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Wolfgang Droege Memorial DVD




The DVD contains:
  • Eulogy to Wolfgang Droege

  • Wolfgang's 55th Birthday (last known footage of Wolf)
  • Speech Wolfgang gave in Kitchener
  • Special video on the Heritage Front and Bristow with a great interview of Wolfgang done by Ernst Zundel
  • Speech Wolfgang gave called "A call to Action"
  • Some sample news clips of Wolfgang Droege during the founding of the Heritage Front


$10 for DVD copy. 

Order here and a high quality DVD will be mailed to you.  DVD are usually mailed within 24 hours of the order.

$3 to download immediately.

Order here and a password will be mailed to you where you can download a copy of the DVD from a website. The website will give you access to download the full DVD (5 gigs), VCD format, Windows Media format and other formats.

You can burn your own DVD using a standard DVD burner or CD burner for VCD videos.

Order via regular mail:

152 Carlton Street
Suite 545
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 2K1

We are not making any money off this DVD.  All proceeds of this DVD go towards the cost of shipping and burning of the DVD.  Anything left over will be donated to a movement activist whose car was vandalized by the ARA at Wolfgang Memorial service.

Sample video clips.





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