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People of Tallassee have historically looked at their public schools with intense pride.  "Traditional" is the term best used to describe the educational system in Tallassee, and quality is the fundamental goal.   Established in 1953, the Tallassee City School System operates three schools, serving a student population of around 2,000 students.

Tallassee City Board of Education               

The Tallassee System offers a comprehensive selection of curricula in elementary, secondary, and vocational education programs.  In addition, students have access to special centers for additional educational advancement.  These include a media center equipped with the latest in video, audio, and interactive multimedia computer labs staffed with full-time computer specialists.

We receive strong community and parental support and have exceptional teachers and facilities.  The City Council and the business community donate time and resources to the school system.  Tallassee City Schools are governed by a seven-member board that is elected by districts.

Tallassee City Schools, 308 King Street, Tallassee AL   36078; (334) 283-6864

Central Office Staff

Superintendent Dr James T. Jeffers
Custodian of Funds Patsy Hale
Administrative Assistant Margaret Miller
CNP Coordinator Becky Finlayson
Office Assistant Jennifer Hornsby

Tallassee City Board of Education. 

Board meets on third Monday night of each month at 6:00pm at the THS Media Center (subject to change, if warranted).  The Board also holds called meetings and special work sessions as needed.

Hank Golden President
Bill Patterson Vice President
Linda Newkirk
Ed Glaize
Wayne Pitchford
Danny Ingram
Bernard Martin

Special Program Coordinators.

Title IX Coordinator:  Ron McDaniel, 901 Outer Drive, Tallassee AL 36078, (334) 283-2151

Federal Programs Coordinator:  Jan Williamson, 308 King St, Tallassee AL 36078, (334) 283-5675

S.A.F.E. (Southside Afternoon Fun & Education): Debra Lynn, 901 Outer Drive, Tallassee AL 36078, (334) 283-2151

School Nurse:  Cindy Stokes, 308 King St, Tallassee AL 36078, (334) 283-6864

Extended Day Program:  Angela Karabasz-Smith and Paula Godwin, 850 Friendship Rd, Tallassee AL  36078, (334) 283-5001

Tallassee High School (Grades 9-12):  Carl Stewart, Principal; Debra Lunsford, Assistant Principal

502 Barnett Blvd, Tallassee AL  36078; (334) 283-2187.  Hours:  7:50am - 3:08pm.  Lunches are $1.50 for students and $1.75 for adults.

Tallassee High School

An exceptionally high percentage of graduates from Tallassee High School (40-50%) go on to colleges and universities.  To prepare well-rounded educational opportunities for students, extracurricular activities include:  a nationally-ranked marching band, a complete athletics program that boasts a six-time state championship baseball team and a competitive football program, an award-winning student newspaper, a strong Junior Achievement program, clubs, and an National Honor Society.   Tallassee High School also hosts a fiberoptic networked distance learning facility which is connected to other Alabama state public schools on the Internet and two computer labs.   The school also boasts new science labs and an automated media center with interactive learning resources.

Southside Middle School (Grades 5-8): Ron McDaniel, Principal; Bobby Abrams, Assistant Principal

901 Outer Drive, Tallassee AL  36078;   (334) 283-2151.  Hours:  7:50am - 2:50pm.  Lunches are $1.25 for students and $1.75 for adults.

Southside Middle School

Southside Middle School features a new computer lab with new computers, a new lunchroom facility, a variety of student-interest clubs, and many activities normally seen in high schools such as an outstanding band program, student-designed yearbook, art and computer classes.  A gifted and dedicated faculty, guidance counselor, and administrative staff ensure every student gets an optimum educational opportunity.

Tallassee Elementary School (Grades K-4): Wayne Pressley, Principal; Nannette Pence, Assistant Principal

850 Friendship Road, Tallassee AL  36078;  (334) 283-5001.  Hours:  7:50am - 2:45pm.  Lunches are $1.10 for students and $1.75 for adults.

Tallassee Elementary School

The newly constructed Tallassee Elementary School opened for students in January 1994 and was one of the eleven schools in the state of Alabama selected to be a Literacy Center.  With SAT scores fare above the Alabama state average, it has an Accelerated Reader Program with prizes for all students from local businesses and a Writing to Read 2000 computer lab.  Tallassee Elementary School's Extended Day Program is Tallassee's Opportunity Place (TOPP) and the school is equipped with state-of-the-art computer technology and advanced media center.  Top quality faculty, a school nurse, guidance counselor, and media specialist help every student get the right educational foundation.   

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Elmore County (Eclectic) High School

Tallapoosa County Public Schools near Tallassee:

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