Map of Quail Island



Early sailing ships arriving into Lyttelton often had to load up on return journeys with ballast rocks to keep their ships stable. Two sites on the island can be seen where tonnes of rock was taken from 1850 -1874, which lie on the West of the Island. An interesting feature of Quail Island is the Shipwrecks which lie on the West of the island. Most were scuttled or beached on Quail Island deliberately, and have remained there ever since. There are 8 shipwrecks still visible, the Queen, La Plata, Mullogh, Lyttelton, Frank Guy, Waiwera, Darra and Belle Isle. The most prominent of these shipwrecks are the Mullogh and the Darra, the Darra being by far the largest and its great iron ribs still giving the shape of the ship. The Mullogh still has its steam boiler, which clearly marks this ship. All wrecks except for the La Plata and the Frank Guy are easily accessible at low tide.

Detailed Histories of the Various Shipwrecks of Quail Island (including those no longer in existance) can be found here

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