8th London Regiment, RA (TA) [UK]
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8th London Regiment,
Royal Artillery
United Kingdom  
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Note: This is a battalion history of the part-time Reserves, which are normally liable for full-time active service only in an emergency. See the main regimental or corps page(s) for more information.
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  1908.07.07 8th London (Howitzer) Brigade, RFA
formed with HQ at Plumstead from 2nd Kent RGA (HQ and batteries originally listed at Lewisham, modified Sep. 1908 to Plumstead)
  • 21st County of London (Howitzer) Battery at Plumstead; moved later to Woolwich
  • 22nd County of London (Howitzer) Battery at Plumstead; moved later to Woolwich
  • 8th London Ammunition Column at Plumstead, raised 26 May 1909
191u HQ and batteries moved to Woolwich
  1915.03 formed duplicate 2/8th London Brigade, RFA
  1916.05.14 238th Brigade, RFA
  • A Battery
  • B Battery
  • C Battery
  • D Battery, formed from 21st Co of London Bty
  1920.02.07 8th London (Howitzer) Brigade, RFA
reconstituted in T.A. with HQ at Plumstead
  • 21st London Battery at Plumstead
  • 22nd London Battery at Plumstead
  • 23rd London Battery at Eltham
  • 24th London Battery at Plumstead
  1921 65th (London) Brigade, RFA
  • 257th (21st London) Battery at Plumstead
  • 258th (22nd London) Battery at Plumstead
  • 259th (23rd London) Battery at Eltham
  • 260th (24th London) Battery at Plumstead
  1922 65th (8th London) Brigade, RFA
  1924.06.01 65th (8th London) Field Brigade, RA
  <1932> 257 Bty moved to Greenwich; 260 Bty moved to Eltham
  <1934.12> 257 Bty and 258 Bty moved to Lee Green, 259 Bty moved to Plumstead
  1938.11.01 65th (8th London) Field Regiment, RA
  1939 formed duplicate 118th Field Regiment by separation of 259 Bty and 260 Bty
  1945.06.15 placed in suspended animation
  1947.01.01 265th (8th London) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA
reconstituted in T.A. with HQ at Grove Park, London
  1955.03.10 265th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA
absorbed 460 HAA Regt (City of London), 567 (M) LAA/SL Regt, and 569 (The Queen's Own) (M) LAA/SL Regt, with HQ at Lewisham
  1961.02.10 265th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA
absorbed 458 (Kent) LAA Regt (less one bty), and 570 LAA Regt (First Surrey Rifles) with HQ at Grove Park, London
  1961.10.04 265th Regiment, RA
  1964.03.18 265th Light Air Defence Regiment, RA
  1967.04.01 The London and Kent Regiment, RA (Territorials)
265 Regt disbanded and concurrently re-formed in TAVR III with HQ at Bromley (also assisting in formation were: HQ RA 44 (Home Counties) Division/District; part of 4th/5th Battalion The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment; part of 44 Division District RE; part of 4th Battalion The Buffs; part of 133 Infantry Workshop REME; and part of 4 Stores Company RAOC), less R Bty to form HQ Battery, 100th Regiment RA at Grove Park
  1969.04.01 The London and Kent Regiment, RA
reduced to cadre at Bromley, sponsored by 71 Signal Regt; also formed HQ (265 London and Kent) Signal Squadron, 71 Signal Regiment
  1970 HQ Sqn 71 Signal Regt converted to communications role and redesignated as 265 (Kent and County of London Yeomanry) Squadron, thereby ceasing its London artillery lineage
  1971.04.01 C (London and Kent Royal Artillery) Battery, 6th (V) Battalion, The Queen's Regiment
battery reconstituted at Camberwell from cadre
  197u C Bty redesignated C Battery (21st London, 1st Surrey Rifles), and other 8th London Artillery lineages discontinued
  1999.07.01 265 (Home Counties) Battery, 106th (Yeomanry) Regiment, RA
formed at Grove Park, London, by conversion of HQ (Home Counties) Battery, 100 Regt RA which had been at Grove Park since 1967, and reviving the number 265 (although 265 Signal Squadron had also appropriated the number in 1969, but changed its perpetuation to Kent and County of London Yeomanry in 1970)
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65 (8th London) Fd Rgt RA (TA), by Derek Barton (The Royal Artillery 1939-45)
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1911.07.12 Hon. Col. F. Griffith
1936.01.01 Capt. W.H. Bevan
  Brig. H. E. C. Weldon, CBE
Honorary Colonel, London and Kent Regiment RA:
1967.04.01 Brig. H. E. C. Weldon, CBE [reappointed]
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