Corps of Royal Australian Engineers
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Corps of Royal
Australian Engineers
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1902.07.01 Corps of Engineers
formed by amalgamation of engineer corps of the states
  1907.09.27 Australian Engineers
  1920 Australian Survey Corps absorbed as the Survey Section RAE
  1925 Signal Service separated to form Australian Corps of Signallers
  1932 Survey Section separated to form Australian Survey Corps
1936.01.31 Corps of Royal Australian Engineers
formed by union of Regular and CMF units
Corps of Royal Australian Engineers (Army site)
History of the Royal Australian Engineer Corps (Museum site)
Battle Honours and Locations of Units of the Australian Engineers During the Great War of 1914-1918, by Edward de Santis
1st Combat Engineer Regiment
2nd Combat Engineer Regiment (7 Brigade site) [internet archive]
  3rd Combat Engineer Regiment
  4th Combat Engineer Regiment
  5th Combat Engineer Regiment
  8th Combat Engineer Regiment
  3rd Field Squadron, 9th Combat Engineer Regiment
  35th Field Squadron, 11th Combat Engineer Regiment
13th Field Squadron, 13th Combat Engineer Regiment (Army site)

Note: battle honours are not awarded to this corps.

Note: this corps does not carry Colours.
1953.06.02 HM Queen Elizabeth II
Royal Australian Engineers, by Edward de Santis.
Motto: Ubique; Quo fas et gloria ducunt
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Royal Australian Engineers Foundation
Australian Army Museum of Military Engineering,
Regimental Journal:
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