus."

"What did they tell you?" he asked, putting his arms back around her and bringing her back down to lay against him.

"Told me to capture you, that they wanted you in England for some reason. Wouldn't tell me why. Giles was not invited for this little Let's Get Buffy in Trouble By Sending Her to England assignment. I wasn't allowed to tell my mom where I was going or even that I was leaving, so I was sure to be in deep shit for that one. It just seemed way too cryptic, even for the Council." Buffy told him.

"Sounds a bit suspicious, luv." Spike told her, thinking.

"So, now what are we going to do?" Buffy inquired. "Won't they be able to track us by that emergency beacon thingie?"

"I was just thinking of that. If my suspicions are correct, I don't think we can count on that. I'm sure they wanked with it. Tomorrow night is a full moon, if it's clear, I'm going to try to dive down to the plane and see if I can salvage anything from it. And I'll see if the beacon is working, but I'm not holding my breath on that one." Spike replied.

"You don't have any breathe to hold, idiot." Buffy told him, smiling.

"Hey, that's the thanks I get for saving your ungrateful ass? Oh, by the way, I really like your knickers." He told her.

Buffy blushed, realizing she was sitting there in her underwear. "Yeah right. Where are my clothes, anyway? And why are they not on my body?"

"Clothes are over there drying, and I took 'em off because they were sopping wet and you needed to warm up. Got a problem with that?" He asked, finding himself a bit irritated at her implications.

Buffy had the good sense to look abashed, realizing she had made a mistake.
"No,I'm sorry. Thank you, Spike. I know I would have died if it hadn't been for you, so again, thanks." She told him sincerely. "Not sure why you saved your mortal enemy, but I am grateful for it."

Spike accepted her apology, and admitted, "Not sure either. Guess I just didn't want to be out here all by myself. I get bored easily."

At that, Buffy laughed. "What, you?" She stood up and went to retrieve her clothing, pulling on her stiff jeans, and slipping her tank top on. The cave was now nice and cozy, due to the fire Spike had started, but she felt the need to cover herself up.

When she went back over to the fire, she asked him how he got it started and was surprised that his lighter still worked. He told her he was going to go out and get something to eat and that he'd try to find something for her. She nodded, and watched as he walked out into the night, clad only in his jeans.

Her anxiety had reached new levels when Spike didn't come back right away. She stood at the entrance of the cave, watching for him. She could see the sun about to rise and knew he needed to get his ass inside. She gave a sigh of relief as she caught sight of his bleached blonde head darting out from between a group of trees, as he raced the sunrise.

The sun was just peaking over when he threw himself inside, and he grinned at her. "Whoo, that was bloody close."

Buffy tried to ignore the anger that was rising at being worried about the stupid idiot. Knowing it was probably wiser to say nothing at all, she kept her mouth shut and just turned her back on him and marched the rest of the way into the cave. Spike followed her and threw a dead rabbit down, making Buffy jump back.

"What the hell is that?"

"Food." He told her. Buffy looked at him like he was crazy, and he just ignored her, reaching into his duster for his pocket knife he always carried. Quickly and efficiently, he skinned it and set it cooking over the fire, as Buffy just stared at him.

"What the bloody hell are you eyeballing me for, slayer?" he growled.

"I can't eat that." She told him. He gave her a look that told her that she was crazy and told her if she wanted to live, she would just shut the bloody hell up and do what he said.

When the rabbit was cooked, Spike tore off a hunk of flesh and handed it to her, glowering at her when she tried to refuse. Picking daintily at it, she realized she was starving and quickly devoured it. He held out another piece to her, which she took gratefully.

"What did you eat?" She asked, noticing he wasn't touching the rabbit.

"This, and various other animals." He informed her, making her nose turn up in distaste. But then Buffy realized how lucky she was to be here with Spike. She may be the slayer, but she didn't know jack about surviving in the wilderness. Spike seemed quite at home, being Mr. Primitive Man.

"I'm glad you're here, Spike." She announced out of the blue, shocking Spike. He grinned, and said, "Likewise, Slayer. As bad as this is, at least it's you I'm stuck with." She returned his grin, and felt a bit better about their situation. Tomorrow, well, tonight actually, Spike would try to recover maps or anything from the wreckage. Buffy hoped that included her suitcase, but she wasn't going to push it.


Chapter 3

They spent the day alternating sleeping and talking, and Buffy left the cave for a while to attend to nature's call as well as filling her stomach with water from a nearby stream. It tasted fresh, and she was trying not to be squeamish about the potential of drinking a bunch of animal piss water. But, the only other alternative was the lake, and god only knew what nasty stuff was introduced to it thanks to their plane crash. She didn't believe aeronautic fuel was too good for her, so she opted to take her chances with piss water.

When she returned, she noted the look of relief on Spike's face when she walked through the cave entrance. "Worried about me?" She teased.

"Yeah I was, and it bloody pisses me off." He snarled.

"Hey, now you know how I felt when you made your mad dash to race the sun this morning. I thought something had happened to you, you bleached moron. Think I liked that feeling?" she retorted, going to throw herself down next to where he was sitting.

Suddenly Spike laughed. "Well this is just great. I go from wanting to kill you to worrying about you." He shook his head in disbelief.

Buffy joined in his laughter, the oddity of the situation finally hitting home. "Think I like it? This sucks."

"That it does, Slayer, that it does. Yesterday I wanted to tear your little body apart, and now look at me." Suddenly Spike turned serious and asked, "So, what do you think we should do, Slayer?"

Buffy turned confused eyes in his direction. "Huh? Do?"

"Yeah, do. Think we should try to trek out of here, or stay put? What do you think the best option is?" Spike questioned.

Understanding dawned in Buffy's eyes, she didn't even want to admit the direction her dirty little mind had taken when Spike asked her what they should do. Images of his erection pressing against her earlier flashed through her head, and she gave herself a mental shake to clear her brain.
"Uh... Well, some of us here are sunlight-challanged. And we're looking at a shitload of trees and god knows what else. Is that something we can really safely navigate at night time?"

Spike took this into consideration, and discovered that those were his feelings too. "Yeah, got a point. Lots of nasties come out at night in the wild."

"Present company included." Buffy joked.

"Hey now, Slayer. Thought we had an agreement." Spike replied, turning to give the girl a dirty look.

"Oh please, like that agreement included not being able to insult the other one? I think not, Blondie." Buffy answered, giving Spike her trademark eye rolling.

"Just keep in mind that I still am evil, Slayer. Granted, your presence here is welcome at the moment, but that can easily change. You represent the ultimate meal to me, so just remember that." Spike snarled, causing Buffy to scoot away. "Don't worry, I'm not inclined to kill you at the moment. Just don't push me, Slayer."

Buffy glared at the vampire, angry that he had spooked her just when she was starting to feel comfortable with him. "Likewise, asshole. Nice thing about all these trees, there's no shortage of wood around."

Spike just nodded at her comment, and continued to stare out of the cave. They stayed that way until night fell, not talking again.


Giles put out the bat signal and it wasn't long before the group were assembled at Buffy's mom's house. Joyce was a basketcase, her eyes were red rimmed with tears and grief, and she found herself irrationally angry at Giles.

"Why did you let her go? This is all your fault!" Joyce ranted at the Watcher. Giles bowed his head, his own grief and guilt already preying heavy in his mind.

"I'm sorry. I was just doing what the council ordered me to do, Joyce. I honestly don't know why they didn't want you informed of the assignment." Giles tried to tell her.

Xander, Cordelia, Oz, Willow and Angel were all sitting around with identical looks of grief and shock evident on their faces. "Giles, what happened?" Willow asked, not knowing the entire story.

Giles sighed heavily, took of his glasses and told the group," Buffy was given an assignment by the Council to capture a notorious vampire that had been spotted back in Sunnydale, and she was supposed to baby-sit him to England. That's all the info we got. The retrieval went exceptionally easy, and the Council had a plane waiting for them at the Sunnydale airstrip. I was required to stay behind, and that is the last I saw her." His voice broke slightly at this last statement, and some of Joyce's hostility eased as she saw how this was affecting the man. "The Council has already launched an excessive search and rescue operation to the area where they were last seen on radar."

Angel's undead heart clenched at this news, and sorrow filled him. "Who was she supposed to capture?"

"Spike." Came the distracted reply, as Giles reached into his pocket for something to wipe his eyes with.

"Spike?? Spike was on that plane with Buffy??" Angel asked in an incredulous voice, causing Giles to look up sharply.

"Yes, Spike. Why?" He inquired.

"Because, Giles, Spike's not dead." Angel announced, getting identical shocked looks from the occupants of the room.

"What are you saying Angel?" Giles demanded.

"I'm saying Spike is still alive. And if he's still alive, Buffy may be too." Angel replied.

"How do you Spike isn't dead?" Willow asked.

Angel turned to look at the girl, "Because I sired him. We have a sire-childe bond. If he had dusted in that crash, I would have felt that connection be severed. But I can still feel him. It's faint, but it's there." The dark haired vampire explained, a glimmer of hope going through him.

"But if both he and Buffy survived the crash, wouldn't Spike just kill her?" Xander asked.

"We can't know anything for certain. Angel, how does this bond work? Would you be able to tell if you were getting close to him?" Giles asked.

Angel nodded. "Yes, that's part of it. It helps a sire keep tabs on his childe. Why?"

Giles took a deep breath and announced seriously, "Because I smell a rat, that's why. I don't trust the Council, and I am not convinced of their alleged sincere search and rescue attempt. If we went to lend a hand, would you be able to sense if he were in the area?"

Angel nodded again. Giles allowed a little bit of hope to fill him, and he went to call the Council. Travers, as expected, tried to talk Giles out of the trip, but relented knowing that refusal would arouse more suspicion. Giles did not tell him that Angel was coming, but he knew that all Council aircraft had treated windows. Travers told Giles that he would have an aircraft waiting the next day. Giles told him he had school activities to handle, and to make it evening. Arrangements made, they hung up.

It was decided that Willow and Oz were going to go with Giles and Angel, since it was decided that they would be helpful in tracking the pair down. Willow's wicca powers were getting stronger, and Oz's sense of smell was extremely sensitive, even more so than Angel's. The rest didn't like being left behind, but it was necessary.


It was finally dusk and Buffy and Spike both stepped out of the cave eagerly. Things had been stilted since their squabble earlier, and they both felt the need to put some space between them. They walked quickly to the lake, and gazed up the sky. The full moon shone brightly down, illuminating the water and giving it a soft glow.

"Are you going to be able to see down there?" Buffy broke the silence and asked.

Spike shrugged, "Dunno. Guess we'll find out." Buffy watched as Spike started peeling off his clothes. "What are you doing??" She squealed, when he reached for the buttons of his jeans.

"What does it look like I'm doing? Don't fancy getting my jeans soaked again. Just turn your pretty little head if it bothers you." Spike told her, not hesitating a bit about undoing his jeans and pushing them down.

Buffy allowed herself one quick looked, felt the heat slam back into her face and quickly turned around to face away from the now naked vampire. The yummy naked vampire. God, with the moonlight streaming down on him, he look like a chiseled statue, all pale and tight skin. He was gorgeous, all scrumptious hard muscles and sleek predator allure.

She heard a splash and whipped around to catch a glimpse of Spike swimming to the spot in the lake where the plane sunk into it's watery depths. The thought of the dead pilot in the watery grave gave her the wiggins, and she wrapped her arms around her, watching as Spike dived under the water.

Ten minutes later, Spike had still not emerged, and Buffy's anxiousness was turning into downright fear. Could the idiot even drown? Was that possible? Where the hell was he??? She was so going to kick his ass when he got back to shore for scaring her, it pissed her off that she even cared about the stupid vampire.

Suddenly she heard something nearby, and she turned her head, her heart pounding. Bear. Oh holy crap, sweet fancy Jesus. What were you supposed to do if faced with a bear? Run? Stand still? Play dead? Ah crap, she was so signing up for a wilderness survival course if they got home. The bear growled and stood on it's hind legs coming at her. No way, not standing still, see these legs? They be running. Run Buffy Run. Hey, just like Forrest Gump, and hey was that was a pun? Forrest/trees......., ah forget it girl, just get moving, you're hysteria induced humor isn't funny. And Buffy turned and hauled ass into the forest. She didn't' need to turn to look at the bear to know it was chasing her, she could hear it lumbering behind her. Damn, who knew that something so bulky could run so fast?

Buffy came to a tree with low branches and launched herself up, quickly shimmying up it's length. Thank god for all the stealthy entrances sneaking in from patrol. Definitely appreciating the tree climbing experience here. Take that, Bear. Buffy looked down, aw shit, that's totally cheating. The bear was standing on it's hind legs pushing the tree, trying to shake her out of it, or tip the tree over, which ever came first. Now THIS sucks. Especially since she hadn't chosen her tree wisely, those low branches meant a young tree. And a young tree equaled weak tree. Oh shit, she so did not wan to become bear food.

Spike burst through the surface of the water and took an unnecessary breath out of habit. It had been a bit spooky down there, not that he'd ever admit to being scared, he was the Big Bad after all. All he'd gotten out of it was a map and a big case of the willies. He searched the shore line for the annoying slayer and didn't see her. Great, now where had the bint gone? "Slayer!" He called, not getting an answer. He quickly set out for the shore, trying to ignore the sense of unease creeping into his body.

He hauled himself onto the shore, and looked around. His unease increased as he took in the vast wildness of this place. Where the hell was she? "SLAYER!!" He hollered. If she was playing a game on the Big Bad, he was going to kill her, suck her dry. He tried to sense her, but she was not registering on his radar due to the denseness of the area, it muted his senses for some reason.

"BUFFY!" He yelled at full volume, finally admitting that it was worry and fright that he was feeling. He had switched to game face, and heard the shrill "SPIKE! HELP!" coming from the opposite direction of the lake. What the bloody hell had the girl gotten herself into in the 15 minutes he was underwater???? The girl was a menace, but he grabbed his pocket knife out of his jeans on the ground and streaked in the direction he heard her voice.

Spike burst through a group of trees to see a big bear pushing on a tree trunk, and a very frightened slayer hanging on for dear life. The bear was going to cause her to become airborne any minute and she had never been so happy to see anyone as she was when she saw a naked Spike, in all his vampiric glory launch himself through the trees and onto the bear's back. The bear roared it's displeasure and tried to shake the offending thing off, but Spike was determined to keep away from those huge claws and sharp teeth, as he wrapped one arm around its neck. He brought the open pocket knife up and slit the front of the bear's throat as he sunk his fangs through the dense fur into the side of the bear's neck. The bear screamed in agony, and slowly slumped to the ground as its life blood was being drained by the vampire and the gaping wound on its neck. Spike didn't stop until the beast's heart had stopped, and then he slowly lifted his blood streaked face up out of the bear's thick fur.

He glanced up at the slayer and noted the conflicting looks crossing her face. There was disgust, horror but also extreme gratitude present. He watched as she quickly shimmied down the tree and was not prepared when she flung herself in his arms, heedless of his unclothed demonic state. He was startled to find his own reaction was to clutch her closer to him, profound relief at finding her alive and unharmed flooding through him.

Tearfully, Buffy sobbed, "Oh my god, I thought I was going to die. Thank you" as she peppered his face with small kisses.

Spike growled, he was finding his demon's urge to protect this girl had grown very strong in the last day. His state of mind was too wild to allow him to return to his human face, and he just pressed Buffy against him. The urge to posses her was growing stronger and stronger. His demon did not like not being able to sense her, even if it was for just a short time. "Come on." He told her gruffly, letting her go and grabbing her hand. Buffy didn't protest or ask where they were going, just allowed him to pull her along.

When they reached the cave, Spike brought her to him again, running his hands up and down her body, pressing his erection against her. "I'm going to make you mine, do you understand?" he snarled ferally in her ear.

Buffy was helpless to respond, just nodded her head, looking intently into the amber eyes of his demon. She brought her hand up to gently trace her fingers across the ridges of his forehead, making him growl softly as he yanked her shirt off and pushed her jeans down her hips and off her body. He was already so hard he was ready to explode, and he shoved her against the hard cold stone wall of the cave. Hard and cold, just like he was. Buffy knew this was going to be nothing like her first and only time, there was going to be no tender words, no concern over her well-being. This was wild and primitive, Spike was exhibiting all of his animalistic tendencies and god... it just made her want him more. She didn't want tenderness, she wanted this rough possession by this demon in front of her. She craved it. She didn't understand why, she just had to have him, as much as he had to have her.

Spike crushed his mouth against hers, taking care not to slice open his mouth or hers with his sharpened teeth. Buffy groaned, after two near death experiences in less than 24 hours, this is just want she needed to assure her she was alive and whole. Spike tore his mouth away from hers and pressed kisses down the side of her neck to her breast, sucking hard on the pebbled tip. He allowed one sharp tip to puncture the side of her breast and he suckled the blood down, swirling his tongue around to make patterns against her soft milky breast. His hands continued to pay homage to the rest of her body, not one square inch was left untouched. Why wasn't this making her afraid?

Pressing one cool hand between her legs, he found her completely sopping wet and he put one hand underneath her thigh and brought it up to straddle the side of his hip. This put his hard shaft in intimate contact with her silky folds and he moved his hips slightly to introduce the tip of his penis to her clit. She pushed herself against it, burying her face into his neck. God, the sensations this was causing. She needed to be intimately connected to him, and he must have read her mind. In one hard thrust, he pushed himself deeply into her hot sheath, not stopping when she stiffened at the bold intrusion. This was a possession, no considerations were being allowed by his demon. Spike was desperate in his need to consume her, she was so tight and hot, he had never felt anything like it. The girl had agreed to this and Spike knew that once she got over the initial violation, she was enjoying it. He felt her wrap her legs around his waist to get more leverage. The smell of her arousal perfumed the air and he pumped into her harder and harder, her back slamming into the hard wall with each thrust. She didn't even feel it and it gave him a feeling of intense satisfaction that the slayer was getting off on being taken over by a demon. He could tell she was so close, and with the overwhelming need to complete the possession, he sank his teeth hard into her sweet jugular, allowing the power of her blood to slide down his throat. "You belong to me now." He uttered gruffly. "You're mine."

Buffy felt her orgasm over take her at Spike primal words, and she was helpless to answer as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed through her."Say it." Spike growled into her ear.

Not even pretending to not know what he meant, Buffy whispered, "I belong to you."

Spike's demon was almost appeased now. "Bite me." He ordered her, baring his neck to her. "Now."
He gave a hiss of pleasure as he felt her dull teeth break through the skin of his neck, signaling his own orgasm. Thrusting deeper, he pumped his cold dead seed into the most intimate depths of her body. At that moment, Spike's demon allowed itself to retreat, and he brought his handsome human face forward.

With a tenderness that brought tears to Buffy's eyes, Spike now kissed her bruised and bloodied lips and withdrew from her body as she slid to the floor. Spike wasn't sure what the Slayer's reaction would be now and was shocked when Buffy once again threw her arms tightly around his neck, pressing herself close. He drew his arms around her and buried his face in her hair, and they stayed like that for a while.

Finally, Buffy drew back and asked the question that Spike had just figured out the answer to. "Why?"

"Because I needed to make sure that I would always be able to sense where you are, and if you were safe." He replied, looking deeply into those beautiful hazel eyes of hers.

She frowned a little at that. "So how does that work?"

"I claimed you. You're my mate, we'll be able to feel each other now. I needed to have that connection with you." He explained.

"God Spike, I was so scared I was going to die. I thought I was bear food." She admitted.

"If you're going to be anyone's food, it's going to be mine." Spike replied, causing Buffy to laugh.

"Isn't taking a mate like a serious thing? Like a vampire marriage?"

Spike looked away, not wanting to look into her eyes for some reason. "Yeah, it is. But my demon demanded it, and I guess the instinct of survival was stronger than sense of rational thought. If we are going to get out of here alive, we are going to bloody well need this connection between us, especially when you are out during the day."

Buffy nodded, she knew it made sense. Stepping away from Spike, she went to go sit down, easing her sore body to the floor. "So, what did you find down at the plane?"



Spike told her about what he had found at the bottom of lake, which wasn't a lot. As
expected, the emergency beacon was not emitting a signal and all he was able to get that might be helpful was a map from the cockpit. He couldn't even find the log book, it had been too dark to see anything.

Spike left Buffy after telling her this and went to the lake to retrieve his clothes, then
went to where he had killed the bear and set about to skin it. The scavengers had already started to prey on the carcass, but Spike chased them away. Not knowing how long they were going to be in this wild place, he was trying to think ahead. He had figured they were in the Canandian wilds somewhere, judging by the native plants and animals, and while it was now April, the winter would be cold and brutal if they were still here. God he hoped they weren't still here.

As he methodically set about skinning the bear, he allowed his thoughts to wonder. Why had he given into his demon and claimed the Slayer? But even as he asked himself that, he knew why, especially when he could now feel her safety through the claim. What puzzled him is why she allowed him to do it, because a true claim could only be made if both parties were willing. The only thing he could think is that she accepted for the same reasons he put the claim on her. Spike had had a small taste of worrying about her when she had been out during the day, it was nothing compared to what he felt when he saw her in that tree. They needed each other, not only
to ensure the other's survival but also for companionship. Vampires were not meant to be solitary demons, and to be alone in these wilds would be pure torture for Spike. So now, the slayer was his mate.

He waited for a feeling of revulsion to go through him at that thought, but none came.
Spike smiled, his first true smile since he had opened his eyes yesterday. Yes, life was a funny thing.

In the cave, Buffy was deep in her own self reflection. What had come over her? How could she have allowed Spike to do that to her? But she knew she had been reacting on pure emotion, and then on pure desire. Her emotions had been on a roller coaster since they crashed, and the thing that stood out the most in her mind was the worry she had felt when Spike was out of her sight. God, pathetic much, Buffy? And now here she was, mated to one William the Bloody. Her mother would be so proud. At thoughts of her mother, tears began to form in her eyes, and she gave in to the torrent of sadness that permeated through her.

Spike was just making his way back to the cave when he felt her sadness. He dumped the bloody skin at the cave entrance and went in to gather Buffy in his arms.

"What's wrong, luv?" He asked, somewhat afraid that he was the reason for her sadness.

Buffy sniffed and tipped her head to look up at him. She gave him a soft smile and told him "I was just thinking about my mom. She's been through a lot, having to deal with her daughter being the slayer and all. Then when I ran to LA. We were just getting ourselves back on track and now this. I had told her I would never lie to her again, but I had to keep this a secret from her, and now it's backfiring big time. She was already upset about me not telling her Angel was back."

Spike growled softly and his muscles tensed. Hearing her speak of his sire upset him."So, how did that come about anyway?"

"I'm not really sure. I found him completely wild and it took a while for him to recognize me. I didn't tell anyone he was back, kept him hidden. Then Xander saw him one night and followed him, spying on us. Of course he HAD to see us kissing and went and blabbed to everyone, so Buffy was once again in big trouble. How did you know he was back anyway?" She asked.

"I felt him. When you sent him to hell, the bond we shared was nearly severed but it was there hanging by a thread. When he came back, it slammed back into me, so I knew Peaches must be back in this world. That's what I was doing in good ole Sunnyhell. Well, I was planning on killing you while I was there, but I was checking up on Peaches mostly." Spike replied with pure venom in his voice. "What was between you two when he came back?"

"We were trying to do the friends thing, but it was hard." Buffy admitted. "We knew we couldn't be together, and it just seemed to pull at us."

"Don't worry, if we get back, you won't have to worry about Peaches and your
relationship with him." Spike snarled.

Buffy looked up at him sharply, her eyes questioning his tone. "You're mine, slayer.
Remember? Even if we get back, that won't change." Spike told her, his face hard.

"God, neanderthal much?" Buffy replied, rolling her eyes at him. At Spike's angry growl, Buffy moved so she was straddling his legs as he leaned against the stone wall. She put her hands on either side of his face and looked intently into his stormy blue eyes. "Spike, calm down. I agreed to the claim, remember? For whatever reason you did it, I'm glad it happened, ok?"

Slightly placated, Spike searched her face to gauge her sincerity. "Why did you want it?" He asked her.

Buffy thought about her answer for a minute. "When you were underwater, I was frantic because you weren't surfacing. I hated that feeling of helplessness, not knowing if you were in trouble down there or what. I felt it to a lesser degree earlier when you went hunting. When I realized it was your intent to claim me, all I could think of was thank god, now I'll be able to feel you. That's why you claimed me also, right?" Spike nodded. Then Buffy admitted, "Plus I got kinda turned on when you went all beastly on me."

Spike gave her a wicked smile and said, "Oh, the slayer likes a bit of the demon in her, does she? Needs a bit of the big bad to get her going?" Buffy nodded, smiling coyly. Spike leaned over to capture her lips, thrusting his cool tongue into her waiting mouth. Their tongues plunged against the other, and Spike nipped her bottom lip with his blunt teeth. Buffy scooted herself up so she was intimately pressed against the bulge in his jeans, moving her hips to increase the friction on her now swollen clit. Spike grabbed her hips and moved her harder against him, groaning into the column of her throat, as he began to flick his tongue over the bite marks he had put on her earlier. This caused a wave of sensation to flood Buffy, and she threw her head back in pleasure.

She turned her attention to the buttons on his jeans, and yanked them open, releasing the hard erection the denim had been holding captive. Bending down, she flicked her tongue over the tip of his penis, grabbing the thick shaft with her tiny warmhands. She had never done this before, and was curious as much as aroused by doing this. She stroked her hand lightly up and down the cool length, then took his penis into her mouth, flicking her tongue over the tip in soft
caresses. Spike moaned and wound his hand into her hair, the feel of her hot mouth on him nearly searing him with the heat. Buffy slowly allowed more of his shaft to enter her mouth and then released it, taking him in deeper and deeper each time. Her hand pumped the length that wasn't getting any attention, and other hand moved to lightly cup his scrotum.

Spike watched this girl attend to his member and it was like nothing he had ever felt
before. He watched her head go up and down, swallowing and sucking as much of him as she could. He thrust his hips up gently, not wanting to gag her, but wanting to increase the sensation.

The girl was amazing. It wasn't long before he came, shooting his cool semen down her
welcoming throat. When he was finished, she slid her mouth off him and ran her tongue around his penis to clean every bit of milky fluid as she could.

Spike just sat there, totally spent. Buffy looked up at him shyly, and Spike could see the uncertainty in her eyes. "Was that ok?" She asked.

Was that ok? Surely she was joking, right? But he could tell she wasn't. "Luv, anymore ok and you would have killed me." He told her, drawing her up and kissing her hard on the mouth. "You're amazing, Slayer." he murmured against her lips. He drew her shirt off of her and licked his way down to her nipples, taking each peak into his mouth and running his tongue over it. "Take your jeans off." He told her, watching as she stood and slowly lowered her jeans past her hips then kicked them off. She wasn't wearing underwear, her only pair had been washed and was hanging to dry right now.

"Come here." Spike growled, watching as Buffy walked back to him, all innocence and seduction in one perfect package. He caught the faint hint of blood coming from her but was distracted as she bent to his side and finished taking his jeans off. She straddled him again, putting her hands on either side of his face and crushed her mouth to his. Again, he tasted it, innocence and seduction, and he moved his hand to below the nest of curls between her legs. When his finger slipped inside her wet heat, Buffy winced and Spike broke the kiss. "Luv, what's wrong?" He asked, finding himself concerned.

Buffy tried to shrug it off, but at his demanding look, admitted, "I guess I'm just kinda
sore from...... you know... before."

Guilt that Spike didn't even know he could feel or possess, shot through him at her
admission. He had taken her like an animal before, giving no thought to her comfort. He had pounded into her as hard as he could, hurting her, and he hadn't cared.

"Buffy, I'm sorry." He said quietly, these feelings of guilt completely new for him. "Is
that where I smell blood from?"

"Yeah. I think I tore a little." She replied shyly.

Spike tipped his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. Disgust at the demon he had let loose on this girl rolled though him. He could have tried to rein it in, make it a more pleasant experience for her. But part of him realized he had been trying to punish her also, for making him feel things for her, like worry and fear. He really was a monster.

A soft warm hand caressing his face brought him out of self flagellation. "It's ok, Spike. I don't regret it, and please don't you regret it. I don't think I can bear that." Buffy told him.

Spike tugged her close, pressing his face into her hair. "I'm so sorry." He whispered.

"Don't be sorry. I am the slayer, I could have stopped you, you k now." She told him,
resting her face against his bare chest. " But I didn't want to."

At that admission, Spike felt himself feel a little bit better. He scooted down with her so she was laying on top of his chest, their naked bodies entwined. He leaned over and grabbed his duster and spread it over her, and kissed the top of her head. The fire would be ok for now, right now he needed this closeness with his new mate.

"Was I your second?" Spike suddenly asked. He felt Buffy nod against his chest, and the guilt hit again. "We'll give you a bit of time to heal up, then I'll give you a real taste of ole Spike." He told her.

"I thought I already had a taste of ole Spike?" Buffy asked, confused.

"No, you had a taste of the demon. Not the real me. I promise you, next time will be
better." He told her sincerely.

Sleepily, she replied, "I'll hold you to that. But I kinda liked demon Spike." And with
that, she fell asleep. Spike sat there and listened to her steady heartbeat and wondered about the wonderful surprises that life sometimes threw your way. Usually when you were least expecting it also.


Disclaimer- I do not own the characters of BTVS, I just like messing around with them.


Angel and Giles were still at the Summers residence, Giles didn't want to leave
Joyce alone with her grief. The two men were making plans for the upcoming trip, talking about the implications of the Council possibly wanting Buffy dead, and how to go about dealing with those implications.

Giles had convinced Joyce to go to bed earlier, since the hour was late and there
was nothing more she could do. Grudgingly, she allowed herself to be talked into going
upstairs, but she didn't go to bed. There were too many emotions running through her right now, she was angry that she had been lied to and had been omitted from being told about Buffy's assignment. She was also angry about finding Angel was back, and couldn't understand how Giles could just accept his help after all that he had done to Buffy. Logically, she knew that it wasn't entirely Angel that had done those horrible things, but it all felt the same in her heart. But, if there was a chance he could find her little girl, she would be willing to swallow her resentment and tolerate him. Knowing instinctively that they would try to keep what they believed was really going on from her, Joyce felt no recriminations about eavesdropping on the Watcher and vampire.

"How certain are you that this had been planned, Giles?" Angel asked, his face a mask of broodiness.

"Obviously, I cannot be certain. But I do not trust the Council. They have become
increasingly frustrated with Buffy, and her unwillingness to play by the rules. Your stint as Angelus sure didn't help her case either." Giles replied in a frustrated tone.

If possible, Angel's face became even more broody. Guilt tended to do that to him,
he had a lot of experience with it. "I'm sorry." He said quietly.

Giles stood up impatiently and yanked off his glasses. "Good god, man. Now is not
the time for this. This isn't about you and appeasing your guilt. This is about Buffy, and
getting her back." Giles remarked in a hostile tone.

Angel nodded. "You're right. We need to get her back." He ignored the anger in
the other man's voice, knowing he more than deserved it.

"So let's go over this again. You know that Spike is still alive, correct?" Giles
asked, sitting back down to try and get a handle on his temper. It wasn't going to help
anything and served no purpose in this situation. But Giles still had a lot of pent up anger towards Angelus for killing his Jenny, and that was not something he would be forgetting anytime soon. But for now, he was willing to set it aside to get Buffy back.

"Yes, Spike is still alive. Well, undead anyway. I've been trying to concentrate on
the bond, trying to strengthen it. We haven't been close in so long, it was just easier to
ignore it. I didn't really care where Spike was. But now that I think about it, I did feel when he was in Sunnydale, I just didn't pay any attention to it." Angel admitted, wondering if things would have turned out different if he had paid attention to the bond.

"Right. So when we fly over the area that they are searching, you will be able to
tell if he is close by? Travers said there is no signal being emitted by the Emergency
Locator Transmitter, which he said indicated the plane probably exploded into flames on
impact." Giles remarked, a look of concentration on his face.

Angel shook his head. "No, well if it did burst into flames, Spike wasn't on it. If this
was a set up from the beginning, I'd be shocked if the ELT was even working when the
plane left the runway."

Giles nodded. "I am inclined to agree with you there."

In the blink of an eye, Angel's eyes flashed yellow and his true face emerged, a
snarling growl sounding from his throat. Giles looked on with a hint of fear, had his soul
become separated from his body again? Was this Angelus? The suddenness of the
transformation was suspicious, and Giles hand went slowly to his back pocket where he
always kept a stake handy, more than prepared to take Angelus out of the equation if it
became necessary.

Angel threw his narrowed amber gaze in the Watcher's direction. "Buffy's alive."
The vampire ground out, getting up to pace wildly.

Giles just watched him, confusion wildly evident on his controlled features. "How
do you know that?" Giles demanded, standing up to confront the pacing vampire.

"I can feel her."Angel snarled, his hands reaching up to run them wildly through his
hair. "Bastard."

"Angel, calm down. Tell me what happened." Giles requested in a tone that
offered no rebuke.

Angel stopped mid-pace, closed his eyes, tilted his head up and took a deep
calming breath. Then another. He forced his demon back and turned his now human
features towards the Watcher. Angel was having to fight for control, rage from his demon was threatening to take over again.

"Buffy's alive." Angel repeated, going to throw himself heavily back the chair he
had previously vacated.

Giles's brain was a whirlwind of thoughts. He also took his chair back and
demanded "How do you know?"

Anger once again threatened to overwhelm the vampire, and his eyes flashed
yellow for a second, but he was able to control it. "I can feel her." He bit out harshly.

"Explain, Angel." Giles requested, peering intently at the agitated vampire across
from him.

"I can feel her. That bastard!" Angel snarled again.

"ANGEL! I need you to calm down and tell me what happened, because quite frankly, you're not making any sense. " Giles told him in a firm tone.

"Spike." Angel spat. "He claimed her. She is bound to him now, so now I can feel
them both."

Giles was speechless, trying to process the flood of emotions that were pounding
through him right now. Elation was the strongest feeling, and as he gazed over at the
vampire, he saw rage surfacing there again. "Angel, you need to calm down." He ordered. "Buffy is alive, now we know it. Think about that."

Angel tried to wrap his brain around that concept, and found it working slightly.
The girl he loved was alive, she wasn't dead. She hadn't died in the plane crash, and she hadn't died at Spike's fangs either. This was good.

Angel's sensitive hearing picked up a startled gasp from upstairs, and he knew
immediately that Joyce had been listening. He was proven correct when she came racing down the stairs to peer intently at him, desperation etched into her face.

"What do you know?" She demanded.

Angel looked at Giles helplessly, who just nodded at him to tell Joyce what she
needed to hear.

"Buffy's alive, Joyce." He told her gently, watching as tears began rolling down her

"How?" Was all she was able to ask, her throat had tightened up, making speech

"I can feel her through Spike." Angel replied, finally realizing this was a good thing.

"So, she's ok?" Joyce whispered.

Angel shook his head, "I don't know, Joyce. I can just feel her presence through
my sire-childe bond with Spike."


Again, Angel looked at Giles helplessly, and the Watcher finally took over the
explanations. "It appears that Spike placed a claim on Buffy. Are you familiar with that

Joyce shook her head. Giles went into lecture mode, explaining "When vampires
want to be connected to another, they place a claim on the other. Marking them as their
mate. It's not usually done with a human, is it Angel?"

Angel shoook his head. "No, it's not, but it's not unheard of."

"She's not a...vampire, is she?" Joyce whispered, almost afraid to hear the answer.
Giles also looked towards Angel in curiousity, the thought had not even occured to him.

Again, Angel shook his head. "No, I can feel her life force. If he had turned her,
there would be a different feeling. Spike and Dru were mates..." Angel got a disgusted look on his face. "Until Angelus screwed that up for them, so I know how the bond would feel if Spike was mated to another vampire. Buffy has not been turned , I can assure you."

Giles looked puzzled. "What would he possibley have to gain by claiming her?"

Angel didn't have to think too hard about it, he knew why. "It would allow them
to be able to sense the other. We don't know where they are, but we have to assume they are in a location that they were meant to die in. Not knowing what kind of danger they are facing right now, Spike's demon might have been compelled to make her his mate to protect her."

There was silence in the room as the three contemplated the implications of this.
Finally, Joyce broke the lingering silence, "Does the claiming ritual involve... sex?"

Angel's face hardened as he did his best to keep his demon at bay. "Yes." he
ground out.

Giles knew what Angel wasn't saying, that it involved domination and possession
by vampires when they were in their highly demonic state. But he also knew what was
required to complete the claim.

"Is it a true claim?" Giles posed the question that was pressing on his mind.

Again, Angel's demon tried surging at the betrayal. "Yes."

"What does that mean?" Joyce demanded to know.

Launching into Textbook Giles, he explained "A true claim can not be complete if
both parties are not willing to enter into it."

"So, you're saying Buffy had to agree to it?" she tried to clarify.

Angel nodded. Joyce's next question had his mind scrambling for the appropriate answer.

"Will he hurt her?" she asked softly. Angel tossed the question over in his mind, thinking back on Spike through the years and his devotion to his prior mate. He finally came to his conclusion.

"No Joyce, Spike won't hurt her." Angel told her honestly. Joyce's face nearly collapsed in relief, and tears shimmered in his eyes. Angel felt the need to further alleviate her mind, and continued "When a vampire takes a mate, the strongest urge is to protect them from harm. And Spike has always been different than most vampires, he never lost his ability to care deeply. He loved and took care of Drusilla for over a century." As Angel was explaining this, it really hit home the blaring reality of this situation. "If Buffy had to be stranded somewhere with a vampire, as much as I hate to say it, she's probably lucky it was with Spike." He admitted bitterly.

Giles took that into consideration, and gave it some thought. This was information he was surely not going to be sharing with the council. Then he smiled suddenly, with
the others looking over at him in askance.

"Why are you smiling about this?" Joyce asked, frowning slightly.

Giles shook his head. "I'm just marveling at your daughter, Joyce. Once again, she rallies back. We should have known a plane crash wasn't going to stop her."

Angel shared his smile, and said "She's quite a girl, there's no doubt about that."

"Does this claim help you in any way, Angel?" Joyce asked.

Angel grudgingly admitted that it did. The thought of Spike touching his Buffy still
brought a snarl to mind, but he had to honestly admit that it would help their chances of survival.Angel explained to the others about Spike was probably in his glory out in the wilds, he knew how to survive and he would keep Buffy alive and safe.

And now he had the added strength to the bond, with Buffy being added to the little
family. Fate could be cruel, no doubt about that.


Spike and Buffy slept peacefully for a few hours, their bodies still entwined. Spike woke up first, glancing down to look at Buffy curled up into his side. She looked so young, so sweet. It was hard to imagine that just a few days ago he wanted to kill her, snuffing the intense spark from her eyes. He couldn't believe that she was so accepting of his demonic possessiveness during the claiming. Spike wished he could go back and do it all over again, not letting his emotions give total control over to his demon. Buffy deserved better than that.

He glanced at the fire and noted that it was dying down, and knew he had to get up to keep it going. The fuel in his lighter would not going to last forever.

As he lay there with his thoughts wide open, he felt his sire-childe bond pressing on him, trying to gain strength . Spike realized then that Peaches must be trying to connect with him, and he gave a sudden grin at the realization that the great Poof would feel his claim on Buffy. Ha,take that, you bleedin bastard!

Well, this was a bit of good news alright. If Angel could feel he was still alive, then he was probably with the Slayer's watcher and her little friends, hopefully planning their rescue.. And Angel would be able to tell that Buffy was now bound to him, and could pass that bit of good news around. His smile got bigger as he imagined the reactions that would bring.

Should he tell this to Buffy? No, he decided, as he looked down at her peaceful face. Don't want to go bringing up the big love of her life, not now. Things were too new between them, and they had a lot to see to. But Spike felt a bit of relief at feeling the bond, it meant that there was hope for rescue. Peaches would feel compelled to come riding to the rescue, the big oaf playing knight in bloody armor. Well, the Slayer was now his, and he knew he had no intentions of letting her go, even if they got out of this wilderness.

Spike pulled himself away from Buffy's warm body and padded naked to the other side of the cave where he had stacked the kindling to last them through the night. He didn't need the warmth from the fire, but Buffy did and he was going to make sure she was taken care of. Of course it didn't hurt that she was a sexy little thing who got him hard just at the thought of her. He laid down next to her again, and drew her in his arms, snuggling his face into her neck. Buffy did not wake up, just instinctively tipped her head back to allow him easier access. Spike sighed with contentment as her warmth seeped into his cold flesh, and fell back asleep.

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