It is a common perception in India about men driving women to suicide. This is a major hoax created by Gender Feminists and Media Bias.

The suicide statistics in India are presented from World Health Organisation(WHO) sources.

One out of ten people dying due to suicide in world is an Indian.

Suicide Rate in Various States of India in 1997

Lets not draw conclusions…

The communist-liberal controlled and (somewhat) affleunt states have higher suicide rates.

The Conservative and poor states have lesser suicide rates.

That does not mean one should be conservative.

From WHO source:
Male-Female Suicide Ratios in India

For age group of 30-44 years, the suicide rate of men is 60% higher than women.

For age group of 44-59 years, the suicide rate of men is 116% higher than women.

For age group of 60 years and above, the suicide rate of men is 117% higher than women.

National Crime Bureau reports 68,000 suicides by men in year 2004 compared to 39,000 suicides by women. These extra 29,000 men who committed suicide are predominently married men. In short, their wives drove them to suicide.

South India accounts for world’s largest number of suicides by younger people.

Suicide Rate for Men and Women